Sunday, 25 December 2011

龍が如く、 コーデ & over the knee boots

✖ いらっしゃいませ(笑)
(Ah, serious now, merry christmas to everyone!)

As you can see from the picture, I am spending my holidays playing 龍が如く(Yakuza). I am sure everyone has at least heard of it. If not, there was big poster of it in the back of this picture I posted.
I've always wanted to play it but due to lack of time and technology (⇀‸↼‶) it wasn't possible. Now I am enjoying to sink back into my world.
Won't spam you with this, but there's a disctrict(神室町)built after one in Tokyo which makes me miss it extremly much and at the same time sigh in delight when I walk through it virtually~

A screenshot of my favourite spot ♥
Also, getting the chance to beat up some Yakuza guys (as a girl) makes this the best game ever, haha.

✖ コーデ


So as for outfits, here is one of mine from last week~ It was quite cold so the other days I wore long pants. (Everyone at my classes was like: What happened? And I was like: Too cold ; ; haha )
I think the cardigan (off brand) is toning the outfit down too much and I know I should look for something more exciting, so that will be done. But since I'm always saving money, I will have to wait for sales (︶︹︺) 
I love the stockings that I bought here in Germany (!) though. You can't see it too well but they are rather thick, there's only a thin-layered stocking part around the thighs and that has some jewel-like decoration. They are warm but if it gets around 0°C or below, they are not helpful...

The boots are from ebay and I totally love and recommend them! They are comfortable, have a good heel height (5,5cm) and I can wear them all day with no issues. They aren't extremely warm winter shoes (no inner lining), but still keep me warm if worn with long pants. 
Here is the shop's website and a better pic of them. I know they don't look extremely hot with chains and stuff but the price is very reasonable and over the knee boots just always look good if there's a bit of heel and when worn with a short skirt, so it doesn't matter to me.
I know many (German) girls are longing for over the knee boots this year, so maybe some of you might have a look at that shop, if your budget is tight like mine. Good luck anyways.

Other than that, don't catch a cold over these holidays & have a good start in the new year, girls! ☆

Sunday, 4 December 2011

crying over tutuHA & barbie gossip aqua

Yay, finally I have some time again to blog. So, do you remember the tutuHA shirt I bought?

Can you see what happened? The colour went off, especially that on those parts that appear as horizontal creases ; ;' (Since that kind of fabric is heavy and smooth, it's not suppose to have any vertical creases when it's hanging like that...) Actually those parts around the belly area that appear lighter ARE really that light because the colour went off. You might be able to see it well here, in the back.

Of course, it is kind of my own fault but I didn't expect the colour to go off so easily. I was wearing this top in summer, which means, hot and humid japanese summer. This shirt made me sweat a lot because it wouldn't soak up the sweat or anything (the fabric is really... plastic-like, which I even liked because it has a shiny effect, but I didn't know it would all end up like this ; ;).
Anyway, I'm quite disappointed by this shirt... I really like it and all I can do now is wear it beneath other shirts because I think if I wash it will even be worse.
Does anyone have similar experiences with tutuHA? I'd really like to buy more stuff from them but from now on I'll be more careful.

I bought a lot of stuff lately, like new lenses, that I'm eagerly waiting for and I was looking for new pants but I just don't really like those pants they sell here in Germany. Then again I'm unsure of how Japanese long pants would fit me. Most jeans in Shibuya 109 didn't fit ;<

I liked these, they had some キラキラ on them, and made the legs look more skinny, it was pretty awesome. Like a push up effect of some kind! Only more like a 'push fat away' effect. Will still be looking for more on days when university doesn't wear me out, because long, fitting pants are still a must for winter~

There's a pair of lenses I wanted to talk about: Barbie Gossip Aqua / Gossip Blue
(bought them here)

Comfort ★★★☆
Colour ★★☆☆
Overall ★★☆☆
I've been wearing them for about 10 months now, but they started hurting in one of my eyes when I wore them last week so I think I will be throwing them out. The comfort level was good first, as the colour is not too light (mostly in natural light it's not really visible, only the inner yellow ring stands out a lot), however, after a while they got dry easily. With 14.5mm they are rather big and have a 'natural' enlarging effect.
I suppose they were made for blue and green eyed-people so the colour blends in nicely. Though, on Purikura the colour shows up naturally and kind of nice on brown eyes, too.

I would recommend them to brown-eyed people only if you want a very subtle blue and if you like the idea of the inner yellow ring. That ring will make most people notice that you wear lenses, but almost no one will be able to guess the colour, haha. That's why I don't think I will buy them again.

As for the next posts, I will be trying to do more outfit-shots but it's so damn difficult if you don't have a full-body mirror at the new place ; ;'