Saturday, 20 April 2013

about gets, anime fashion & loveil silky beige

Another update this month~
Hello everyone! I'm glad my number of followers is increasing and always happy to follow some of you guys back, I especially enjoy it if we can talk through comments and get to know each other. So as always, thank you very much and please never hesitate to contace me ❤
The past weeks I have been both, lucky and unlucky so my mood was always between 'kind of down' and 'randomly happy for no reason that I recall'. I have been lucky with some of my gets, although I got the Skin79 Diamond absolute total BB cream that is just way too dark for me. I also always thought that because I am not asian I have a skin with pink undertones but even Missha #13 is kind of too red for me, so I assume I should go for make-up suited for skin with yellow undertones. That looks way more normal on me, I think. (Ah, if anyone wants that BB cream, feel free to write me about it. I'll let it go for a few Euro)

Other than that, I received my tutuHA cross necklace I ordered some time ago
(now I am craving for the fernopaa one though because it's longer, bigger and more badass!)

I deceided to go for black even though I am wearing a lot of black, I also wear a lot of white and want to create a nice contrast~ But then why, all of a sudden did I buy this? I often had the chance when I was traveling to Japan but somehow it just became interesting to me now... and that is because...

Yes. No. Yes, pretty much, I am just a fangirl after all (TT) 

I really just bought it cause I liked the chain so much. I always liked Yu-Gi-Oh when I was younger and recently watched some old episodes in Japanese (that kind of weren't as cool as I remember them from my childhood days though). But after that I gave the 2nd movie a try and then I watched Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's which (after the initial few episodes) became extremely addicting. And then I wondered... isn't gyaru fashion extremely connected to anime fashion? I started thinking that I probably always wanted to wear this kind of clothes because they look anime-like and somewhere deep within I wanted to be like the people I admired during my childhood.
Look at the pictures above. They style is kind of similar, isn't it?

Is that maybe where gyaru fashion got a lot of inspiration from? If I look at brands like tutuHA, fernopaa & d.i.a. I can easily see that those designs show fashion like the one in Yu-Gi-Oh, other animes might be connected to different brands.

Mai Valentine (Yu-Gi-Oh): blonde curls, drives a car first. rides a bike later (connection to bosozoku culture?)

More than that, looking at Mai Valentine I realize why I am craving long blonde hair, hot pants, OTK boots and chokers! I was never fond of her but lately I realized that the person I became is pretty much like her, not only on the outside. She is taller than most guys in the show and strives to become smarter and stronger than anyone else and most important than all the guys (strong feministic aura, unlike in many other anime) while she often feels lost and overwhelmed. Indeed I think in Yu-Gi-Oh and Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's there are women, especially blonde ones, who are typically strong women - even their Japanese voices are rather deep and they show a lot of self-confidence.

Sherry LeBlanc (Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's): blonde biker, never showing as much skin, also taller than most guys in 5D's

Thinking about that, I really start to realize that especially blonde hair gives off a very feministic feeling, at least in anime & manga culture. 
Let me tell you though, in real life in Japan feminism is more twisted and blonde hair isn't always a sign for someone with a strong sense of feminism, actually almost never. It's more of a promiscuous behaviour thing only (remember a certain section in the egg magazine? yeah) and most Japanese women seem to be misunderstanding feminism. I wish there was more blonde girls like in these animes.

Enough of that though! I have already written about feminism in Japan in one of my term papers and will most likely write a bit about it in a future paper too, so I will save my breath. Here I actually wanted to talk about how close anime fashion is to gyaru fashion and only give my readers a bit of an intellectual approach to feminism in anime compared to feminism in real life.

So, I am sure a lot of us girls who like gyaru fashion also like(d) some or one certain anime in their childhood or still do - and if you think about the fashion in that anime, isn't that probably why we crave all the clothing? Maybe that is our generation, the anime generation, the gyaru generation, the one that created a new fashion that slowly graduated from cosplay and other subcultures to a casual gyaru wear.

