Saturday, 17 November 2012

days to treasure [modeling, karaoke, lives, friends]

... I'm always late with updates.
My life isn't so exciting while I am in Germany. Mostly I am just busy with studying and lazing around.

Anyway. I found a lot of pictures (and one video) from my holiday I still want to share. Very random and mostly no real photoshop. It's the pictures/impressions that count for me not how pretty they look.
I enjoyed my last stay in Tokyo a lot, probably because I was generally very satisfied with my life and still am, for the most part. There is always ups and downs. I want to treasure the good times and not pay too much attention to the bad ones.

Obviously (yes, finally took a picture), this is one of the reasons why I enjoyed my stay. I am seen in the Hot Pepper magazine for the salon 'mad Rip'. Being able to be in a magazine, to be seen by others, even though I am not a celebrity or tried hard to get a modeling job makes me really feel strong and beautiful.
Last time I got my exte I told the staff I was really happy when I saw my picture. They smiled about it. I don't believe they understand how much they gave me with this. I am glad to have experienced that.

A few things I bought. d.i.a. on the left and right and in the middle fernopaa. Right d.i.a. top makes me feel very cold because of the open back TT; Though pretty clothes just make you feel good, right?

Karaoke, food, beautiful evening scene... what more do you need to be happy?

definitely lives to go to, with friends to watch beautiful men
(Quench perfoming at Ikebukuro Cyber)

then more random karaoke with friends and thus = happy random me.
(blue lenses that dried out during the flight back home need a replacement :< )

I miss it! Now I want to go back to Tokyo really bad. But, missing it is a feeling on it's own that I enjoy too. Can't wait to go back again. Hope you enjoyed the spam of mostly my face!


  1. Aw congrats on being in the magazine! You look great and I love your gets!

    1. Thank you very much for saying so!~

  2. awwww das freut mich für dich♥ schönes bild in der zeitung von dir ^o^!

    1. Dankeschön :D Ich freue mich auch immer noch, haha.

  3. freut mich für dich ^_^ schönes Bild!

  4. Ah! Congrats on being in Hot Pepper! That's really fantastic!

    I get what you mean, though, those times-- just going to karaoke and shopping with friends around Tokyo, they're the best really. I really miss that city incredibly. <3

    1. Thank you very much!

      Haha, yeah, it seems like it's not hard to have fun and be happy in Tokyo if you know the right places to go to. Though Osaka is fun, too!

  5. Da haben sie aber ein tolles Bild von dir abgedruckt!
    Richtig schick. ;)
    Ich mag auch das letzte Bild im Post, das mit dem blauen Top.
    Wirkt super sympatisch auf mich. ^-^

    1. Ah, danke Liebes <3
      Das blaue Top wurde im Sommer zu oft getragen haha.