Saturday, 22 October 2011

let's rock. sometime soon.

Looong time no see. University is stressfull ; ;'
I managed to take one (1!) outfit shot and the other days I was really unmotivated and sleepy and it got cold so quickly that I wore hot pants only about 2 times the past two weeks, haha.

You can't see it well because it was early in the morning... but it's no special brands there, apart from the Diavlo belt, some engineer boots from Alta and a d.i.a. top & choker that you can't see properly~
In contrast to the heavy rock/dark dark kind of style, my make up was very light lately because of the long train ride and sensitive dry eyes~ It felt okay these days but I like heavy make-up a lot more. 
On a side note, my extensions are in a quite good condition still! I hope they last me some more time.
And fashion wise, I feel like dressing more ... host-ish these days? Kind of like this:

More suiting for winter here than the d.i.a. short pants & skirts style, if you ask me~ But I want to buy some light blue pants like this before... (Which is only if I don't have to pay the subsequent recovery I got from the german railways XD;)
Besides, I decorated some nail tips! Which are not suiting for the host-style, but anyway!

That's all so far. I'm still missing Japan as hell and can't wait to go back as soon as possible ; A ;
As for now I will leave you with a picture of my university~