Monday, 26 November 2012

Julia Boutique x Mipochi & other models

New random post!
Been stressed the past week but now I'm taking some time off. Being lazy now. Can't study anymore, need my break ; ;
Okay, I am done with my lousy excuses.

I haven't really seen anyone posting about Julia Boutique ever.
So I thought, let's make a post and ask your readers if they have heard of that or even ordered?
A few months ago soul sister model Mipochi started modeling for this shop. Mostly she represents her Ora Ora style, which also reminds a lot of d.i.a. clothing.

I found the site while I was browsering for clothes. I don't even remember what keywords entered, it was mostly Japanese words. I found what I meant to find: cheap gal clothing!!
They often have items below 1,000yen!

On top of that, a lot of other famous gyaru models are seen on their site: Shizuka Takeda (nuts), Manya (egg) & Erina Kanzaki (model for the brand Stella) all model for Julia Boutique.

Shizuka Takeda presenting the popular cross print

The more I mentally convinced myself to buy something from that store, the more I finally realized something. If you look through the items, you'll notice most items are marked with 予約 (yoyaku = reservation). There is a date stated when it will be shipped (usually a few weeks or a month later). But the worst - those items cannot be combined with in-store items!! And in-store items can't be combined with 予約 items. I was so sad when I realized that.

Still a lot of people seem to buy from that shop (the popular colours are often sold out early, like at Yumetenbo) and noticeably, compared to other online stores and stores in Japan, this site is really damn cheap. They often have sales on 予約 items that aren't sold out within a certain time, making the items extremely cheap.

certainly a plus: sizes for certain bottom items seem to be bigger than standard 109 ones

Now the other downside is when I was in Tokyo I wanted to buy just one piece but then I realized they also don't accept credit cards and you will have to pay by bank transfer. Of course I know that it's possible to pay via bank transfer even if you don't have a national bank account but going through all the bother, with the additional bank transfer fee and then I wasn't sure if it would arrive in time because I only stayed in Tokyo for a few weeks - I decided to not do it. The whole procedure seems quite bothersome for foreigners, I think.

Erina Kanzaki sporting beautiful d.i.a. like belts, looking amazing as always

Besides, a shop in Shinjuku ALTA (Vincit) seems to sell partly those clothings. Though they do not sell all of the things that are listed there, I thought it was much easier to just buy a few things at Shinjuku ALTA because then I could try the things on and I was aware of the quality. Downside: Vincit is more expensive...

d.i.a. style clothing dirt-cheap! ... only if I knew now if it's keeping you warm or not :<

Anyway, one day I do want to buy from that store and maybe I will, though if I buy with a shopping service, buying only one item always seems like some sort of waste of money, haha. And then I always want the 予約 items - but the sale items are just as alluring if the colour you want is not sold out yet. Damn that system 笑

As a review of the clothes, the things I bought at Vincit that were also offered at Julia Boutique were rather cheap quality but I have high expectations when it comes to good clothing and I am very picky. Considering the price though, my items were okay (stay away from lacey items though... the cheap lace won't look as good after it has been washed).

Pros: affordable gal clothing; fashion always seems up to date; bigger sizes for certain bottoms
Cons: not the best quality (understandable due to the price), bank transfer & the rule about combining in-store and reservation items can be a hassle, a lot of items are sold out quickly

Has anyone made experiences with the shop or their items yet? I'd love to hear your opinions too

Saturday, 17 November 2012

days to treasure [modeling, karaoke, lives, friends]

... I'm always late with updates.
My life isn't so exciting while I am in Germany. Mostly I am just busy with studying and lazing around.

Anyway. I found a lot of pictures (and one video) from my holiday I still want to share. Very random and mostly no real photoshop. It's the pictures/impressions that count for me not how pretty they look.
I enjoyed my last stay in Tokyo a lot, probably because I was generally very satisfied with my life and still am, for the most part. There is always ups and downs. I want to treasure the good times and not pay too much attention to the bad ones.

Obviously (yes, finally took a picture), this is one of the reasons why I enjoyed my stay. I am seen in the Hot Pepper magazine for the salon 'mad Rip'. Being able to be in a magazine, to be seen by others, even though I am not a celebrity or tried hard to get a modeling job makes me really feel strong and beautiful.
Last time I got my exte I told the staff I was really happy when I saw my picture. They smiled about it. I don't believe they understand how much they gave me with this. I am glad to have experienced that.

