Tuesday, 3 March 2015

dark star skies: tokyo winter adventures pt. 2 [departure/arrival, the spooky shrine visit, more nights out & new year's eve]

Oh, here am I back with one more entry because I actually do not have much to do besides recovering from my cold and I still have a lot of pictures.

First of all, I missed the departure pictures because they were in a different folder (the iOS camera seems to create them randomly...). So here is a quick outfit shot I managed to take before heading to the airport in the early morning (oh the weight you gain when being at your parents' place...) and some pictures from inside the plane~

I always praise Aeroflot and think they really have a bad reputation (a lot of people give Russia/Russian people a bad reputation but really f you, they can do a lot of think essentially right... never heard of any cancelled flight because of snow or people who want more money, unlike in uh, Germany!).  
But the food on the flight there was not too nice. Last time I had marvelous dinner that looked like out of a restaurant. Regret not taking pictures. However the food was better on the flight back. The service is A++, as good as JAL, if not better. Never late, never impolite. Just because they don't always give you that overly fake smile, doesn't mean people aren't nice!

Random impressions from my first days spent in Shinjuku. The guy who handed out the tissues to me was actually taking care to give them to younger girls only haha

But let's skip again to the night when I met my friend Kana. We first of all met at the station of the city where she lives (she said it's really inaka but it turns out it's still one of the bigger cities in Saitama!). Then we took purikura that actually turned out alright~


We actually wanted to do the shrine visit during daytime but since I had that appointment and my friend Kana is usually busy on other days, we only had time to meet in the evening. It seems like on usual days, no one really goes to shrines at night though. Especially not in the more country-sided places I suppose.

One of the ways to the shrine. You get why nobody goes there at night, right?

I was glad this area was a bit brighter. I actually threw in a 5-yen-coin and made a wish. Kana had to first tell me the order on how to do it properly.
I think I did it wrong anyway LMAO. If you insist on knowing what I remember, it was something like, throw in the coin .... spin around yourself five times, jump on one leg thrice, then somewhere inbetween ring that bell and clap your hands, close your eyes and make the wish. Then bow? And also bow before? Well I think I did things in the wrong order and maybe forgot some actions (like the bowing one million times). Maybe I didn't though, I don't remember. Anyhow! The wish I made sort of came true. I think. The Japanese Gods were like: We'll let that pass, it's okay, she's a foreigner lol

One very scary path (left) where Kana later told me something like a murder actually happened there a month ago at night. From what she told it seems it was just two people arguing and then it escalated. Well, then we saw someone coming through the gate and Kana somehow stopped talking because she got a little scared. So we actually decided to leave.

We left to the main gate and got out to a little side street, where we waited for the cab. You could actually see the stars out there. さすが Saitama haha

We went to an izakaya! Actually Kana's boyfriend works there (also worked there that night) and came to say hello. The atmosphere was really nice! One of Kana's friends came by and we drank until really late. When I had to leave for my last train, I ended up not leaving because talking was too much fun :<

We looked at that punch bowl in the menu and Kana was like: I am going to drink that all alone! (Though it said it was for three people). When they served it, everyone was like: ... . Then Kana looked at the waiter and was like: So huge! And he was like: Yeah, well, it's for three people! Me and the friend just stared at them while they were talking and then laughed haha.

I stayed at Kana's place that night and instead of sleeping we basically talked all night while sitting under the kotatsu (unfortunately it was still sort of cold haha). Her cats distacted us. Especially me! I am supposed to have a very mild cat allergy but never noticed it. This time I did though and I started sneezing a lot. Also the ginger cat (hime) was evil and hurt my finger when I held it out to her D:

I then went home in the morning. It was really damn cold and I was so happy to be back at my home where the heating in the common area is almost always on <3

Another day I met up with adorable Jasmin (blog) & adorable Ramona (blog) and their friends/boyfriend. We did not do too much but hang out at an izakaya and then at the game center. 

I did not take many pictures because I was somewhat tired that day. But actually there wasn't anything very exciting happening either.

Later I bought cigarettes at the conbini that were advertized all over. The brand I usually always smoke (Kool) released two special versions called Miami Breeze and Bali Sunset. Actually now they came out as regular versions it seems. With this brand you really can do nothing wrong! I am really in love with the Bali Sunset one, it tastes berry-ish but still contains menthol.

Theeeeen we met for clubbing on New Year's eve! The streets of Shibuya were really crowded and FULL of foreigners. I guess we are so used to going out on these days that it seems like Tokyo consists of foreigners only. We bought something at the crowded conbini like everyone else and then started drinking in front of it and later moved closer to the club and drank more before we got in. I only got one drink for myself because I usually get drunk easily but then asked around for more sips from others haha.
Then I got drunk really fast and started taking pictures! Hence the pictures above haha.

 I am glad we got inside before the countdown went down to 0!

Overall it was really fun and I enjoy myself so much when I can dance and let everything out, I calm down inwardly after that and forget all my stress! But... it was really crowded and there was quite a bunch of strange people. Getting to know interesting new people wasn't really what you could expect that night... still I am happy I was with my friends and could spent a great time!

On New year's day I just did some relaxing things at home since almost everything was closed anyway. The next day I went shopping and bought something at MA*RS (unfortunately something that was not on sale). I also bough those shoes I wear in the picture on sale for just 880yen!

Everyone being really tired of the last year... a whole family sleeping together on the train haha.

Theeeen Kana wanted to meet some of my friends so before the Ramona/Jasmin friends group went back, we met up all together for casual drinking/dining in Shinjuku and then also went for karaoke there.

It was very fun to meet up as bigger group on these days! Unfortunately that was rather rare for me later.

But that's all for now! I have some more adventures to tell you about the next time
Since it's still cold outside, stay warm and healthy everyone~