Thursday, 30 January 2014

when skies are grey

Very very very very belated Happy New Year to everyone~
I know I am terribly late with updating again.

Ah, don't even ask me why I sat by the river today. It was more of a coincidence. Can Germany please stop being so damn cold though? Well...

I have nothing big to tell actually, but I thought I would update in the stressed mood I am now before this blog actually drowns. My year started quite okay since I was spending time with my friends. It's really weird though, I took pictures but in the end I realized they don't mean anything at all to me. I guess that is why I take pictures very rarely. They don't mean anything, most of the time. (Sometimes they do of course.)

Through my friend Mia I got to a song that resembles those feelings quite well.

Lately I have been up to nothing but either being really happy or crying. Not sure what to think about those moods changing so drastically! Haha.
Do you ever get the feeling that you want to fill your time and life with something useful and meaningful? I am sort of still struggling with that.
Sometimes I feel like I am really really lucky with a lot of things but then other days I see other people getting chances I will never get no matter how hard I work and that ruins me. What currently ruins me is the thought of the future that I will or will not get to. Well, I think that inevitably, if you have dreams, someone or something always has the power to ruin you.
Yeah. I know. You shouldn't look at other people. Who knows how dead they are inside haha.

How have my dear readers spend their year so far? I hope you did not have anything that troubles you too much. I check everyone's blog every now and then but less often than before. I hope I can stay up to date with all of your happenings though~

I promise that I will update again soon, at least next week or the week after. There is a lot of preparations to go through but there is great things to look forward to as well!

Let's get through this year safely!