Sunday, 18 March 2012

ガゼ、madRip shooting in 渋谷、Garula & d.i.a. GETS

Back from Tokyo! Didn't really have much time to update there, I dunno...
Anyway, let's come to the highlights of my last 7 days in Tokyo which were the best of that trip~

First things first, 0310 was the Gazette 10th anniversary live which was SMASHING.
All the goods were sold out quickly, as you can see. Maybe it's good I didn't spend so much money on them, haha. You can read about the live itself in my livejournal in detail. All in all good old-style Gazette music heating everyone up within just minutes. Got so hot I had to take off my coat (///∇//)


I got hairset for it! Look at it though. It fell together quite quickly and wasn't so nice because the stylist had no intentions to fix the bangs part. He was such a douche anyway, really... but that didn't ruin my day.

On the Monday after that (12th), I had a shooting for madRip in Shibuya, where I got my extensions. They were sort of nice and I was surprised that they asked me to be their model! While one of the girls was putting in my exte, the girl who was serving the customer next to me was whispering to her: 'Ask her if she wants to model for us' in Japanese haha. Then the girl who was doing my hair was like 'But she is only here for one more week...' and the answer to that was 'Anyway, ask her' or sort of something like that which resulted in asking me if I did modeling before and if I wanted to do it for them. Which sort of surprised me, because... when the staff girl said 'she is only here for one more week', I was like what? did they want me as a long-time model? '__'; Ahhh. It's sort of hard to believe but I will linger in that dream for a bit.

They told me I will probably see the pics up from April in Hot Pepper. I was thinking 'maybe they won't even use the pics if they didn't turn out too well' but since they paid me for it... I don't think they will not use them. Now I am scared to look at the Hot Pepper online site though XD; They liked my face and long nose and said I looked like Nicole Richie with the make-up they did on me lol (kind of too much for my taste, but really cute and pink). I am sort of scared to see how it all turned out because I didn't see the pictures and I really never modeled before XD But hey, whatever. It is an experience.

My hair was so super fluffly and big that I deicded to take purikura of myself and take another pic of me in the Shibuya 109. I will probably never do my hair like that anyway, it looks too romantic and sweet for my taste and it is so much effort. Though who knows, maybe some similar style one day...
As for the purikura, for the first time ever I think I choose the 'normal' mode for the eyes. If looks SO different from 'normal' big-eyed purikura, right?

Last but not least, on Thursday (15th) and Friday (16th) I met up with a friend... and Friday evening I got some more stuff from FERNOPAA and d.i.a. Here is a pic of all I got, besides what I already showed. Doesn't look that much, but it raped my wallet, just like I want to rape jrock guys gently. Fuck but it was worth it. I love it all ♥

Picture turned out naturally like this, I didn't adjust it. I like that (◕‿◕✿)
As for the brands, left to right, the jacket and the zebra hotpants are Garula (♥), skull shirt is FERNOPAA (♥) and the rest is d.i.a. (♥♥). The d.i.a. parka reminded me so much of Gazette (T-T) and I am surprised to fit in their pants because I didn't really lose weight during my trip~
All together is like... don't ask me... 47,000円 pretty much? (^∇^;)ゞ

Since I am literally broke now, please wait for a SALES post soon. It will probably contain nice-looking and popular items from Real Ma*rs & Skinny Lip, so stay tuned~