Monday, 20 May 2013

style change 2008~2013

Hello and happy Pentecost (=Pfingsten, right?) everyone!
Are you enjoying your time off if you have some of that?

As for me, I think I am getting sick again (sudden throatache), try to not overeat while at my parents place and am about to write my term paper which I first of all have to start. Argh. Starting is the hardest part, right?! I have a rather good topic but I have to get myself to read and analyze now.

So during that kind of lazy phase, of course I think of blogging again! haha
Lately I have been overthinking my craze for tutuHA & fernopaa. Even though I do like these brands a lot, I don't really wear them that much on a daily base in Germany. And even in Japan, I think it will be hard for me to wear that on a daily base if I have lessons with my students because they might be a bit freaked out and it won't really look like I am a 'serious' teacher (though there is casual ways to coordinate of course).
And then lately I have been thinking how I've always changed between a more goregous & d.i.a.-ish style to a more rock-ish style with tutuHA, Ghost of Harlem etc. So I thought I could list my whole style change and at the same time ask myself when I felt most comfortable with my fashion and what I would feel comfortable now with. Let's start~

2008 - 2010

Shock! Yes, I used to wear Lolita fashion! There was not many things/prints I liked though... I liked the simple sweet and the romantic kind (Angelic Pretty~) but I quite hated Baby the Stars shine Bright and pretty much any other brand apart from Angelic Pretty and Metamorphose. I was never wearing Lolita as a daily fashion but had some Lolita inspired items (mostly black and white). I sold most of my dresses and items during the end of 2009 before going to Japan.

My hair changed from brown to caramel blonde in 2008! I also got into vk-ish inspired fashion (technically already since 2006) for the most part and cosplay but cosplay was not for too long. For my graduation in 2009 (last pic) I did a proper gyaru attempt with make-up (+lashes) & hair.

Old picture from 2009! It's weird but during that time I put a lot of effort and most of all time and money in my make-up and hair and looks in general. Nowadays people (especially my family) always complain that I take too much time to get ready (50 minutes ~ 1 hour for a good result).
I am very annoyed of that kind of constant nagging and the comments I get in Germany so these days I decide to tone down to very casual style (not what I would wear in Tokyo). It's not much different from the picture but I do think it's more rushed and the coordinates are rarely something I feel 100% good with.

2010 - 2011

The first two pictures were taken during the time I really liked Lip Service and all pictures in that first row feature Lip Service items. You can tell that Lip Service had a different brand concept than that I was really fond of. From September on though, I started to slowly to from a more basic, classy (?) style towards a more rock-ish style again.

So from September until the end of the year (second row), I mostly wore rocki-ish and vk inspired clothing and tried to adapt my style to that though sometimes I still wore something more feminine on occasion or even tried to combine both. It was also then when I dyed my hair grey. It would fade to a brown-ish grey sometimes and depending on the light (1st pic, second row) but generally I was really fond of that colour. My friend once said I looked like a vk chick with that hair and style. Made my year

2011 - 2012

The beginning of 2011 was probably my highlight of rock & vk-inspired style! Now I don't have my tongue piercing anymore by the way haha. I did enjoy that style a lot and recently I really want to go back to that kind of style! But it also takes a lot of effort and the right fashion. Sometimes simple is better than too much though, if it's about clothes.

In the second half of 2011 I have already toned everything down and I really enjoyed reading the Betty magazine during that time. so I liked to curl my hair. It was one phase where I bought a lot of different brands and got fond of Ghost of Harlem, REAL MA*RS, tutuHA. I also wore Gilfy and some other different brands I usually don't wear. Guess I was trying myself out and combining a lot of clothes differently. During that time I felt less rokku/vk but more girly with a hint of rokku only.

2012 - 2013

In 2012 I was first of all mostly sticking to d.i.a. and bought quite a lot of things from them. I was also very open for the brand Garula though but I realized that their pants run really small haha. Generally I got away from MA*RS from here and Ghost of Harlem was not pleasing me as much as before either, even though I still like my old things from them, the things those brands lately produce just aren't my cup of tea. I bought something from fernopaa the first time.