A few things I bought. d.i.a. on the left and right and in the middle fernopaa. Right d.i.a. top makes me feel very cold because of the open back TT; Though pretty clothes just make you feel good, right?

Karaoke, food, beautiful evening scene... what more do you need to be happy?

definitely lives to go to, with friends to watch beautiful men
(Quench perfoming at Ikebukuro Cyber)

then more random karaoke with friends and thus = happy random me.
(blue lenses that dried out during the flight back home need a replacement :< )

I miss it! Now I want to go back to Tokyo really bad. But, missing it is a feeling on it's own that I enjoy too. Can't wait to go back again. Hope you enjoyed the spam of mostly my face!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

back from japan / past outfits / fernopaa snaap

Hello everyone~
New post because I have to show off a few of my new clothes!
I bought a lot of stuff in Japan that I like, having spend 21,000yen merely on d.i.a.!
I do have some regrets with other brands though, so I will make a sales post soon with cheap cheap cheap cheap brand clothing! (cheap because yen is really high these days and buying from me in € will save you lots of cash :D)

Let me randomly throw in a picture of myself when I had a more or less good make up and day.

And below, my outfit that day. I know I know, the blue FERNOPAA tank top is worn too much (; ;) But it looked best with this tutuha skirt I thought! Maybe I will combine the skirt with one of my d.i.a. tops in the future.
That day I met up with two friends who were on vacation & we went for food, karaoke and purikura during daytime~

Can't help but think I lost weight but I only lost about 1-2 pounds. Maybe toned up body... but I think after all it's the long hair effect that makes the body look slimmer haha.

And outfit shot at the airport. Flight had four hours delay (screw you, KLM!) so I had a little time for this (before I passed out from lack of sleep at the waiting area!). Top and skirt are from d.i.a., beloved studded boots from a store in ALTA Ikebukuro. Belt is from Diavlo. I feel incredibly comfortable in these clothes! The pants inside of the skirt are a little bit uncomfortable in the crotch area when zipped up though... I hope they will be more comfortable after washing them.

Last purikura! Same friends, we took this after a live in Shinjuku  Holiday for 1,000yen nomihoudai days before ;D I had a lot of fun talking to Dearest's vocalist who also wrote me on Ameba after the live~ ★

And with that the very last shot that was taken on last Friday! I didn't intend to wear glasses that day but was so tired and up from morning until evening and meant to wear contacts for the all-nighter in Shibuya so I ended up with wearing glasses to FERNOPAA to buy another shirt I wanted. How could I know they'd ask me for a picture!!!
I told the shop staff I felt so embarrassed to wear glasses but she kept saying I was beautiful 笑

Embarrassinggggg~ (゜д゜;)
But okay, you can't see me too well! And I was quite satisfied with my coordinate.
(shirt: vincit, skirt: tutuha)
Click here for the actual entry: FERNOPAA SNAAP

As for insider news, I think I know now why tutuHA changed to Gravil tutuha!
The FERNOPAA staff told me the designer of former tutuHA is now the designer of FERNOPAA.
I really kind of noticed a change with tutuHA clothes I think. FERNOPAA is more my style, mostly!

Also you can see me in the Hot Pepper Beauty Magazine (Shibuya) at the extension shop pages now!
I might upload a picture in the next posts. Seems like my face is popular everywhere but on the internet 笑

Saturday, 1 September 2012

angel heart summer crush

久しぶり 笑
I returned to Tokyo! Since three weeks already.

Just to be honest, (mindless) blogging is not always interesting and there is more things to enjoy than this but I hope someone is going to come and change my opinion about this! Please always feel free to step into my life.
Lately I am doing a good job spending money, especially on clothes, or well, hair.
(Also thinking of buying a prisila wig/wig set soon. Any experiences? Which one is best?)

Skirt (left): Ghost of Harlem (right): d.i.a.
Diet's not going too well! Lately I have too much appetite, also mixed with the appetite for life (rare case ). I can truly say I am going through one of the happiest phases in my life. Even just finding people to talk to and hang out with and it actually 'clicks' when you talk, it is amazing for me.
Also wearing my glasses a lot lately which makes people stare at me. But I am beautiful with glasses too, hokay!

