Thursday, 26 February 2015

dark star skies: tokyo winter adventures pt.1 [the glasses, nights out, psycho pass event]

Aaaaand it's gone I am back.
It took me really long to get back to this blog, I am very sorry about that (I hope someone still reads this!) but that has several good reasons. First of all I actually had a problem with my eyes (dry eyes, something like a chronic conjunctivitis) so I tried avoiding working on the computer and looking at computer screens in general. Still do, in a way, but it's hard haha. Then I was in Tokyo! Then, at least, I also caught a really bad cold and was, on top of all that, very busy with some essential things.

Well, well. I feel like I should all be saying 'my time in Japan was amazing' and yes, it was, of course, but going back to there every now and then has become very normal for me. Don't get me wrong, I still think it's the most amazing country I have ever visited and the country I want to live in but I have calmed down about it and can't 'hype' about it as much.

What I still hype about is great books or Psycho Pass! You can get me with that haha. But first things first, with photos in a chronological order, I am going to tell you a bit about my stay there.

The very first thing I did was getting new glasses in Tokyo! Cause they are so damn cheap there and much better compared to the ones I can get in my own country. I also got sun glasses (with prescription) but they aren't as cool actually. But they were cheap and I can wear them on lazy days off when I don't want to put on eye-make up!

Truth is, the sun glasses might look way cooler in the picture than they are because they actually cover my eyebrows if I don't wear them 'low' on purpose (I don't like how they sit on my nose :<). But yeah, just for those occasions it's okay I guess?!

Then went out a lot with mostly female friends. Did not have the nerve to hang out with guys. Actually because most guys always tell me to stop wearing glasses lol (passive-aggressive lol)

Last picture... can you spot the Brand X store? No? I couldn't either when I was first told about it haha.

Then there was a Psycho Pass event in Odaiba! This is the first event/goods shop I went to regarding Psycho Pass/anime... actually, yes, the first time in my life.
There was an event where they showed the first 4 episodes of the DVD but it was rather boring...

 Odaiba is really beautiful. No wonder everyone always wants to go there!

Then there was a shooting event where you could use the dominator. It was actually pretty lame, too. So lame that our team mates (some Japanese girls) stopped making an effort shooting all the enemies at some point haha.

Bought some goods (spent 900yen on Gatcha and never got Ginoza or Togane lol), the post cards came free with the event, you could choose a character. Then also took a picture together with my darling Ginoza-san, for the first time <3 Just for this it was really worth going there.
Want to make me happy? Go with me to Psycho Pass events hah. A few guys actually got it right!

Then a few days later I bought a hat at Shibuya 109 (1,080yen!) because I really like these kind of hats that have slightly longer... what do you call it, sides? And then the glasses combinations with it. It didn't look as expected and I will probably end up wearing it more without glasses but still I like it and you can't do anything wrong with what you like.
Then one or a few days after I had a more casual style for something business related. I was actually wearing upper lashes but you cannot tell at all. Hence why I stopped wearing lashes to these occasions later lol.

After my business-related event I met with my friend who invited me to her home in Saitama. I only changed my long pants to short parts and then went there directly.

What happened after is going to be in the next post! Be prepared for some spooky shrine visit at night! (I always just seem to manage shrines visits at night/when it gets dark lol).