Sunday, 13 April 2014

& they are already ghosts

I am going to annouce it right away: Last Wednesday (9th) was my birthday!
I turned 24 already, holy. No wonder I am starting to understand what is so interesting about Sex and the City hah.

I was so so so so damn thankful for all the people thinking of my birthday and congratulating me.
The best thing was that my friends actually took time for me. They went out with me for drinks and even though I said I really did not want any presents (since I didn't pay their drinks or anything) everyone gave me something anyway and it was really sweet of them.
But most of all I was happy everyone took their time for me. I really love them all.

Anyway, here are pictures!

First of we went to a cute little café inbetween our classes on Tuesday. It was so cozy and nice there~ I already had my birthday cake here sort of haha. Talking to everyone was so much fun and so so so so relaxing after all of what happened during the Japan student project.

On the 9th we went to drink cocktails~
The place was not too good but it was not that bad either. The cocktails were fun and being with my friends was great as always!

Tanita (evil friend with the dark hair from above) constantly made her laugh so we had to retake this picture so often! haha

I had such a great time... Tanita then even invited me over to her place for tea on the next morning after class. It was so damn cute of her... and talking with her about everything that came to my mind was just filling my heart with love (TT)

Then on Friday my friend from Hannover came over to my place and we did just some random fun things. Before that I cleaned my apartment... and I swear it has never in my life been this clean haha.

Mainly we just walked around and I showed him the area, then we went out for dinner and watched some movies and shows. It was great overall to just be together constantly. I miss this kind of feeling. Haha, now I feel kind of clingy... maybe time to go for a random boyfriend again! No, I am joking haha, I don't have the nerves for that now.

The red bean ice cream was GOD.

Then in the morning after watching animes we had wraps which turned out... okay! I probably should have bought different salad and something meat-ish? But well... it wasn't too bad haha.

Ah, just today my friend went home and I feel super lonely now!
I just feel like I want to spend the rest of my life with my friends cuddling and being together and doing stuff haha. If I could I would marry them.

But let me end this post with selfies before I feel too awkward to post them haha.

With that I hope everyone has a good start into the next week.
Don't catch a cold everyone, it's getting colder again so wear your winter coats as long as you have to D: