Tuesday, 10 September 2013

highlights in august (tokyo part 1: yakiniku, partying, zero calorie beer & a vk live)

Finally I am here with a new blog entry (=that is not a sale post. But please have a look at my stuff. I will have more coming new items up for sale soon probably!)
I am sorry it took so long but I was really either too lazy or too busy to get online on my PC while in Japan (I literally just sat in front of it about 2 or 3 times). Also I've been plagued by all my little sicknesses again. It's terrible, but lately, whenever I try to lose weight, I get sick, especially in Japan. I know and research a lot about nutrition and the right foods but the sicknesses still break out ugh. Next time I will do it like my mum does, take ALL the meds for various diseases with me and then I will probably end up not being sick at all (><) I am still fighting off this little cold but that is nothing compared to what I have all been dealing with.
Traveling is stressful, let me tell you! Especially if you are constantly trying to lose weight but that is another story.

Here I finally come and present you the highlights of my holiday. It was a fun trip, as always, and I feel like I have done way more than usually, probably also because I took a lot time 'off' and did not have too many conversation lessons. I sort of feel like I should have watched my expenses more but well, I had a lot of fun with a lot of different people so I cannot complain and I do not regret anything. So anyway, during the first days, I met with several friends and the guy who became my boyfriend (of some sort) in the end. I got extensions in Shinjuku for about 8,000yen and then I quickly got back into the Tokyo life-style of dressing up and doing make-up everyday.

First time yakiniku that year was when I went out with my bf in Shibuya.
It was not very good but we only spent about 1,500yen each so it was sort of alright!

The next day it was my friend Mia's almost-last-day in Tokyo or at least the last day that I saw her (TT) We went out for Yakiniku at a place in Kabukicho that I found online. It was really good but also expensive, damn. We ended up paying almost 5,000yen together and I was not exactly full!

Mia managed to take a nice picture of me though! Kind of a true to life picture haha.
(doesn't happen to me very often that I look the way that I really look in photos)

We went to a host club later where I had THE prettiest host I had seen in ages who actually tried to lure me in. Oh wait, we went to two host clubs and then to Yukihide's bar (which ended up being pretty lame and a disaster so let us forget about that). So I sort of kept in touch with the hosts that I have sort of shimei'd/picked at the end and met one two more times. The other one (the hottie/pretty guy) had a plan to meet me on the last Saturday that I was there on his day off but because there was another guy who I met at atom who also had off that day, I didn't make it to meet both of them (TT) Well, scheduling dates is difficult! There you have the reason why I hardly got online.

Well, so let's skip back to the time after what happened when Mia left for her trip Osaka (and then home to England after that). I finally met Kitai for clubbing but before that I have also seen her at Hachiko while I was waiting for my guy! What a coincidence. We finally got to hang out and I went clubbing in Shibuya for the first time that year. And after that a few more times, again with Kitai and some of her friends. I also met Jasmin and Eriko, two very sweet girls that I would love to see again!

Of course we went to an Izakaya before partying! & I took some pictures of myself because there was a nice lighting. I feel like that sort of smile makes me look like  MiA from mejibray a bit but well! 

Some more blurry pictures before and during partying! Here you can see out outfits actually.
We also took purikura but I will upload those later because I didn't get all of them on my phone. 

The next days I thought I need a rest. The night before I drank the zero calorie & zero alcohol beer and felt horrible after it! I don't know what that is even, zero calorie and zero alcohol beer. I think it must be something terribly chemical?!

I am quite sure I will never drink that again unless I want to harm myself. Anyway, the next day I wanted to meet my bf and I suddenly felt a bit nauseous (I often feel nauseous though, especially when I don't eat enough) but then I also felt a strong pain in my abdomen that was linked to my back! I was a bit scared about it. I talked to one of my Japanese acquaintances who happens to be a doctor about it and he told me that I should drink at least 3 litres of water and go to the hospital if it does not get better. I guess I simply did not drink enough and did not care too much about my health but it is sort of difficult for me when I am busy and want to lose weight and want to control my expenses, ugh. He kept advising me to go to the hospital but since it was obon week, it would be more expensive than usual so I really thought it would be okay on its own. (After a few days I felt better and then I also got antibiotics later.)

