Sunday, 25 December 2011

龍が如く、 コーデ & over the knee boots

✖ いらっしゃいませ(笑)
(Ah, serious now, merry christmas to everyone!)

As you can see from the picture, I am spending my holidays playing 龍が如く(Yakuza). I am sure everyone has at least heard of it. If not, there was big poster of it in the back of this picture I posted.
I've always wanted to play it but due to lack of time and technology (⇀‸↼‶) it wasn't possible. Now I am enjoying to sink back into my world.
Won't spam you with this, but there's a disctrict(神室町)built after one in Tokyo which makes me miss it extremly much and at the same time sigh in delight when I walk through it virtually~

A screenshot of my favourite spot ♥
Also, getting the chance to beat up some Yakuza guys (as a girl) makes this the best game ever, haha.

✖ コーデ


So as for outfits, here is one of mine from last week~ It was quite cold so the other days I wore long pants. (Everyone at my classes was like: What happened? And I was like: Too cold ; ; haha )
I think the cardigan (off brand) is toning the outfit down too much and I know I should look for something more exciting, so that will be done. But since I'm always saving money, I will have to wait for sales (︶︹︺) 
I love the stockings that I bought here in Germany (!) though. You can't see it too well but they are rather thick, there's only a thin-layered stocking part around the thighs and that has some jewel-like decoration. They are warm but if it gets around 0°C or below, they are not helpful...

The boots are from ebay and I totally love and recommend them! They are comfortable, have a good heel height (5,5cm) and I can wear them all day with no issues. They aren't extremely warm winter shoes (no inner lining), but still keep me warm if worn with long pants. 
Here is the shop's website and a better pic of them. I know they don't look extremely hot with chains and stuff but the price is very reasonable and over the knee boots just always look good if there's a bit of heel and when worn with a short skirt, so it doesn't matter to me.
I know many (German) girls are longing for over the knee boots this year, so maybe some of you might have a look at that shop, if your budget is tight like mine. Good luck anyways.

Other than that, don't catch a cold over these holidays & have a good start in the new year, girls! ☆

Sunday, 4 December 2011

crying over tutuHA & barbie gossip aqua

Yay, finally I have some time again to blog. So, do you remember the tutuHA shirt I bought?

Can you see what happened? The colour went off, especially that on those parts that appear as horizontal creases ; ;' (Since that kind of fabric is heavy and smooth, it's not suppose to have any vertical creases when it's hanging like that...) Actually those parts around the belly area that appear lighter ARE really that light because the colour went off. You might be able to see it well here, in the back.

Of course, it is kind of my own fault but I didn't expect the colour to go off so easily. I was wearing this top in summer, which means, hot and humid japanese summer. This shirt made me sweat a lot because it wouldn't soak up the sweat or anything (the fabric is really... plastic-like, which I even liked because it has a shiny effect, but I didn't know it would all end up like this ; ;).
Anyway, I'm quite disappointed by this shirt... I really like it and all I can do now is wear it beneath other shirts because I think if I wash it will even be worse.
Does anyone have similar experiences with tutuHA? I'd really like to buy more stuff from them but from now on I'll be more careful.

I bought a lot of stuff lately, like new lenses, that I'm eagerly waiting for and I was looking for new pants but I just don't really like those pants they sell here in Germany. Then again I'm unsure of how Japanese long pants would fit me. Most jeans in Shibuya 109 didn't fit ;<

I liked these, they had some キラキラ on them, and made the legs look more skinny, it was pretty awesome. Like a push up effect of some kind! Only more like a 'push fat away' effect. Will still be looking for more on days when university doesn't wear me out, because long, fitting pants are still a must for winter~

There's a pair of lenses I wanted to talk about: Barbie Gossip Aqua / Gossip Blue
(bought them here)

Comfort ★★★☆
Colour ★★☆☆
Overall ★★☆☆
I've been wearing them for about 10 months now, but they started hurting in one of my eyes when I wore them last week so I think I will be throwing them out. The comfort level was good first, as the colour is not too light (mostly in natural light it's not really visible, only the inner yellow ring stands out a lot), however, after a while they got dry easily. With 14.5mm they are rather big and have a 'natural' enlarging effect.
I suppose they were made for blue and green eyed-people so the colour blends in nicely. Though, on Purikura the colour shows up naturally and kind of nice on brown eyes, too.

