Wednesday, 5 November 2014

progress is progress

Hello dear blog readers~
Big news for November! It took ages and a lot of patience (/nerves) but finally I could pick up my diploma! They handed out a 'basic' English version too... what a pity the grades aren't translated though. Nor the actual subject is. Is 'Asienwissenschaften' not the same as 'asian studies'? Really?

I was a bit upset about my 'plain' grade and 'only' getting 1,8 on my thesis because one of my professors obviously didn't like my work that much but ahh... can't be bothered now haha. Especially since doing Chinese class was my personal hell. And I remember that I started University thinking 'I can still quit halfway through!' and 'I have to get just through it quickly & I will be free again!' haha. And now I am! I am done! Finally! I am really happy but I have not found the right way to express this happiness yet... probably because of some - right now still minor - concerns about the future. But let's not ruin the present with that right now.

The day I picked my diploma up at the University I also got my iPod replaced at the Apple Store (two days ago, the home button was broken) and ran a lot of other errands, still feel like I am not really done with everything and getting to excited about my the upcoming months! So that day I also met two of my friends and with one I was having my time off, feeling so comfortable first chilling at a nice café where I had a sugarfree chai latte and then having dinner and beer~

We actually shared a menu that was meant to be for one person

Also I painted my nails with gradation nail polish I got in Tokyo (actually I got it for my mom but she rarely uses it because she has gel nails haha). I really like how soft the colours are! But it's too 'adult' for me actually haha.

Yes, that's all for now. Resting a few days now before I get down to serious business as in writing job applications and that kind of stuff. Ohh, we will see. I promise some prettier posts in the future, once I have something good to tell haha!
Take care and try to not get sick now that it's getting colder, dear readers~