Friday, 24 February 2012


Hello everyone~ 

Yes, yes, I am still here on my holiday in Tokyo and wondering if I will need a holiday after this holiday. Because this doesn't feel like a holiday at all and I just feel rushed because people want to meet me lately (T_T) I want to meet everyone too, but at the same time, due to stressing myself out about being here and there on time, I got high fever the other day. First I didn't get at all why I was so terribly dizzy. Only the next day I understood I had fever and it was still continuing until today. I should be trying to sleep but I can't really get myself to rest...

I feel like I should stress myself out less and make less appointments but it's just not my style. I feel like I am going to miss so much (especially money, if I don't get to go to all my lessons haha).

no idea if i should trust these medications lmao
So I was at the hospial today though and got some medicine. Obviously what I got is a viral gastroenteritis. I was told it means that symptoms are going to stay for a while and the medication might take them away for a bit but I will still be sick :< It bothers me to no end. I'm torn between taking a rest and doing things right now though. The doctor said the symptoms will last for 3-5 more days but knowing me, it will last longer. I hope at least the fever will go down quickly. I will sleep for very long time today and hope for the best.

Other than that! I've tried to colour my roots. Just my roots, really. But the bleach I got at the drug store was so uber strong that it bleached my hair to white-blond within about 5-8 minutes!!! I went to Nakano Donki to get another dye and burned half of my scalp (wait, maybe all of it? it's really burnt) to get the colour evened out. It sort of looks like on Tsubasa now but at this point I should say I do not recommend blonde Japanese hair dye!

Besides, I've been eating a lot, I think I gained weight haha.
But that is okay! Why? Because I still fit into the awesome d.i.a. jeans I got!  

 ドキドキワクワク lovelovelove (///∇//)
 They are slightly tight at the hole parts but hell I don't care & I want one more pair (;;)

 Oh, as a side note, I passed my Japanese exam with an A (1,0).
If I now also passed my other exam, I will be happy with not doubt even once I return to Germany


  1. awww congratulations !!
    I love your new pants. Were they expensive? I think so :s

    I hope you will feel better after a while. Sleeping really helps a lot (:

    1. Yes they were expensive :< Like 13,400yen. If I just had more money ; A ;

      Thanks! I hope it will help more for the future days haha.

  2. those d.i.a. jeans are freaking gorgeous!! *___*
    and what bleach did you use since it was that effective? XD i havn't heard of drugstore bleaches that worked so well on asian hair before o:

    and it sucks to hear you've gotten sick :< hope you will get better soon!

    1. Thanks for agreeing *_*
      Oh, my hair isn't asian though, in fact it's almost a very dark natural blonde. And it was this bleach:

      Thanks I hope so too :< I can only wait now.