I would recommend them to brown-eyed people only if you want a very subtle blue and if you like the idea of the inner yellow ring. That ring will make most people notice that you wear lenses, but almost no one will be able to guess the colour, haha. That's why I don't think I will buy them again.

As for the next posts, I will be trying to do more outfit-shots but it's so damn difficult if you don't have a full-body mirror at the new place ; ;'

Friday, 18 November 2011

to lack what they have.

Ahh, long time again. I thought I had decided to come back to blog at ameba but I'm not so sure anymore. It's good for practising Japanese, but very tiring. Just like school (x_x)
And on top of that, last week 3 (!) of my 30 prescious extensions fell out while I brushed my hair. I suppose my long hair period will come to its end soon...

So, this might be the last time you see me like this for this year!
Which is somehow not so bad because I am always longing for short hair when I have the opposite. Here's some pictures of my hair's condition. The ends are quite healthy-looking but the shorter side parts are a little dry (it gets greasy easily when I put my treatment in after washing my hair ;<).

lashes: Diamond Lash 'Celeb' type
lenses: Candy Magic Big Size Brown
top: d.i.a.

Different editing because my phone has the very special ability to turn people into soft-skinned beauties and my computer doesn't, haha. (I forgot how much I love my phone!)
Another thing to mention - the treatment and shampoo series I use is Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Care. Very recommended! It was even gentle to my scalp while usual shampoo would often cause it to bleed (from that hardcore bleaching in the Tokyo hair salon).
Besides, anyone interested in lash, lens or hair treatment reviews? Or something similiar? I'm not sure if anyone would read, since many people get bored by reviews and I already think of writing a tutuHA related review soon because I'm quite disappointed with something I bought.
Now off to sleep some more and later do something university related... (>_<)

Saturday, 22 October 2011

let's rock. sometime soon.

Looong time no see. University is stressfull ; ;'
I managed to take one (1!) outfit shot and the other days I was really unmotivated and sleepy and it got cold so quickly that I wore hot pants only about 2 times the past two weeks, haha.

You can't see it well because it was early in the morning... but it's no special brands there, apart from the Diavlo belt, some engineer boots from Alta and a d.i.a. top & choker that you can't see properly~
In contrast to the heavy rock/dark dark kind of style, my make up was very light lately because of the long train ride and sensitive dry eyes~ It felt okay these days but I like heavy make-up a lot more. 
On a side note, my extensions are in a quite good condition still! I hope they last me some more time.
And fashion wise, I feel like dressing more ... host-ish these days? Kind of like this:

More suiting for winter here than the d.i.a. short pants & skirts style, if you ask me~ But I want to buy some light blue pants like this before... (Which is only if I don't have to pay the subsequent recovery I got from the german railways XD;)
Besides, I decorated some nail tips! Which are not suiting for the host-style, but anyway!

That's all so far. I'm still missing Japan as hell and can't wait to go back as soon as possible ; A ;
As for now I will leave you with a picture of my university~

Friday, 30 September 2011

latest buy & small room ideas

Hello everyone~
I'm greeting you with a sweet treat that is my latest favourite. Really reminds me of strawberry cake!

First of all, I brought my d.i.a. top home safely.
I was really happy about it, it's just as lovely in person as on the pictures. I wanted to buy some fitting pants and since my friend has some ripped pants with lace showing (take a look at the purikura from the last post), I wanted some like that too! They're pants from d.i.a. that are the same design.

