Tuesday, 21 April 2015

dark star skies: tokyo winter adventures pt. 3 [psycho pass events, going out with friends, lots of food]

Ohhhhhkay dear readers, since it's already the middle of April and I did not manage to show you all of the pictures of my Japan trip yet WHILE I actually was already on another trip somewhere else, I will show you the rest of my trip here. 
Just posting the pictures mainly this time... there is not too much to tell anyway and you can imagine how I hyped about the psycho pass events from my facial expression I think :D

(Almost nothing is edited, have mercy with me for posting my 'bare' face)

Psycho-Pass event in Shinjuku where I went with Caro... at the metro promenade you could get your own Psycho-Pass scanned. Got 141! They couldn't read Caro's first because she was wearing a scarf (totally toumeiningen lol), then she got... 12? something really extremely low lol

We went on to the event at Lumine Est where you could search for the psycho-pass codes to get something in the end. We got stuck on the first floor where we could not find the code and gave up since the prize wasn't anything exciting as it seemed (something like 10% off when you buy something at the stores).

On a different day we went to Shibuya Tower Records where there was a Ginoza event (?) called 'Ginnocent World'. Taking the dominators in your own hand was cool (they were actually doing the user authorization talk!) but nothing too exciting. We did some selfies, watched the movie trailers and I bought a parka for more than 7,000yen that I am not wearing now cause it turns out the fabric doesn't really feel nice haha

 (really don't know which one is cooler haha)


We went out to eat at Sukiya and went home after :)

Then on another day I had a casual dinner date with my friend in Shinjuku at Ootoya~

Korean-style lunch with another friend on the next day :D

 ... which lead to coffee & parfait at a café in Shinjuku Marui annex which had a Psycho-Pass collaboration event :D


Late night talking (or early morning talking? It was 5am lol) with another friend at an Izakaya in Shinjuku. The ikayaki was to die for!!

The next day I met that friend again and we went to take purikura, where we found 4,000yen at an exchange machine someone had forgotten lol... We took it unsuspiciously and went to have sashimi at the same izakaya (actually I was telling him the night before that if I have spare money I am going to order a big izakaya plate there and eat it all by myself... and then money came in right the next day!)

Onsen-like foot-bath with tea that heats you up! Wonderful experience <3

 More food porn: Yakiniku in Kabukicho 
(looks like I only went to Shinjuku those days haha, can't help it, I love that place)

Ice-cream with Mochi & Kinako powder for dessert~ 

 Extreme delicious sushi in Nakano (Marui) I had on a different night

Random but I actually made chocolate (a really boring and easy one lol) for Valentine's day but later did not know who to give it too haha

Ate Fugu for the first time! Wasn't really exciting because it has close to no taste. The Kiwi collagen sour was amazing! Unfortunately they brought me regular Kiwi sour when I asked for another collagen later :< 

A hotel in Shibuya... random but this looked so psycho-pass-ish/futuristic/enter the void-like that I just have to post it!

 Matcha Donut <3

Lunch at the same sushi restaurtant in Nakano once more just because it was so good!
That was the last day (Saturday) before my flight back on Sunday.

Cake at night with another friend on the same day
Matcha cake & Black sesame Coffee - Sweetness overdose!

Messy sharehouse in the back but my look for that day. My eyes finally got better then so I finally got the chance to wear lenses again! (I have red eyes now again though D:)

Food on the flight back! Doesn't look very good but was very delicious (better than the Fugu haha)

 That's all (TT)
Hoping to come back very soon!

Now please be excited for the next post about my other trip :D 
(expected to be posted within the next 2 years lol joking~)