Thursday, 15 September 2011

psycho diva & a casual outfit

Greetings, Earthlings!

Have you seen this lovely PV by Born yet? Have you payed attention to Ryouga's (vocal) beautiful teeth? (*_*)

I'm most likely developing a mild crush on him now because I am quite crazy about Japanese people with nice teeth and a beautifully shaped pair of lips, especially the smooth motions that come along with them~
・・・ enough sweet-talking. About the PV,  is that in a foreign hostess club? Or maybe that is just my humble impression.

But Ryouga's wild visual-kei hair not only makes me want to see them live again, it also makes me want to style myself more... aggressive. Tsuyome style is becoming very popular here lately, isn't it? I'm very into it too, but I'm very light skinned so it looks different on me. But anyway, I want to put an outfit and some suiting hairdo together soon.
As for yesterday, I had a very casual outfit but even like that I felt too overdressed, and I was freezing(!). 

Skirt is from Ghost of Harlem, apart from that no special brands~
My hair was naturally curly like that after tying it to a top bun after showering. I thought it was nice and fitting for the outfit, but I like straight hair a lot more ; ; I feel way too overdressed here in Germany, so I am kind of unsure about trying more aggressive styles because I feel uncomfortable when everyone looks at me. It's like you're forced to wear something toned down, even in your free time. Anyone has the same problem?

Oh and not to forget - I bought a new ipod back cover. It was cheap, so the top two rows of rhinestones are kind of standing out because there's no little stones inbetween them, but still the quality is not too bad and it's better than my last case (soft one) so far - I'm not complaining because 6$ is really cheap for this ;D 


  1. The skirt is so impressive, it really makes the whole outfit stand out! And I think the deco case is a good one for such a low price^^

  2. That outfit is so cute! I love the hair braid and that bitchin' skirt. Lately I'm envying everything from Ghost of Harlem.

    I understand what you mean about toning down your outfits. It really sucks. I feel like if I even wear a skirt most of the time everyone's asking me "What's the special occasion?" D<