This entry is getting long! I wanted to post about way more things but this will do for now. At last I want to present a few pictures of myself because I for once dolled up & wore lenses again. Compared to my iPod, my Sony Ericsson phone still takes the prettiest pictures and makes my features look so soft & nice (My beloved flip phone that I prefer to any smartphone! I even found out I can use it as a remote for my notebook!! Never getting up to press 'play' or 'pause' again while watching 5D's~)

And again, blurred photos alwasy turn out to be the best... or is it that I like them because they are blurred?

I was wearing my loveil silky beige (by Koda Kumi produced) lenses for the first time here! Unfortunately they weren't as comfortable as I expected them to be. I wanted to wash one of them with my Opti free pure moist contact lens solution that helped me a lot with other daily disposable lenses but putting a few drops of that solution on a silky beige lens made it unwearable ヽ(`Д´)ノ 

What the hell though! My eye kept watering when I tried to put the lens in that I had cleaned with the Opti free solution ... which I don't understand because I know they sell the same brand of contact lens solution in Japan too! I cleaned it several times, with breaks inbetween for my eye to rest, but it kept giving me the feeling as if there was something stuck between my eye and the lens. So I took a new lens and didn't clean it with that solution and it was okay.
Surprisingly I also read a new review about these in Japanese were someone described the same feeling I had with the lens that I tried to clean. I suppose they are not the best lenses.
However... even the two not damaged lenses were not exteremely comfortable. Somehow, while I am in Japan contact lenses are always way easier to wear for me. Here my eyes dry out rather quickly.

Comfort ★★★☆
Colour ★★★★
Overall ★★★☆

They are pretty nice but I wish they were a bit more comfortable. I still can't get over how they reacted with the cleaning solution. I will try these more in the future and see how good they really are.


  1. Omg! I loved Mai Valentine, everything makes sense now!!
    Also love your make! So pretty ~

    1. Oh, someone else who thinks it makes sense! Haha, indeed, she is something special.
      Thank you very much! I am always glad to hear people like my rather simple make-up.

  2. Haha, I really liked her too. Interesting blog post was interesting!! Really *_*
    And I love your make up!

    1. I'm surprised anyone but me even liked that show haha!
      Thank you very much <3

  3. Ohh deine Haare und Make up sind super schön auf den Bildern!
    Blond sieht man wirklich kaum noch in Tokyo, ist uns auch aufgefallen. Bei Männern sieht man das noch öfter als bei Frauen... :/

    Ja, der Urlaub war schneller um als man sich an das schöne Wetter gewöhnen konnte. lol
    Ist halt der Nachteil, wenn man mit den "normal" arbeitenden Volk zusammen verreist. XD Die haben weniger Urlaub als ich. :P
    Dafür flieg ich im Herbst schon wieder für ein paar Tage nach Tokyo. :D
    Von Haneda ist es nicht nur kürzer sondern dementsprechend auch viel, viel günstiger. :D
    Haben nur irgendwas um die 500 yen bezahlt und das Wetter war wirklich sehr schön. Nicht zu warm und nicht zu kalt. Eigentlich perfekt wenn man den ganzen Tag unterwegs ist. Zu warm mag ich nämlich auch nicht. lol

    1. Danke sehr <3 Mit den Haaren habe ich es langsam raus glaube ich, was Locken an meinen eigenen Haaren betrifft, früher fand ich das iwie immer schwerer. Vielleicht sind sie auch einfach kaputter jetzt haha.
      Ach echt? Oder meinst du dass die meisten eher so ein dunkeles bzw. rötliches Blond haben? Es ist eben auch aufwendig und teuer zu pflegen, gerade bei längeren Haaren, also bei Frauen.

      Ah, na ich hoffe du hast zumindest genug erlebt was dir in Erinnerung bleibt und schön die Wirtschaft angekurbelt hahaha.
      Ach ja, ich würde gerne auch irgendwann nochmal hin, so mitten im April ist es auch oft am günstigsten ne.