Thursday, 8 May 2014

coffee & orange juice: amsterdam's secrets

I am back from Amsterdam!
And wow, I mean wow, it was really a wonderful trip. It was more of a spontaneous, planned two weeks in advance idea but I always always always wanted to go to Amsterdam just like I want to go to South America haha. Amsterdam was more realistic because of my student budget of course. And I didn't think I would like it that much but I did! In fact I like the city more than I thought I would!

Either way, our trip was from April 30th in the evening until May 2nd. May 1st was a public holiday and my two friends and I had off on Fridays (well I have technically off everyday besides Tuesday and Thursday but anyway 8D).
 I will spam you with all the pictures I took. It is quite some time ago that I felt so much like a tourist and I actually wanted to take even more pictures.

Our way there was with an ICE and I think it was my very first time. I was surprised about the extreme comfort and how fast it was... when we were walking to our seats while the train was running, we lost our balance so quickly but not like in other trains more like on a plane. It really felt like on a plane. Nice to see the DB (German Railways) can do some things right at least.


Upon our arrival we got to the Hostel and dropped our stuff there and got ready quickly. I took pictures on the way again.

Sarah was ready quickly and pretty energetic and cool-looking.

What did we do first then? Of course we went to a coffee shop to relax.

After some time Sarah felt not so energetic anymore. First I was the one who was pretty down. I don't know why but I felt cool and calm all the time until suddenly a sudden 'shot' hit me and I had to lean against the wall and I couldn't even say a single word because every word took so much effort to be said. I wanted to say so much but it all felt so heavy haha.

Then after a while I felt okay again and started talking more but then Sarah felt bad and I could see that she had the same problem as me because she did not talk at all and just made 'yes' and 'no' sounds. Everything was funny to me during that time and I kept laughing but then Sarah felt nauseous and I went out with her and she puked. I first though I had to puke to when I saw that but then I kept laughing again. Now that I remember it nothing was really funny and the things we talked about were not really funny either but I was really laughing non-stop. Ah, it was great.

We went to eat after that (even though I wasn't hungry) and then got to bed before 3a.m. which was still way too early for me but oh well.

We got some free sample stuff from that store we passed just as we were thirsty! Great timing.

'The Dungeon' in Amsterdam was pretty scaring actually. I recommend it if you like scary things!

We walked around the city/red light district... I wanted to take pictures but we walked past everything really fast. I wish we would have gone there at night again but my friends did not want to and I felt awkward going there at night alone.

The two went out for a boat trip which I didn't join because it was 10€ and I really did not want to spend my money on that lol. I went around the city and bought cigarettes and water instead. Also Sarah had mentioned a coffee shop named 'Goa' and just the name made it sound so overhelmingly good to me. And then, by chance, on the way back to the hostel, I found it! It was on the same street as our hostel! Unbelievable.

Also the cigarettes they have are the same as in Japan! We don't have those in Germany.

Then we when reunited we went to buy some stuff at the supermarket, I ate a bit (the two had eaten something before) and we went to Goa and chilled there quite sometime. It was the most epic store ever. Though the music was not so great, the people were great, relaxed and the atmosphere was great.

I wish they would make something like this more like a psychedelic club! Then I would definitely have to live there though haha.

It was already close to 1am when we were going back to our hostel and I really really wanted to go to this club I had found before and even though it took us at least 1 hour to get ready and Sarah took at least 3 things from the snack machine before we even went up to do our hair and change clothes, we did manage to get going.

We went to that club finally. Actually it was supposed to be free for students but that was only for dutch students, which sucked a bit. We had to pay 10€ just for the entrance but I quite like the club! My friends were not really fond of the music (trance-ish, electro) though.

First some weirdos talked to us but then some nice guy actually come up to me (even though I was wearing glasses and felt like I had really greasy hair lol) and we talked a bit. He was french and he was actually good-looking. I didn't know good-looking french guys exist. I wanted to talk to him more but it was already around 3am and my friend Kasia felt like she got a headache from the beers she drank before and so we left. The club was supposed to go only till 4am anyway but... I wanted to stay actually (TT)

Also, here is two videos of the club so you can imagine what it was like - just my kind of club.


The next day consisted basically of walking around and buying souvenirs. I was pretty annoyed of that because it was really damn cold too. But I still loved the city and after the club experience I decided that I might want to actually live there in the future!

 At last, cake for me. One special cake and one carrot cake on the way home to get down again haha.

That was it. It was a wonderful trip and I would really love to go back again! So far Amsterdam is definitely my favourite European city.

On a sidenote, is anyone else annoyed of blogspot? The normal posting gets so ruined when you chose different fonts, it's like an old version of livejournal, only worse ugh. No wonder I never post here.