Monday, 11 June 2012

もらえないものが欲しい [ SCREW live ! ]

Trying to practise and get better at Japanese but actually I often have no idea how to properly express myself... Will probably laugh at my blog titles once I get better haha.

So, it's been a while again! Thank you to everyone who started following me lately and has not gotten tired of waiting for an update. There was nothing interesting to blog about apart from my term paper which turned out terribly. Besides, thank you to everyone who bought my items, I am really glad almost all of what I had for sale has a new owner now.

Now my reason to blog. I had for once again something to get me out of this world of struggling/studying and make me happy. Even though I first did not want to go because I was just tired of everything...

SCREW live !!

I already saw them in 2008 but this one was way better! Also my friend bought me the ticket as a birthday present and even though I said I didn't want anything, I was happy after all because it was such a fun live. European lives are so different compared to Japanese ones. First I thought only in a bad way but...

Europeans actually often get the chance to touch or talk to their favourite members. Like meet and greet. I did not go there but! after the live some of the members went to the merch stand (Byou, Rui &... Kazuki I think) and I was able to get a hug from Byou |D And... he did not mind me kissing his cheek either (///∇//)~
Seventh Heaven, I swear. Perfect make-up and soft skin to die for. -fangirls-
The feeling kept lasting because when I went back home with my friends we could talk about the lives and they kept making jokes that made me laugh like a retard. One of my friends had to push me towards Byou to go and ask him and later he was like: 'When you ran away after the kiss, Byou was all smirking and sort of smiling when looking after you' Hahaha (///∇//) Stupid guy friends to say silly things like thatヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Didn't have time to take a picture before I went there (not for my hair either ;<) so there's only this one from after the live, showing almost nothing of my actual outfit but I wore the striped skinny lip dress. Can't be bothered! It was great! But then, after a really happy time you get down to earth after a while and then there's the point for me where I only want to go back to Japan more and more (; ;') 

Who knows what will happen in the next few years. Patience. And maybe I will be lucky.