Besides, I have bought the Gazette album that came out 8/29, was first too lazy to go to Like an Edison but am so happy I got it. Didn't listen to it yet. After going to a live yesterday (8/31), roommate I made friends with and I went to Shibuya tower records and 'by chance' I spotted my favourite five man line up ♥

Face was unbearable after long day starting at 10:30 and the live around noon, then this at night (fell asleep at my friend's university lounge later lmao) but look at this WALL.
And hell I know I am wearing this shirt out but it's so perfect!

About the live now! Went to Ikebukuro Cyber that day (8/31) because there was a live from 12pm. Friend and I came in late cause I had overslept kind of. 

First band was 'oh my god this sounds like plain western indie' impression. There was a bit of 'wtf are you' feeling to some bands (one vocalist had real long devil horns, that is when we left haha) but overall there was two awesome bands: Quench and riot labyrhinth!
Quench had really good music I thought! They gave out sample CDs, rather, the vocalist himself did and then he thanked us in English~ Plus, the name written on the CD, all hand writing!

Riot labyrinth had some really cool music/synthesizer sound, shown here!
Was kind of good and 'new style', and they looked good (younger than me also lol) but a bit too oshare for me. Vocalist was super fun. A lot of people talked to them but then vocalist suddenly talked to me (just very short), thanking me in Japanese for raising my hands during the live which I really didn't do haha. I somehow was just surprised and couldn't say anything. Later he came along through a narrow path and just turned his face towards me and smiled charmingly all of a sudden. There was something about it that made me want to grab this ass but I didn't, hell. (Hell this is why I have to drink before lives!!)

I have a small video of an awesome Quench song, might upload that in the next post~ Their music was super addictive but unfortunately I can't find their CDs anywhere (TT)

Some high school girls also came up to us after we had seen Quench and told us we were sooo beautiful and cute! Some Japanese girls are so cute omg ; ; I was never really liked by girls but slowly I can understand their life here and maybe there mindset also. I hope I can sometime make good friends with them.
Also almost everyone at the live was really supportive and nice to foreigners, I was so glad

I wrote the vocalist of Riot labyrinth when adding him on mixi and he even replied me, thanking me I came to the live and that he was 'particularly happy if I could enjoy it'!
Now I do want to spend my life like this day! ♥ Life is awesome if you keep going forward! ♥
Besides, I bought one of the new tutuHA skirts in black today... actually wanted the white one though. Now sure if I should try to exchange it, has anyone tried yet?
Also, anyone interested in that skirt笑  Then I might just try to sell it!
I managed to exchange my damaged d.i.a. skirt! Shop staff was super nice after all, I could explain myself fortunately but I couldn't understand all of what they said apart from 'it might break again so it would be better to be careful' haha. Man, Japanese brands and their cheap quality stuff!

So for now, I am happy enough! Going to continue shopping as much as money allows it & then you are going to have me back in Germany around 9/9. Now off to dance randomly happy in a circle~

Monday, 11 June 2012

もらえないものが欲しい [ SCREW live ! ]

Trying to practise and get better at Japanese but actually I often have no idea how to properly express myself... Will probably laugh at my blog titles once I get better haha.

So, it's been a while again! Thank you to everyone who started following me lately and has not gotten tired of waiting for an update. There was nothing interesting to blog about apart from my term paper which turned out terribly. Besides, thank you to everyone who bought my items, I am really glad almost all of what I had for sale has a new owner now.

Now my reason to blog. I had for once again something to get me out of this world of struggling/studying and make me happy. Even though I first did not want to go because I was just tired of everything...

SCREW live !!

I already saw them in 2008 but this one was way better! Also my friend bought me the ticket as a birthday present and even though I said I didn't want anything, I was happy after all because it was such a fun live. European lives are so different compared to Japanese ones. First I thought only in a bad way but...