I got a pair in black that was said to run small, so I bought a size bigger. But they are a little bit loose now ; ;

I'm thinking of giving them back now/selling them. Of course they can never achieve that fierce d.i.a. look, but they were way cheaper and I could still modify them. The endless question: Should I keep them or not?
On the other hand, apart from one pair, I don't have any fitting long pants anymore! Which is bad because I can feel winter approaching next month. This is not Japan, haha.

In the meantime I've been looking for apartments/places to live some days ago because -in case anyone missed it- I'm a university student from now! And my place is about 3 hours by train from the university ( ; ; )
I know I know, the semester is about to start, I am always late like that and never really care, haha. I have one more visiting coming up, and then an agency that promised me a visiting next week, but those agencies don't seem trustworthy to me!
Anyway, I hope I'm going to get something very soon and then I have big plans for the interior design (unless the uni stress will kill me). I looked through my collections of ageha issue scans and found quite nice examples of what I want. Those ideas are all for small rooms and I actually like the cozy idea more than big wide rooms.

One exception from happie nuts. I like how clear & white it is, even though very small, the white seems to make it appear at least a little more 'wide' and not too packed.

A possible reference for mature gals/gal mamas: Momoeri's room~ 
Not very stuffed, a bigger room with a clean design. Looks more 'useful', right? I'm not fond of it.

Sayo Hayakawa's room. She was my idol three years ago and even now I like the design she chose.
I'm not sure why she needs two beds, but the idea of having your couch next to the bed somehow pleases me.

Now my two top favourites

Bed next to the couch again, all in stylish black with sublte highlights. Looks like a guy's room almost, doesn't it?
I love the 'cool' feeling of it (though the audio equipment feels misplaced), I definitely want a room like this!

My favourite ever since I saw this in 2008.
Black and white/cream designed, combined beautifully and in a very clean composition. Even the bathroom, the fridge and the vacuum cleaner fit in the design!
I am dreaming of an apartment like this, but in Japan, not here. One day, one day, haha.

& at last, a bonus room picture

Ryoma Saegami's room.
Looks like 1K since you can't see much of it. Hosts have to save up, huh? Maybe he has a different room now.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

august purikura!

I wanted to upload these since a while but they're bad quality (;  ;)
Click to make them bigger~

Hairset :D
Just on the way to this booth a group of hosts came up to talk to us and one was stubbornly asking for my number, over and over until we arrived at the game center. My friend was all like: 'He must be something like half black!' hahaha

I feel like an anime girl with a smirk in this one ( ̄ー ̄)

The most unflattering purikura, but they were fun! There was one more where I laughed and my mouth came out wide opened in the purikura. So terrible, I deleted it when we picked which shots we wanted haha.

The last purikura I took. This one means a lot to me because that day was special.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

angels & demons game.

Ahh, my package is stuck in customs T_T; Why is it always such a pain to order from overseas?
Is there actually a way to order something from Japan without spending, excuse me, 30€+ extra because of fees, shipping and customs? I don't mind the fees and the additional shipping but why customs? Why go through all the trouble of going there and explaining them it's not drugs or whatever else they want to know?
To top it all off, I asked the guy who shipped it what price he declared because it got into customs and he just tells me my package could not be delivered because I was absent (that is what EMS says, which is not true obviously).
Now this is the best opportunity to say: I get enraged by Japanese people so easily ^^; Not exactly all Japanese people, mostly just people from around Tokyo. Why believe something a website says but not a person who called the customs and post office? Of course he didn't know I called, but since I said it is there... what reason do you have to not believe me?

Anyway. The shirt I won at mbok auction (TT_TT)
Probably going to pick it up Wednesday or so because I'm going to have a look at an apartment (yes, maybe moving out soon!) which is kind of on the way~

I hope I can bring it home safely!
I wanted to try on the grey version in Tokyo last month, first a shop staff girl said 'sure, okay!', then another girl came up and said no. By now of course I got it's generally not allowed to try on shirts in their store. But it's always worth a try, haha. Especially since Tokyo people keep bullying me too! (It might be a love hate thing, haha.)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

psycho diva & a casual outfit

Greetings, Earthlings!

