Sunday, 14 September 2014

& the 'free' wig

Yay, new blogpost!
Just a short update but since I have nothing much to do anyway haha.
I got a coupon from PayPal for eBay and decided to buy just something really random I always wanted but couldn't really afford. A wig!

I always wanted to have this kind of style with curls so I don't have to curl my own hair (that takes ages and the curls never last in my real hair). Surprisingly it doesn't look so bad, compared to the first wig I ordered when I was 17 or so (it was pink and the hair was heavy & straight!), I am kind of glad I have a positive experience with a wig ordered online for once.

Some of you might have seen these pictures on FB already but I also have one additional picture of me in glasses for you. Also in case you haven't seen them on FB, I am not really wearing much make-up here (no foundation, just concealer, a hint of eye- and eyebrow liner & mascara), so don't be too shocked haha.
I don't know how to style a wig, I just put it on but I think it didn't look too bad! Hope to wear this on Halloween and other future events with more make-up :D

I really like this wig so much that I am even considering buying another one but on the other hand, man, I don't know, everything over 2$ is a whole lot of money. So I guess I won't. Or I will wait for the next coupon that will come in about 2 years, considering when I got my last coupon.

By the way, I took these pictures with the BeautyPlus app... but I still don't like the kind of pictures the iOS system takes. Why don't they work on making a better camera than on producing stuff like that Apple Watch? Or maybe they want to lose customers, for some reason~

Either way, that's all! Hope you enjoyed that little picture spam and that you're having a nice start into the late summer/autumn season.

PS. Before it slips my mind again and I forget to mention it in the next most... I am really happy so many people are following me even though in the beginning I knew almost no one.
Thank you for reading! If you want me to follow you back, please leave a comment saying so and I will definitely have a look at your blog, too


  1. you look sooo cute (*´▽`*)!!!!! (mind telling me the ebay shop btw? i kind of miss my short hair ;;)

    1. Thank you :D
      And of course not:
      Yay for short hair~

  2. Oh my god, you look super cute with hte wig *_*

  3. Thanks for supporting my blog all these while. My blog has moved to so if you'd like to continue following us, please follow my new website!! :) ありがとございます!!

  4. Oh very cute and lovely wig!