Europeans actually often get the chance to touch or talk to their favourite members. Like meet and greet. I did not go there but! after the live some of the members went to the merch stand (Byou, Rui &... Kazuki I think) and I was able to get a hug from Byou |D And... he did not mind me kissing his cheek either (///∇//)~
Seventh Heaven, I swear. Perfect make-up and soft skin to die for. -fangirls-
The feeling kept lasting because when I went back home with my friends we could talk about the lives and they kept making jokes that made me laugh like a retard. One of my friends had to push me towards Byou to go and ask him and later he was like: 'When you ran away after the kiss, Byou was all smirking and sort of smiling when looking after you' Hahaha (///∇//) Stupid guy friends to say silly things like thatヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Didn't have time to take a picture before I went there (not for my hair either ;<) so there's only this one from after the live, showing almost nothing of my actual outfit but I wore the striped skinny lip dress. Can't be bothered! It was great! But then, after a really happy time you get down to earth after a while and then there's the point for me where I only want to go back to Japan more and more (; ;') 

Who knows what will happen in the next few years. Patience. And maybe I will be lucky. 

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Didn't do anything special today because I am a little sick, here is just a quick outfit that I wanted to put on. I really really wanted to dress up sexy for once because I never have the chance to. You know, you will get all kind of comments if you go on the street like this... When I went out today I wore a t-shirt beneath~

 Cardigan: Spiga
Mise bra: d.i.a.
Skirt-Pants: Ghost of Harlem

Whyyyy do I always look skinnier/better in blurry shots? (TT)

Sunday, 22 April 2012

shooting outcome, diet restart & sparkly gets

Long time no see, my my.
The semester started and I found myself fully stressed with deadlines, sinking into a system of bureaucracy with no idea how to step out, ugh. The new apartment is a big fail. A big wtf fail. It's not new at all and it has nasty bugs creeping out of the walls (there is some holes in the skirting board) that I don't know how to deal with. Ungh. I will drop by at the administration office a few more times and get that room as clean as it gets and sooner or later just give up or what not. I am glad my mom is trying to help me with this ; ; It's just getting really horrible. I hope I will find a solution soon.

So, first things first. I saw the outcomes of the shooting at madRip. It looks like they didn't photoshop at all so the photos are rather disillusioning people of my beauty I suppose haha ; ;
If you haven't seen them on facebook yet, here they are. I adjusted the brightness slightly.

I look weird on the chu-lip one but I like the other one where you can also see my blue strands (◕‿◕)
With these pictures I again realized I am not really satisfied with my body yet and since I somehow could find the patience to restart my diet, I am on a 1200 calorie diet now with the help of 
I didn't really lose weight yet (well, 200g) but the diet is supposed to make you lose weight slowly so you don't gain it all back later. I hope that I will lose 1kg until next week. My total goal is 4kg. Later I might go for more.
The system is similar to weight watchers which helped me to lose weight when I was 17. If you exercise, you will earn extra calories to eat more. If you are trying to diet, please give it a try. Also add me if you like~ Dieting together keeps you motivated.

Next: My latest gets!

new lashes I bought while still in Tokyo
Embryolisse that many ageha & egg models use
d.i.a. bra from ebay I spotted by chance
I absoultely couldn't resist the d.i.a. mise bra when I saw it, and I got it for 20€ (including shipping) which is a good price for a BNWOT item I think. I was fearing that it's too small even when I just held it in my hands but it actually fits way better than most of my other bras (even my Ma*rs mise bra is simply too big, I need to always pull the straps tight around my neck and it won't really hold). I guess I was wrong about my underbust measurement...
For my birthday two weeks ago I also got a lot of other d.i.a. things from mbok which I am still waiting for. Almost regret spending so much money but once a year you need to spoil yourself, right?

Take care everyone, hopefully spring will get around soon~

Sunday, 1 April 2012

hair & fashion predictions

It's been a while again...
and I didn't make outfit shots or anything. Even though it was warm for a few days (; ;)
But, university starts again from tomorrow & I am moving into my new apartment from today. I still want to buy so much stuff for it, like curtains that are not red haha. Red curtains seem terrifying to me (I have them now, as standard equipment for the apartment). I will see when I can make it... maybe designing my room will be a birthday present to myself haha.

Onto the topic! I recently noticed a lot of fashionable girls have blue streaks or blue hair~
Which is my fashion prediction number 1 for summer! While I was in Tokyo, I didn't see anyone with blue hair but somehow it got to me that I just HAD to have blue streaks. I wanted to have more than just two but one was 430yen which is... expensive x_x My last exte place did not charge extra for differently coloured strands.

