Thursday, 26 September 2013

short the Gazette live in Dortmund report, outfit & HD pics of nails

Here I am again and I have a short live report before I go on with my last Tokyo spam!
I was stupidly worried about the live itself because I had an awful experience at my first live of them here in Cologne in 2007. And I am pretty sure the Gazette were feeling the same because not only that 90% of the fandom is crazy and rude but a lot of technical things with the sound and all went wrong. I hardly remember anything of it but let us not talk about it.

I had VIP ticket number 1 omg. Never in my life have I had ticket number 1.
pays off to not sleep for 18 hours after my all-night birthday party to order the tickets hah

The happier I was when I - two days before the concert! - found someone who would give me a ride from a major station pretty close to my parents place (which is closer to Dortmund than my place in Bonn) if I pay her a bit for the gas. Of course I was totally okay with that and I am really happy that it worked out and when I met her I felt like she is a really nice person and we had a great ride! I also drank vodka on the way there and as we were standing at the hall. Unfortunately I had to pee when we arrived and I thought damn. Cause there was nothing around to go to so I just well, went to pee in the bushes. I am not sure if it was the alcohol or not (just drank one of those tiny bottles) but I actually enjoyed that kind of 'natural' experience. I am also glad I was able to ignore all annoying people in front and inside of the hall, for the most part haha.

I left my things in the car and did not bother buying goods (it is mostly just the same old and then some uncool EU goods in my opinion) so that I ended up somewhere in the 3rd row which was quite okay for VIP tickets. The hall was WIDE and not like that stupid Cologne hall at all. The sound and the lights were great! The doors for VIPs opened at 17:30 and it was supposed to begin at 20:00, and it surprisingly did.

Once they came out, everyone went crazy. And once they started playing the first song, I thought I would die from the heat and I could not even just stand there, everyone moved so randomly and violently and in the end I got pushed back somewhere by the second song. Which was okay. I was always somewhere between the 3rd and 6th row I suppose but with everyone moving so much and so randomly, I had troubles just holding my dress up (it slipped down once) and keeping my sweat from running into my eyes.
My friend was getting a lot of hits and did not feel well so she went back but I really did not want to loose my position there and when I sometimes got closer to the 3rd~4th row, I was really happy because I felt like I could make eye contact with the members (mostly Uruha and Ruki) a few times.  And I swear, this was my first time to make eye-contact with them, after like 6 years of trying.

What was most stunning for me is that Ruki's make-up was becoming a bit imperfect as he sang, it was forming a little crease around the corner of his mouth which I personally found adorable!
There were all looking really great and perfect in their own way though. After all we were standing as close as many hardcore fans never get, in the beginning the band was just 3 meters away from us (!!) so we could see their eyes and make-up and strands of hair moving gently (apart from Ruki's hair, that was just SOLID) and not just figures and shadows of them.

Most of the songs were upbeat, apart from Untitled. I suppose the reason why they play less quiet songs is because of the damn crazy crowd and it not knowing how to move during the quiet songs. Just don't move at all, damnit. The songs played were Vortex, Filth in the Beauty, Shiver and some other songs from the TOXIC album. 
This time I don't remember everything very well because I was so focused on staring at them! And I was trying to look decent because I had the impression they were sort of looking back but hell, that was hard with the sweat running over my face. I am glad I did not go in the first row, though I wanted to first, but they would have thought: Wow, what is with her? Did she cry? And no, my sweat was just getting so close to my eye make-up and that made it look like I had shed a tear haha.

There was one encore and Ruki got his make-up fixed during the break but he did not have time to put the tour shirt on obviously haha. The last song was Linda and the encore entry song was some sort of upbeat song... don't remember but I think it was the same 'pattern' as on the 10th anniversary live. After those 3 encore songs they already said good-bye and it was really short and emotionless but I felt like they felt a lot of things when they left. Or maybe it was because I was suddenly feeling a lot of things.

I was worried that the lives takes 2 hours or longer but with that one break inbetween it was only 1 hour and 40 minutes. I went out and my clothes were covered in sweat completely, I did not even feel how cold it was outside first. As I found my friend outside and we went to the parking lot, we saw the huge background (?) they used before the live outside lying/hanging. I should have taken it with me but I am too nice (◡‿◡✿)

Then my friend got so annoyed by people standing in the way that she almost knocked over people but I was somehow pleased by that thought haha. Also by then I pulled out my ticket that I had pushed inside of the cleavage of my dress and noticed it was totally soaked in sweat and partly had tears but that was okay. After all that all proves to be a great experience.

And now, finally, outfit and hair before I headed out. Nothing too special but hey, that was all I could do. Somehow I am a bit bothered by how my bangs turned out but if you look at me as a whole package, it still looks good haha.

And a HD close shot of my nails that I put on while in the train to meet my friend. I bought these in Japan two years ago but the thumb nails never stick to my nails properly so I rarely wear them. Some little part already feel off from one nail but look at how sparking they still are!

That is all! Now I will brush out the last bits of hair spray and my sore body will get more rest~