Have you seen this lovely PV by Born yet? Have you payed attention to Ryouga's (vocal) beautiful teeth? (*_*)

I'm most likely developing a mild crush on him now because I am quite crazy about Japanese people with nice teeth and a beautifully shaped pair of lips, especially the smooth motions that come along with them~
・・・ enough sweet-talking. About the PV,  is that in a foreign hostess club? Or maybe that is just my humble impression.

But Ryouga's wild visual-kei hair not only makes me want to see them live again, it also makes me want to style myself more... aggressive. Tsuyome style is becoming very popular here lately, isn't it? I'm very into it too, but I'm very light skinned so it looks different on me. But anyway, I want to put an outfit and some suiting hairdo together soon.
As for yesterday, I had a very casual outfit but even like that I felt too overdressed, and I was freezing(!). 

Skirt is from Ghost of Harlem, apart from that no special brands~
My hair was naturally curly like that after tying it to a top bun after showering. I thought it was nice and fitting for the outfit, but I like straight hair a lot more ; ; I feel way too overdressed here in Germany, so I am kind of unsure about trying more aggressive styles because I feel uncomfortable when everyone looks at me. It's like you're forced to wear something toned down, even in your free time. Anyone has the same problem?

Oh and not to forget - I bought a new ipod back cover. It was cheap, so the top two rows of rhinestones are kind of standing out because there's no little stones inbetween them, but still the quality is not too bad and it's better than my last case (soft one) so far - I'm not complaining because 6$ is really cheap for this ;D 

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Kabukicho crossing

Just randomly throwing this picture in a friend took by chance in Kabukicho. I never ever in my life even made tourist pictures in Japan, so standing there in front of my beloved district is somewhat special to me T_T;
Even if there's idiots talking to you or you can't explain your friend where a certain salon/restaurant/meeting point is, it's always fun around there! And I will always miss this place.

Besides... right now I am debating with myself whether I should buy white over the knee boots or black ones. I have too many black shoes and a lot of black/dark clothes, so I'm craving for the white ones but I am scared that I won't be able to combine them then (Yumachi kind of inspires me but she has lots of white/light-coloured clothes). And I'm not planning to change my whole wardrobe soon.
Which colour would you choose?

That's really all, so let me end this entry with a lovely quote of Daria :D

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

キラキラ quality clothes - only not really.

Hello there, everyone~
Have you been looking through the summer sales lately? (Or like me, switching between looking for new clothes and the new gazette single to be leaking through? And for certain guys to reply to your mails? Haha.) Or in general, did you buy a lot of clothes?

As for me, of course I bought some stuff in Japan, but after having been there three times now, I also gathered my old stuff which I am still wearing and took a look at it. To be honst, when I came to the 109 for the first time, I thought the quality of the fabrics is rather bad. By now I'm not sure if it's just the washing machine, but some of my stuff looks nothing like before and I'm kind of sad about it ; ;
Anyway, let's take a look at a few of my clothes gathered over the last year.

top row from left: ma*rs (jacket), ma*rs (top), skinny lip (striped dress), spiga (cardigan), d.i.a. (pinestripe cami), barak (long cami), strip cabaret (shirt)
bottom row: taboo (hot pants), sneep dip (cami)

This is less than half of my clothes, especially since I bought new ones, but apart from the skinny lip dress, all clothes are almost one year old and I came to realize which brands offer good quality and which don't ;<
So I thought it would be good to have a little rating and share experiences with you all. How did your 109 clothes become over the months/years? Do you handwash everything or throw it mostly in the washing machine like me? I'm curious! So let's go.