Anyway, this was before I did the model job, my hair wasn't that long and I had 'only' 50 exte in (つけほうだい). (Excuse the facemask in the pics... I was, as always, lacking a mirror in my room).

The blue strands were still standing out a bit. But after they put in about 15 or 20 more exte for the shooting, you basically could not see the blue anymore. I am thinking of cutting some of the exte out myself, even though it looks nice and full now (volume~), they are just a bother and the ends became frizzy already.

So, I am also thinking of buying blue clip-in exte. But not sure yet since I know I don't usually put in clip-in extensions, they are a bother to me and it wouldn't look good if I don't have long hair, I think. After all I think I should have just gotten more of those blue strands but 430yen for one is just way too much ; ;

Still I think blue hair is going to be a big trend for summer. Blue eyeliner (the glittery one especially) was already really popular last year, some might remember?

I do believe this summer it will be coming, too! As well as blue lenses, blue nails and blue fashion items, like Cocona/Serina combines them. It looks so bright and cheerful, doesn't it?
 PLUS, it gives a nice variety to the common pink colours shown mostly by Ageha/Egg or adult-like (大人っぽく) all black/white coordinates featured mostly in Jelly or Happie Nuts.

The last week that I was in Tokyo I saw a lot of shop staff from Shinjuku Alta who wore exactly the same lenses as me (shown here)! I was totally surprised, but they are pretty and comfortable lenses after all. And I got mine for only 13$ on sale (*☻-☻*)
It definitely showed me: Blue is coming to rock this year!

 About the DON'Ts:

- don't choose dark blue
instead of brighthing your style up, it will give you a goth kind of look

- don't combine blue with too much pink 
pink lips are fine but besides, choose either or (unless you are airming for the Harajuku decora look?)

- don't overdo the blue
personally I think two-toned hair, blue & blonde for example, is too much. same goes for all-blue coordinates
the easiest way to not overdo it might be to choose accessories that are blue~

- be careful with blue jeans & blue
might look awkward sometimes if you combine too much blue with blue jeans

Other than that, please enjoy a colourful summer this year~

Sunday, 18 March 2012

ガゼ、madRip shooting in 渋谷、Garula & d.i.a. GETS

Back from Tokyo! Didn't really have much time to update there, I dunno...
Anyway, let's come to the highlights of my last 7 days in Tokyo which were the best of that trip~

First things first, 0310 was the Gazette 10th anniversary live which was SMASHING.
All the goods were sold out quickly, as you can see. Maybe it's good I didn't spend so much money on them, haha. You can read about the live itself in my livejournal in detail. All in all good old-style Gazette music heating everyone up within just minutes. Got so hot I had to take off my coat (///∇//)


I got hairset for it! Look at it though. It fell together quite quickly and wasn't so nice because the stylist had no intentions to fix the bangs part. He was such a douche anyway, really... but that didn't ruin my day.

On the Monday after that (12th), I had a shooting for madRip in Shibuya, where I got my extensions. They were sort of nice and I was surprised that they asked me to be their model! While one of the girls was putting in my exte, the girl who was serving the customer next to me was whispering to her: 'Ask her if she wants to model for us' in Japanese haha. Then the girl who was doing my hair was like 'But she is only here for one more week...' and the answer to that was 'Anyway, ask her' or sort of something like that which resulted in asking me if I did modeling before and if I wanted to do it for them. Which sort of surprised me, because... when the staff girl said 'she is only here for one more week', I was like what? did they want me as a long-time model? '__'; Ahhh. It's sort of hard to believe but I will linger in that dream for a bit.

They told me I will probably see the pics up from April in Hot Pepper. I was thinking 'maybe they won't even use the pics if they didn't turn out too well' but since they paid me for it... I don't think they will not use them. Now I am scared to look at the Hot Pepper online site though XD; They liked my face and long nose and said I looked like Nicole Richie with the make-up they did on me lol (kind of too much for my taste, but really cute and pink). I am sort of scared to see how it all turned out because I didn't see the pictures and I really never modeled before XD But hey, whatever. It is an experience.

