Monday, 26 November 2012

Julia Boutique x Mipochi & other models

New random post!
Been stressed the past week but now I'm taking some time off. Being lazy now. Can't study anymore, need my break ; ;
Okay, I am done with my lousy excuses.

I haven't really seen anyone posting about Julia Boutique ever.
So I thought, let's make a post and ask your readers if they have heard of that or even ordered?
A few months ago soul sister model Mipochi started modeling for this shop. Mostly she represents her Ora Ora style, which also reminds a lot of d.i.a. clothing.

I found the site while I was browsering for clothes. I don't even remember what keywords entered, it was mostly Japanese words. I found what I meant to find: cheap gal clothing!!
They often have items below 1,000yen!

On top of that, a lot of other famous gyaru models are seen on their site: Shizuka Takeda (nuts), Manya (egg) & Erina Kanzaki (model for the brand Stella) all model for Julia Boutique.

Shizuka Takeda presenting the popular cross print

The more I mentally convinced myself to buy something from that store, the more I finally realized something. If you look through the items, you'll notice most items are marked with 予約 (yoyaku = reservation). There is a date stated when it will be shipped (usually a few weeks or a month later). But the worst - those items cannot be combined with in-store items!! And in-store items can't be combined with 予約 items. I was so sad when I realized that.

Still a lot of people seem to buy from that shop (the popular colours are often sold out early, like at Yumetenbo) and noticeably, compared to other online stores and stores in Japan, this site is really damn cheap. They often have sales on 予約 items that aren't sold out within a certain time, making the items extremely cheap.

certainly a plus: sizes for certain bottom items seem to be bigger than standard 109 ones

Now the other downside is when I was in Tokyo I wanted to buy just one piece but then I realized they also don't accept credit cards and you will have to pay by bank transfer. Of course I know that it's possible to pay via bank transfer even if you don't have a national bank account but going through all the bother, with the additional bank transfer fee and then I wasn't sure if it would arrive in time because I only stayed in Tokyo for a few weeks - I decided to not do it. The whole procedure seems quite bothersome for foreigners, I think.

Erina Kanzaki sporting beautiful d.i.a. like belts, looking amazing as always

Besides, a shop in Shinjuku ALTA (Vincit) seems to sell partly those clothings. Though they do not sell all of the things that are listed there, I thought it was much easier to just buy a few things at Shinjuku ALTA because then I could try the things on and I was aware of the quality. Downside: Vincit is more expensive...

d.i.a. style clothing dirt-cheap! ... only if I knew now if it's keeping you warm or not :<

Anyway, one day I do want to buy from that store and maybe I will, though if I buy with a shopping service, buying only one item always seems like some sort of waste of money, haha. And then I always want the 予約 items - but the sale items are just as alluring if the colour you want is not sold out yet. Damn that system 笑

As a review of the clothes, the things I bought at Vincit that were also offered at Julia Boutique were rather cheap quality but I have high expectations when it comes to good clothing and I am very picky. Considering the price though, my items were okay (stay away from lacey items though... the cheap lace won't look as good after it has been washed).

Pros: affordable gal clothing; fashion always seems up to date; bigger sizes for certain bottoms
Cons: not the best quality (understandable due to the price), bank transfer & the rule about combining in-store and reservation items can be a hassle, a lot of items are sold out quickly

Has anyone made experiences with the shop or their items yet? I'd love to hear your opinions too

Saturday, 17 November 2012

days to treasure [modeling, karaoke, lives, friends]

... I'm always late with updates.
My life isn't so exciting while I am in Germany. Mostly I am just busy with studying and lazing around.

Anyway. I found a lot of pictures (and one video) from my holiday I still want to share. Very random and mostly no real photoshop. It's the pictures/impressions that count for me not how pretty they look.
I enjoyed my last stay in Tokyo a lot, probably because I was generally very satisfied with my life and still am, for the most part. There is always ups and downs. I want to treasure the good times and not pay too much attention to the bad ones.

Obviously (yes, finally took a picture), this is one of the reasons why I enjoyed my stay. I am seen in the Hot Pepper magazine for the salon 'mad Rip'. Being able to be in a magazine, to be seen by others, even though I am not a celebrity or tried hard to get a modeling job makes me really feel strong and beautiful.
Last time I got my exte I told the staff I was really happy when I saw my picture. They smiled about it. I don't believe they understand how much they gave me with this. I am glad to have experienced that.

A few things I bought. d.i.a. on the left and right and in the middle fernopaa. Right d.i.a. top makes me feel very cold because of the open back TT; Though pretty clothes just make you feel good, right?

Karaoke, food, beautiful evening scene... what more do you need to be happy?

definitely lives to go to, with friends to watch beautiful men
(Quench perfoming at Ikebukuro Cyber)

then more random karaoke with friends and thus = happy random me.
(blue lenses that dried out during the flight back home need a replacement :< )

I miss it! Now I want to go back to Tokyo really bad. But, missing it is a feeling on it's own that I enjoy too. Can't wait to go back again. Hope you enjoyed the spam of mostly my face!