MA*RS - ★★★☆
quality of the fabric ★★★☆ 
deformation of clothes ★★★★
feels like good quality clothing but tends to slightly wear out after a while, though not as bad as other brands. as for the jacket - only about 6 months later a button fell off that could not be fixed at all. very unhappy about that one! i hope that was an exceptional case.

quality of the fabric ★★★☆
deformation of clothes ★★★☆
defects ★★★☆
what shall i say? very similar to d.i.a. - has a lot of bling and a lot of danger for it to fall off or cause the clothes to deform. a belt i bought only a week ago already lost a rhinestone. not uncomfortable, but most likely to be worn out quickly.

SPIGA - ★★★☆
quality of the fabric ★★★★
deformation of clothes ★★★★
defects ★★☆☆
quality is very nice, doesn't give off fluff, yet feels very soft and light-weight, but still warm. i wore this item way too much - yet no reason for it to lose a button and half of the pocket to fall off because of loose threads (*_*);;

D.I.A. - ★★☆☆
quality of the fabric ★★★★
deformation of clothes ★★☆☆
defects ★★☆☆
as for quality of the fabric, my mind is not very set. they tend to use fabric that doesn't give off fluff. which doesn't mean it's really good fabric. but it feels nice on the skin for the most part. in contrast to that, the clothes get worn out easily... for example i cannot properly adjust the straps of the pinestripe cami anymore. and a belt i owned had a chain and a leather band slipping out of where they used to be fixed...

BARAK - ★★★★
quality of the fabric ★★★★
deformation of clothes ★★★★
defects ★★★★
a little expensive, but very high quality clothing! things are not cheaply printed on but the colour is literally painted on/inside of it! no washing machine can destroy this. it's magic! thumbs up.

quality of the fabric ★☆☆☆
deformation of clothes ★★☆☆
defects ★★★☆
depends on what you get, but my shirt is - in terrible condition. i can't even think of selling it, the lace has holes, it's deformed and the fabric doesn't feel so nice anymore. only still has a nice back view. cheap.

TABOO - ★★☆☆
quality of the fabric ★★☆☆
deformation of clothes ★★★☆
defects ★★★☆
i overall got several pairs of pants and a shirt from there. it's not really comfortable and gets a weird fit after a while but maybe that is just my body. quality is okay, but nothing you could call great.

SNEEP DIP - ★★★★
quality of the fabric ★★★★
deformation of clothes ★★★☆
defects ★★★★
the deformation of clothes is not so extreme, but the bust-cups tended to slip and give you an uncomfortable feeling sometimes! though if you fix them properly after washing it's mostly fine. apart from that i was surprised - afforable and quite good quality clothing!

That's all so far :D I almost lost this post because my firefox shut down - luckily blogger saved it - so I better stop here, haha.
I might add some brands later after wearing the things I bought for a bit longer - for now I'm off to genuinely enjoy REMEMBER THE URGE ♪♪

Monday, 29 August 2011

3, 2, 1 and back in germany.

Well well, and here I am back, telling you about my last days in Japan and how much I miss it and want to go back soon. Saving money from now on. - Honestly? I am not even using foundation or anything most of the time, saving make-up money.

Thursday night my friend and I went out in Shinjuku, walked around 2-chome and Kabukicho, seeing my favourite guy and a friend of her and well well ( ; _ ; ) Saying good-bye to everyone, only not really because I am not really good at saying that so I left it out. It upsets people to say good-bye, right? And no one really even wants to say it, unless you're coming back really soon. I'm not sure but maybe Japanese people are a lot like that too.
However, here is what i wore that night. Sorry, I'm too lazy to photoshop the pics in this entry ;<

Shirt: Ma*rs
Hotpants (with skirt part in the front): Gilfy
Belt: Skinny Lip
(Shoes: German brand)

We went to Club Axxcis but only stayed for a few hours. The music was nice but it was really empty. So we decided to walk around Kabukicho, talk to random people, go to an Izakaya, and in the morning Karaoke ♫
I had so much fun walking around and looking at everyone, even though I fell in the afternoon because of slippy floor in the Izakaya and my leg hurted after that in the morning. But it was nice and warm and not raining, luckily. Also a kind of cute host named Kouki came up to and asked for my number, telling me that I promised to give him my number the next time I see him... whenever that was. We wrote each other mails and I gave him my hotmail address when I was about to go back but he didn't mail me again, haha. Guys!

