Sunday, 7 September 2014

nails & dreams (+ sale promotion)

Hello dear readers!
Sorry for the long absence. It's September now, getting colder, but I am also getting closer to my goal because now I have finished my thesis and handed it in and I feel like a major burden letting go of me. 

this one sugarfree drink helped me through the last pages~
(one shot booster! omg I have to post this because it's yu-gi-oh 5Ds related haha)

Though, I am still a bit nervous about the result and I feel like I can only 'let go' myself once I have passed. But soooo much disciple was necessary for me to pursue this one goal. You can't imagine what kind of fight with myself this was. Sometimes I felt like giving up and running away but I felt like I gave a promise to myself that I couldn't possibly break. Some things always reminded me that I am working for something that is worth it and that will bring me somewhere in life. I am talking like it's such a big business but I am not even sure if I passed yet... but since I already moved out of my apartment, I might as well show you what kept me going because I saw it on my way to university for the past 2 1/2 years. It's weird that it's on my bus route to University... in the first semester I lived somewhere else so I did not see this. But when I saw this every morning, I thought it had to be destiny. God, I am theatrical haha.

I don't care if this makes me look silly. Everyone needs something to keep them going, right? And it took me a while to notice him from the bus window actually but eventually I found myself looking for him every morning. I don't like original Yu-Gi-Oh that much but it made me thing of 5Ds (spin-off) so much. If you know a bit about the anime, you will realize it's about pursuing your dreams. It's about rising from the ashes, from being no one to be someone you want to be.
If you are pursuing a dream, you might like one of my favourite characters, Jack, 'the fallen King' and his wonderful words:

 That's why I want us to settle it by our own hands!

I won't give up! I can't let our dream end at this point!

This is it. This is what I felt like so many times and I felt like I have to get up and get myself through it no matter what. There was no way other than to go forward for me at some point and after all of this is done, I will be sure I can do anything I want. I can achieve anything. 
Even if you don't have money and can't afford to go the path you like, you can always find a way around it to pursue your goal. Maybe it will turn out slightly different from what you imagine on the way but you can reach your goal. Don't let anyone tell you you can't. You wouldn't know how far it pushed me when people said that I can't do something or that something seems unreachable.
Also don't fear time. You will get older but dreams take time. It's the road to happiness that will make you happy if you don't forget what you are fighting for. You will get older, yes, but you will become happy on the way too. Each year you will look behind and realize all the amazing things you have done and achieved. Don't fear change, either. It will all be for the best if you work on it. And even slow success is progress.

Long deep talk. For those of you who have dreams and are unsure about things, I hope maybe this gave you a little hope that you are not alone.
Other than that, I don't have much to tell other than I have already redone my nails twice during the past months, haha. They're simple but I like how long they got!

I love the pastel pink and blue! Wonderful soft, feminine colours. Because I used a substitute for the cleaner, thumb and index finger fell off rather quickly and I had no chance to renew them while in the dorm... such a pity because my real nails were already that long.

I have been out sometimes, too, like yesterday when a friend went to a concert around my area and we had the chance to meet before that. But I forgot to take pictures because I got drunk after one beer haha. Well, I guess that proves I had fun!

Besides I found an older picture (from 2012) that I took when I wanted to sell some things. It was right after I came back from Japan. Look at that body!!

I am 'only' about 6-7 pounds more now but well, not that the exam phase and all the University stress is hopefully over I can get towards a body like that again. I mostly want to get skin like that again D: Which will be rather hard because that was mainly the work of my birth control. Oh but, I will push myself towards healthier eating and the life I want to live~
Also random side note: FB thought from my profile picture that I am Ageha model Airi Misaki (who poked me once without me poking her!! omg! I like her haha). Now if that isn't a start to a healthier/greater self!

That's all for now! Messy post because my dreams are a bit of a mess still~ 

But, if you are interested in Gyaru brand clothes (d.i.a., Gravil/tutuHa, Ghost of Harlem, Taboo, Garula), please have a look at the clothes I am selling! Especially if you live in Germany or Europe! Most are in a very good condition/like new or completely new~

Take care everyone & don't be afraid to dream a little bigger ♡


  1. Take good care of yourself ^__^ I love the energy booster and this entry is so nice! Really. Sometimes everything is really hard but you did it!