In the second half of 2012 I was still wearing d.i.a. a lot but got slowly more into fernopaa and then again into tutuHA. I didn't like many things from the tutuHA collection anymore though, and with fernopaa I was always unsure with how to combine it. I am not even sure towards which style I was heading there. Since the tutuHA shop staff said the white tutuHA skirt is more of a 'kawaii' like style, I'd almost say I was heading towards kawaii rokku fashion oh my god that sounds terrible D: ?
I also realize that I slowly start to open up towards skirts again. But a plain skirt really doesn't do me.

Right now I am not really into any strict style on a daily basis because as I mentioned earlier, I don't really want to have people staring at me in public and talking to me (believe it or not, it happens even with a toned down style). In Tokyo I feel like I am accepted when I am dressed up like that, maybe even appreciated by some people or maybe even a few others look up to me and that is what I really like. Yet no one makes rude comments or thinks I am promiscuous because of the way I dress... at least they don't show it like that! haha
Yeah, it does always take some time for me to get adapted back to the Tokyo life style, to put effort in my make-up and clothes everyday but it is also fun when there is people who can appreciate it and have a taste in that kind of fashion.
When I come back to Germany, to be honest, I still have that reverse culture shock everytime. I basically live with it! haha That's why I'd rather be plain and ignored in daily life (unless there's a nice event or I really just feel like dressing up or anything).

So for now I am wondering what I will go next for. I slowly feel too old for this kind of fashion but I don't really like the adult brands with their floral designs and their straight plain skirts and pastel colours and ugh. And I don't want to be kawaii, not with 23 anyway D:

What style looks does or would look best on me, what do you think? 
And what about you, what fashion do you currently feel most comfortable with?

Saturday, 4 May 2013

more tutuHA love & about their webshops

Well now, how did April pass so fast? 
Feels like the semester is going to end soon again and exams are creeping up...
(I can't believe I already had this blog for 2 years by the way!)

Anyway, I wanted to post about tutuHA again since some time, I also saw ageha model Makoto Minami's blog update about modelling for them (for 'Gravil' she says) and I have received a shirt from tutuHA that I wanted for quite a while so I thought now is the time haha.

 This is the shirt I received, and I've looked for it a long time in this colour!
It's used but still rather in a good condition. Hope I will get the chance to wear it soon (need a suitng bra haha)

When googling around randomly for pictures, I also found out they have a webstore now?!!! My god, things are changing! I just bought my cross necklace at popteen shop, thinking this one is the only one that sells some limited tutuHA clothing but now? And so, the brand seems to be called just Gravil now.
(It might be that the designers for Gravil, tutuHA & fernopaa all fall under the same category?)

'tutuHA' is still written on some tags it seems, but tags are changing, changing and changing all the time! It becomes harder to tell what is real brand clothing and what is not.

My beloved Makotosan (who I frequently exchange peta with on ameba )

I love this style, I want all of the clothing Makoto models for here (and not just because it's her haha)!
The bold style - monotone and not too crazy, it's totally, 100% what I am into right now! But am somewhat unsure of wearing on a daily basis because I'm still in the middle of my style change and still feel so well with d.i.a. clothing TT

I'm sad that they don't have the silver top now because my silver tutuHA top is ruined (!) since I washed it with warm water (about earlier decay process here).
I really wish they'd upgrade their quality for the price they are asking!

More of a casual shop staff coordinate - more grown-up, yet so strong!

Ex-Betty and now Ageha model Kana is also modelling for this brand it seems, while she is spotted every now and then at fernopaa, buying there~ But since I don't like her, I won't post about her.

What do you all think of how the brand is changing? Is there still people who like Gravil/tutuHA?
As much as I have gotten the impression that more shops opened and it was getting more popular, at the same time I got the impression there is a lot of people who have fallen out of love with it and most people are rather into brands like d.i.a. or Ma*rs.

Girls, who was and is still into the brand, who just got into them recently?
What kind of clothing from their brand do you like best and how do you combine it? 

Once more, I would love to hear everyone's opinions ☆