My hair was so super fluffly and big that I deicded to take purikura of myself and take another pic of me in the Shibuya 109. I will probably never do my hair like that anyway, it looks too romantic and sweet for my taste and it is so much effort. Though who knows, maybe some similar style one day...
As for the purikura, for the first time ever I think I choose the 'normal' mode for the eyes. If looks SO different from 'normal' big-eyed purikura, right?

Last but not least, on Thursday (15th) and Friday (16th) I met up with a friend... and Friday evening I got some more stuff from FERNOPAA and d.i.a. Here is a pic of all I got, besides what I already showed. Doesn't look that much, but it raped my wallet, just like I want to rape jrock guys gently. Fuck but it was worth it. I love it all ♥

Picture turned out naturally like this, I didn't adjust it. I like that (◕‿◕✿)
As for the brands, left to right, the jacket and the zebra hotpants are Garula (♥), skull shirt is FERNOPAA (♥) and the rest is d.i.a. (♥♥). The d.i.a. parka reminded me so much of Gazette (T-T) and I am surprised to fit in their pants because I didn't really lose weight during my trip~
All together is like... don't ask me... 47,000円 pretty much? (^∇^;)ゞ

Since I am literally broke now, please wait for a SALES post soon. It will probably contain nice-looking and popular items from Real Ma*rs & Skinny Lip, so stay tuned~

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

UFO catchers & past coordinates

Hello everyone!
Just a short update, sharing some pictures and some rambling.

For the first time in my life I took pictures of something like UFO catchers. I always thought that they were pretty amazing but I never take many pictures of that kind of stuff, I guess.
Also, look at that dessert I spotted at my local konbini. It was good but I regret buying it. I should have invested in something healthy but it's really cold and snowy/icy and I wanted something to cheer up since no one wants to go out today, me neither. I regret buying it anyway, haha.

Coordinates. (1 & 2) d.i.a. top & choker, Spiga cardigan, Sneep Dip hot pants, worn a lot. (3) d.i.a. top, offbrand bolero, skinny lip belt, d.i.a. jeans. Didn't wear this out, it is so cold lately (>д<;)

Also bought a ticket for my favourite band's live. I am poor & now off to spend money on healthy konbini food (does it exist?) so at least I won't get sick again since I just recoveredヽ(≧Д≦)ノ 
Japanese smiley face failing at expressing my hatred for getting sick ww Have a good week everyone!!

Friday, 24 February 2012


Hello everyone~ 

Yes, yes, I am still here on my holiday in Tokyo and wondering if I will need a holiday after this holiday. Because this doesn't feel like a holiday at all and I just feel rushed because people want to meet me lately (T_T) I want to meet everyone too, but at the same time, due to stressing myself out about being here and there on time, I got high fever the other day. First I didn't get at all why I was so terribly dizzy. Only the next day I understood I had fever and it was still continuing until today. I should be trying to sleep but I can't really get myself to rest...

I feel like I should stress myself out less and make less appointments but it's just not my style. I feel like I am going to miss so much (especially money, if I don't get to go to all my lessons haha).

no idea if i should trust these medications lmao
So I was at the hospial today though and got some medicine. Obviously what I got is a viral gastroenteritis. I was told it means that symptoms are going to stay for a while and the medication might take them away for a bit but I will still be sick :< It bothers me to no end. I'm torn between taking a rest and doing things right now though. The doctor said the symptoms will last for 3-5 more days but knowing me, it will last longer. I hope at least the fever will go down quickly. I will sleep for very long time today and hope for the best.

Other than that! I've tried to colour my roots. Just my roots, really. But the bleach I got at the drug store was so uber strong that it bleached my hair to white-blond within about 5-8 minutes!!! I went to Nakano Donki to get another dye and burned half of my scalp (wait, maybe all of it? it's really burnt) to get the colour evened out. It sort of looks like on Tsubasa now but at this point I should say I do not recommend blonde Japanese hair dye!

Besides, I've been eating a lot, I think I gained weight haha.
But that is okay! Why? Because I still fit into the awesome d.i.a. jeans I got!  

 ドキドキワクワク lovelovelove (///∇//)
 They are slightly tight at the hole parts but hell I don't care & I want one more pair (;;)

 Oh, as a side note, I passed my Japanese exam with an A (1,0).
If I now also passed my other exam, I will be happy with not doubt even once I return to Germany