Saturday, 4 May 2013

more tutuHA love & about their webshops

Well now, how did April pass so fast? 
Feels like the semester is going to end soon again and exams are creeping up...
(I can't believe I already had this blog for 2 years by the way!)

Anyway, I wanted to post about tutuHA again since some time, I also saw ageha model Makoto Minami's blog update about modelling for them (for 'Gravil' she says) and I have received a shirt from tutuHA that I wanted for quite a while so I thought now is the time haha.

 This is the shirt I received, and I've looked for it a long time in this colour!
It's used but still rather in a good condition. Hope I will get the chance to wear it soon (need a suitng bra haha)

When googling around randomly for pictures, I also found out they have a webstore now?!!! My god, things are changing! I just bought my cross necklace at popteen shop, thinking this one is the only one that sells some limited tutuHA clothing but now? And so, the brand seems to be called just Gravil now.
(It might be that the designers for Gravil, tutuHA & fernopaa all fall under the same category?)

'tutuHA' is still written on some tags it seems, but tags are changing, changing and changing all the time! It becomes harder to tell what is real brand clothing and what is not.

My beloved Makotosan (who I frequently exchange peta with on ameba )

I love this style, I want all of the clothing Makoto models for here (and not just because it's her haha)!
The bold style - monotone and not too crazy, it's totally, 100% what I am into right now! But am somewhat unsure of wearing on a daily basis because I'm still in the middle of my style change and still feel so well with d.i.a. clothing TT

I'm sad that they don't have the silver top now because my silver tutuHA top is ruined (!) since I washed it with warm water (about earlier decay process here).
I really wish they'd upgrade their quality for the price they are asking!

More of a casual shop staff coordinate - more grown-up, yet so strong!

Ex-Betty and now Ageha model Kana is also modelling for this brand it seems, while she is spotted every now and then at fernopaa, buying there~ But since I don't like her, I won't post about her.

What do you all think of how the brand is changing? Is there still people who like Gravil/tutuHA?
As much as I have gotten the impression that more shops opened and it was getting more popular, at the same time I got the impression there is a lot of people who have fallen out of love with it and most people are rather into brands like d.i.a. or Ma*rs.

Girls, who was and is still into the brand, who just got into them recently?
What kind of clothing from their brand do you like best and how do you combine it? 

Once more, I would love to hear everyone's opinions ☆


  1. ich teile meine liebe zu tutuha mit dir <3
    und das auch erst seit kurzem!!! xD
    versteh dich voll was du meinst ich liebe d.i.a immernoch so aber glavil hats mir voll angetan seit ich mein referat gehalten und bisschen gegoogelt hab über goshikku... ich bin jetz voll im zwispalt wo ich mehr geld ausgeben möchte im sommer xDD maaan.

    1. Ich dachte du magst die auch schon seit 2011 :0 Da hattest du mir doch auch so einen Kommentar hinterlassen, von wegen woher ich den tutuHA hoodie habe haha.
      Worüber hast du genau dein Referat gehalten? Über Gyaru?
      Aber zum Glück kann man manche Teile von tutuHA echt gut mit d.i.a. kombinieren, man muss aber aufpassen was. Bei fernopaa geht das echt meistens überhaupt nicht, weil die noch krasser dark sind haha.
      Aber was ich extrem finde ich, dass sich so normal (westlicher) Gothic-Stil schon stark davon unterscheidet :<

  2. Oh das mit deinem Oberteil tut mir leid...
    Ich habe mir letztens eine Jacke ruiniert beim waschen. T^T
    Seit dem bin ich extrem vorsichtig, was das waschen japanischer Kleidung betrifft. XD
    Die Sachen werden dir bestimmt gut stehen. ^-~

    1. Was für eine Jacke war es denn? Aber es ist echt doof, ich hab auch gar nicht auf das Etikett geachtet, ich dachte es wird schon gehen... weil wie soll ich denn so ein Synthetik-Teil zwei Jahre lang nicht richtig waschen und dann noch tragen? D:
      Es gibt Sachen die kann man zum Glück ganz gut waschen, aber dass sie so Schrott machen (aus Stoff, der gar kein Stoff ist), finde ich daneben!
      Und danke, ich hoffe natürlich ich kann alles entsprechend kombinieren haha. Ist noch etwas schwer für mich mit dem neuen Style.