Saturday, 22 June 2013

up & date, being a playgirl

Wow, we are already in June. I think I can't really make more than one blog post a month because the days are passing so damn fast. How are all my dear followers?~

In Germany it's been really sunny and warm the past week before we were surprised by storms towards the weekend. And now there's three weeks of the semester left. I am planning to miss class once more here and there because I am plagued by pollen and some other health-condition things a lot and then it's going to get rough and serious for me with exams. Please pray for me! haha
So what's new? Most of my days I've been spending in University and I guess attending class and actually listening to what is being said and trying to memorize it already is like studying for exams so I hope nothing will get me in trouble this semester.

Besides that I've been using my PSP that I bought used a few months ago. I feel so lucky that people want to get rid of their old stuff and buy all the new things, so I got my PSP 3000 with a memory card for 35€ and it looks almost like new! Now I've been playing a lot of games (why did I write guys first) and of course I've been feeding my YGO 5D's addiction~~

Let me express my feelings just how I express them on tumblr

Since the English version did not really work properly for me, I switched to the Japanese version that also has the voice output during the actual duels and it's soooo fun to play, damn. I love this show and the game just for the fun and detailed characters! I wish the motorbike fun wasn't missing though. Also learning some Japanese with that version I have though sometimes I am too lazy to read all of it...

So besides.
... After like, almost a year, I had a date again. I love having dates but I rarely agree to some I guess (not that I get so many offers either haha but you know, the usual idiots here and there).
I decided to go there cause I thought I'll just give it a chance and well, it was okay though I was exhausted. And bored of the exhaustion that was maybe caused by boredom and my period. But I had a chance to dress up again. I tried to go for a more natural make-up and I bought 'natural' lashes to wear on a daily basis. 
My eyes are itchy lately because of pollen so I cannot wear the heavy make-up I like lately (TT)
I've also woken up with either swollen or itchy eyes a lot of times. Another reason why I really feel it's a pain to live here. In winter it's too cold to dress up and in summer I can't do make up properly because of my allergies, ugh! Can't wait to be back in Tokyo. Living here has become really bothersome to me and I can only find myself trying to cope with it

Well anyway, here are some pictures of how I styled for the date. It's really boring and natural but I thought for Germany that's just alright. And I often feel way to overdressed with 'huge' lashes.

With lenses and without lenses. It looks so natural to me haha, almost like I wore no make up! My eyes were so red, I had to photoshop the left picture a little and you can see the difference on the right picture. But seriously, I thought circle lenses make you look younger. Don't you think those make me look older?!

And yes, as you can see I ordered some cheap real hair exte (~26€) from ebay and they turned out to be good quality. I think they won't last me too long but I don't wear them a lot anyway so maybe they will last for some time. I sew all the clip-in parts together to make one big clip-in part out of it. 70g seemed to be enough for my rather thin, layered hair.

So that's all for today, dears. I will try to post soon again. Since the semester is ending in three weeks, you will surely find me procrastinating here because I will not want to study haha. Take care everyone!