Overall I can say that constantly meeting someone stressed me out a lot though. Of course I wanted to meet everyone but my time there was so short that I felt forced to go here and there and that I also felt like I owe something to people sometimes. And it bothered me that all that most Japanese people say is 'shinpai shiteiru' but they don't give a fuck about whether you are sick or not, bf included. Even the guys who were intersted in me wrote me just shit like 'oh so did you bf visit you?' and some others wanted to do 見舞い but wtf does that even mean and how does that look like when I am sick and lazy in bed trying to recover and you are coming to look at me like at a wild animal.
But anyway... during my few days off that I used to relax and drink lots of water, I only went out for a few hours a day for lessons and meeting that friend and then I did my nails with nail stickers (´д`lll)

Also my Garula coordinate that showed lots of cleavage hahaha. But that is hidden here.

So the next time I went out it was when I still did not feel very well but I though whatever. I am stronger than this sickness and I will not let it ruin my holiday. This time it was with Kitai, Jasmin and Eriko. I was on pain killers but in a good mood because I got out again. I did not drink anything alcoholic during that night, the music was good as always though and there was even someone good-looking in the club that I talked to so it was actually just what I needed and wanted, I had a great time talking with the girls and dancing. This is also a way to relax, right?~

Lovely purikura that we all got because Eriko uploaded them~

I look huge here because the wooden border on the wall has almost the same colour as my cardigan so it looks like my shoulder ends there but it does not omg (iДi)
This is the first time that I think I'd have actually looked slimmer without my cardigan! haha

I literally do not really remember what was on my schedule for the next day. I wanted to meet Eriko again but we both caught only very little sleep so we did not meet, I started taking anitbiotics the next day (that the acquaintance gave me) and went for 2 more lessons, then in the evening... did nothing, I think? It was a Sunday and I was tired I guess. The next day I met Jasmin and Eriko again, we took some purikura and went to karaoke with another friend of Eriko. After spending some time in Shibuya 109, Eriko (who is from Nagoya) told me about all little wounds she had since she came to Tokyo! So I am not the only one who gets sick here haha. Also she bought flat shoes because her heels just became really uncomfortable after a while. Later I could convince everyone to go to the free live Crazy★Shampoo was hosting in Harajuku. I hate Harajuku but I paid everyone's drink tickets that we had to pay for and we spent about an hour there before Eriko and Jasmin said they wanted to head home. I stayed a bit longer and it was kind of fun. There was some birthday contest event and a lot of talking.

I don't enjoy going out to lives as much as I used to but it was still good and I liked the songs!

So this is all that happened up until August 19th and with that half of my holiday there was already over. I guess I will stop here because this is getting really long. Orginally I wanted to make this only 2 parts but there might be 3 after all. Please look forward to hear about the cat cafe I went to, as well as more party, more beautiful people, more purikura and some more food!~


    Omg I enjoyed meeting you and Im glad we met quite often <3
    Im sorry things didnt end up as they should have on the last day but Im still glad to have finally meet you. I hope this wasnt for the last time ^0^

    1. Is it bad? Should I remove it? Or did you wait ages for that? Hahaha.
      Oh it's okay, it doesn't always work out on holiday trips and I don't really bear grudges over those little things. I am really glad I got to meet you to and hopefully there will be more chances in the future~ <3

    2. Noo dont worry about it. I just think it looks funny :D

  2. Hope you got proper fluids (water) and rest needed! I think getting sick is an awful feeling and people should be more kind and sympathetic. Hope the rest of your travel was more fun! Keep in touch, nice blog ^.^

    Joyce @ carouselstreet.com

    1. Hey, thanks for the nice comment! Indeed though, I feel the same way (><)
      And thanks, your blog seems nice too. I will check it out and add it to my list of blogs to follow :D

  3. Great photos~ Ehh neeh i want to go to a Yakiniku place <3

    1. Thank you! Let's go together next time :D