Friday, 10 February 2012

end of exam phase, flight & new coat

I am back finally!
Back to blogging and back to Japan, after that terrible exam phase.

Long flights are always terrible but actually I more or less enjoyed my flight with Aeroflot this time.
Even though I am half Russian myself (I was born close to Novosibirsk), I was always unsure about flying with this airline, partly because of bad rumors and also because I had unpleasant childhood experiences when I travelled to Russia with my family to visit relatives from my mother's side.
But the last trip was more than 6 years ago, and many things have changed since then. Russia became more of a developing country, also socially I think. The food & service was very good, too.

Let me just brag about the dinner menu a little, it had a salad with smoked salmon (not too salty) and grilled salmon, both was unbelievable soft and came with a piece of lemon, so you could squeeze out the juice on it. I was surprised how incredibly good it tasted!

Besides there was a usb port in front of my seat and I could charge my iPod. Great airline overall!

As for the next days, at least till Sunday, I am planning to just laze around and wear a face mask in case I have to go out since I didn't have a real break after the exams (last exam was February 6th, flight was 8th in the morning). Can't be bothered, really.
I went to Shibuya today to look for a new jacket because I feel too warm in my coat from Germany (where it's -10°C mostly, while here it is 5°C).

I found something at Ghost of Harlem again. Since I didn't want to think too long, I just bought it... it was around 4,095yen so if it surprisingly gets colder, I will just get a warmer coat, too.


  1. Huhuu....

    Meiner Schwester und mir hatten alle von Aeroflot abgeraten, aber ich konnte mich auch nicht beklagen. Das Essen war ok, der Flug ruhig und das Personal sehr freundlich. ;)
    Daher würde ich auch jederzeit wieder mit denen fliegen! :D


  2. awww welcome back oda was sagt man da ;D

    Freu mich auf weitere Post von dir ;3
    Und diese 5 Grad klingen wirklich verlockend gerade...bei uns hats sogar -16 Grad Standart ): Aba dafür kein Schnee >D

  3. oh Gott keine Post. Ich meinte POSTS. Oh man sorry für den blöden Doppelkommentar jetzt D:
    Ich will nur keine Verwirrung stiften /D

  4. @RomaPuri Ach du bist auch damit geflogen? Ich weiß auch immer noch nicht, was an denen so schlimm sein soll. China Air und JAL fand ich nicht gerade besser. Danke für die Zustimmung ;D

    @Kitai Fi Macht ja nichts, ich hab zuerst ehrlich gesagt auch 'Posts' gelesen XD Bei uns war auch kein Schnee, aber der Wind macht das Rausgehen einfach unerträglich ;< Ich war froh als ich hier ohne Erfrieren zu müssen einen Spaziergang machen konnte :D

    @Nana Thank you ;D and also thanks for following~