Friday, 28 March 2014

ageha 1day lenses, purikua & substories

I should be doing more for my thesis but instead I am here, and I decided to blog.
Here we go, my procrastination blogging comes again. And I am picking very random topics, too!

It's weird but since I came back to Germany and did not go to my parents place yet but stayed at my apartment dorm in Bonn, it has been so quiet and peaceful and some days I woke up and felt like I was in Tokyo. A year or so ago I felt the same before falling asleep in this apartment.
But now everything is just so peaceful, there is no stress, I am very very slowly working on my thesis peacefully (I've read like 40 pages so far /nervous laughter) and every now and then I met a friend and had just a great time talking. ... Life is so different if you don't live with your parents and do not hear much from them.

My friend and I met casually and I told her to try the wine I bought for the casual dinner we had and she just drank it right out of the bottle haha. No we did not do anything special but hanging out casually, last-minute, that is what I miss a lot in Tokyo and generally in my life!

Enough of Germany and some more of Japan. I tried to not spend too much money but ended up somehow broke just paying for food and transportation and all kind of things I actually needed. Then, one night when my friend and I decided to hang out and another male friend joined, I ended up leaving my coloured contact lenses at that one friend's place because actually he did not have anything to store them because he wore 1day lenses... ah he gave me a pair of his 1day lenses that were actually too wear for my eyes but at least I could see something and then I went to ALTA in Shinjuku to buy myself some 1 day lenses for the rest of my stay in Japan. I had been wanting to try the Ageha 1day lenses for some time and decided for the brown version which claims to make you look ハーフ... half-japanese and half-foreign. Obviously that doesn't work for foreigners. For some reason the people asking me if I am half-japanese/half-something else have increased incredibly though. Lately it happens almost on a daily basis, depending on the make-up and lenses I wear and in which light/scenery they see me... I suppose it is because of my Japanese skills and they want to be nice? I am a bit proud of my Japanese skills though there is still so damn much I don't understand haha. But enough of that.

1,680yen for those babes!
5 pairs... of which I have already used up 2, 1 is not shown because it was and is still in my handbag for the 'just in case'-case that of course did not happen again after that one night haha.

The diameter is sooooo small somehow! Somehow they made me look... well... I don't know, foxy? I thought I looked so vamp-ish but at the same time it suited my natural dark-brown eye-colour very well. When I was wearing my Garula clothes it totally totally totally matched my animal-print, slightly d.i.a.-ish but more classy style! 
The diameter though!! But they were extremely comfortable, I also went clubbing with them.

I will give you some purikura with them because I actually did not have time to take selfies with them on. Yes you read that right. That is how little time I had when I was signed up to that University program.

Small diameter, right? My eyes are sort of big so they sort of do not even look like circle lenses and give me a very natural look. I wish they were just a tiny bit bigger but the fact that I can wear them really long is of course making up for it a bit. I am not sure how much I like these... But judge for yourself whether you think those are worth buying!

Speaking of purikura now. What happened to all the machines?! I really don't like how I look in the first purikura and I actually over-edited most of the pictures (one of my eyes/pupils was bigger than the other in some angles!) because those damn machines made my face so full of shadows... what happened to the machines that make you look Ageha-model like? What happened to super-kawaii light skin purikura? What happened to kira kira stamps? o(;△;)o

What is happening to the Shibuya subculture? I miss the 2010~2011 times! At least they still shoot from above for the full-body shot but everything else is becoming so natural, soon we can take just simple pictures with our smartphones and purikura-like cam apps...

Ah well, besides I am a bit a bit upset guys which might be nothing too new. Lately I think I will never get along with Japanese guys, first breaking up with my boyfriend, then having this trouble with the guy I met last summer... well, he never had time and wanted me to come to Shinjuku at like midnight to meet him! When I didn't, he was upset and called and messaged me everyday to make sure I had time to meet him the week after... only so he could stand me up!
What the hell is wrong with Japanese guys? ((>д<)) It's like when you do something to them that isn't the best thing to do (OR THAT SIMPLY IS SOMETHING YOU WANT AND NOT THE GUY WANTS) he pays you back 3 times worse with his narcisstic humiliating behaviour. I don't know how to deal with men. I am attracted to them but they have such downsides I can hardly accept.
I am naturally forgiving but if someone is trying to use me, I can't let that happen. And it seems Japanese men (especially the young, eye-candy type...) are just generally using women?

But I am not their typical gyaru or whatever Japanese girls they are used to, running after them just to get a bit of their attention, I'd rather stay single and go out with my great friends then letting men take advantage of me. Hell, guys aren't worth it. He isn't worth it. He sends me those weird attention seeking mails and messages on LINE, calls me but hangs up after a few seconds because he gets bored. He gets bored right away, you know?Or he at least acts like that. And he has always at least 10 girls (mostly gyaru) commenting on his timeline updates, means he probably talks to 100. Ah, damn those players. I wish I could just show him what kind of good time he is missing. But oh well. Even though I am always too nice and forgiving, my time will come eventually.

Maybe someday I am going to understand guys and find a proper way to react to it. Unlike commonly believed in Japan I try my hardest to realize I am still young with my 23 years (and soon 24), I still have the best time and the best experiences ahead, we all do. Besides that I am having a really time enjoying myself while being single. So with that I hope my readers don't have to deal too much with jerks and are enjoying their time too, haha. Keep yourself away from trouble if you can, lovely readers~


  1. Alleine zu wohnen bzw. nicht mehr bei seinen Eltern kann schon echt schön sein, oder? xD
    Und ich mag die Farbe der Linsen. :) Sie hätten für mich wahrscheinlich genau den richtigen diameter. Ich steh nämlich mehr auf die kleineren. xDD

    1. Ohh ja. Wenn man nicht gerade Probleme mit der eigenen Wohnung hat, dann kann es das wirklich XD
      Ich hoffe du bekommst die Chance, sie auszuprobieren :D Und danke für deinen Kommentar!