Now I really miss all of Japan, even though I complain about Tokyo people a lot. I had no problems with cockroaches or any other bugs in my house and my budget was alright too. I miss my friends, even though I basically was only hanging out with two people.
Apart from that, I lost about 2,5kg during my trip (4 weeks)! I was really happy to see then when I came back and weighed myself. Now I'm really scared to gain it all back again. I'll just try to take a nice long walk every now and then and hope it doesn't come back~

Here's the nail tips I bought in Donki haha. Since I can't wear gel nails for a while, I'll be sticking with these.
And if you want to get gel nails for yourself, please let me know! I want to practise right now (and only take material expenses) :>

Monday, 22 August 2011

4 days left...

Hm. Kind of feeling strange now that I am actually leaving soon. Even though I thought I wouldn't meet many people, there is actually some I met. More than I thought. And I'm happy about it.
Even though I sometimes just want to restrain my life to 109 clothing and all that stuff, haha.

A tutuHA hoodie I bought and hotpants are from Sneep Dip (decided against the d.i.a hotpants).
There's still some thing I want to do before I leave. Or rather I have to.

Friday, 19 August 2011

life is like a box of chocolates.

Last days were busy, but so much fun. At least tuesday was, hell yes.
Anyway, starting with yesterday - thursday. A friend and I got hairset for 1,000yen each at a salon we found by chance while looking for another one. The purikura shown was taken that day :>
Walking through Kabukicho we got talked to a lot, it's kind of funny what a hairdo can do to you. Obviously I look better with my hair up(?) Then we went to an izakaya in Shibuya since I was kind of hungry.

There's me eating, like always~ Seeing that pic makes me wish they had put in more hairspray because the curls weren't really in my hair anymore the morning after. Even though all my other hairsets lasted two days most of the time. Here's a pic of today, for comparison.

But, anyways, we headed towards Atom, my (now ex-?)favourite club in Tokyo. As it seems though, they have only one floor open for quite a while now. When I asked why, they said because of the earthquake situation. Maybe it's reparations but by now I think it might be saving energy. Doesn't matter, I had no fun at all!! About the music, the DJ's were changing really fast and I mostly just liked one. I came for psychedelic music and for nothing else so it was a bit disappointing ; _ ; Also there was a lot of foreign girls... I don't remember Atom like that at all and I don't want to go there if it's like this. Don't get me wrong but Atom is not a club that should have crowds of foreigner. It feels so awkward. Last summer there was almost no one. But maybe I just came in the wrong month.
I was really kind of sad and annoyed, so my friend and I decided to go to New Lex we're we got VIP at least. Maybe I'm just not the club type of person anymore :< At least not at this season! But thanks to my friend I had fun by just walking around.

And here actually something I've seen for the first time that my friend pointed out. Someone who passed out INSIDE of the Roppongi Donki. I wonder how that even works? Haha.

Let's come to the good day though! Tuesday this week.
Whenever you feel awkward and unsure about something new, it often seems to turn out well, doesn't it? So my friend (same as above) invited me to hang out with her korean guy and some of his friends in Shin-Okubo.
My friend immediately asked me if her guy's friend was my type and I said 'no' and everybody was laughing. I guess the whole first impression just didn't fit in my 'type'-system but the more I got to know the people, the more I liked them. I feel really weird now because after hanging out with that guy that I said was not my type, I don't even feel attracted to Japanese guys anymore. Isn't that strange? ;<
And I never realized that Korean and Japanese guys are so different. Somebody should have told me.

So, as you can see we went to karaoke after food/drinks~ And it was just great and so much fun. I had a wonderful night!
Now considering to go to Korea even though I always literally HATED the hype about it and I still don't like all that K-Pop stuff. But they're so much more natural than Japanese people!