Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Didn't do anything special today because I am a little sick, here is just a quick outfit that I wanted to put on. I really really wanted to dress up sexy for once because I never have the chance to. You know, you will get all kind of comments if you go on the street like this... When I went out today I wore a t-shirt beneath~

 Cardigan: Spiga
Mise bra: d.i.a.
Skirt-Pants: Ghost of Harlem

Whyyyy do I always look skinnier/better in blurry shots? (TT)

Sunday, 22 April 2012

shooting outcome, diet restart & sparkly gets

Long time no see, my my.
The semester started and I found myself fully stressed with deadlines, sinking into a system of bureaucracy with no idea how to step out, ugh. The new apartment is a big fail. A big wtf fail. It's not new at all and it has nasty bugs creeping out of the walls (there is some holes in the skirting board) that I don't know how to deal with. Ungh. I will drop by at the administration office a few more times and get that room as clean as it gets and sooner or later just give up or what not. I am glad my mom is trying to help me with this ; ; It's just getting really horrible. I hope I will find a solution soon.

So, first things first. I saw the outcomes of the shooting at madRip. It looks like they didn't photoshop at all so the photos are rather disillusioning people of my beauty I suppose haha ; ;
If you haven't seen them on facebook yet, here they are. I adjusted the brightness slightly.

I look weird on the chu-lip one but I like the other one where you can also see my blue strands (◕‿◕)
With these pictures I again realized I am not really satisfied with my body yet and since I somehow could find the patience to restart my diet, I am on a 1200 calorie diet now with the help of 
I didn't really lose weight yet (well, 200g) but the diet is supposed to make you lose weight slowly so you don't gain it all back later. I hope that I will lose 1kg until next week. My total goal is 4kg. Later I might go for more.
The system is similar to weight watchers which helped me to lose weight when I was 17. If you exercise, you will earn extra calories to eat more. If you are trying to diet, please give it a try. Also add me if you like~ Dieting together keeps you motivated.

Next: My latest gets!

new lashes I bought while still in Tokyo
Embryolisse that many ageha & egg models use
d.i.a. bra from ebay I spotted by chance
I absoultely couldn't resist the d.i.a. mise bra when I saw it, and I got it for 20€ (including shipping) which is a good price for a BNWOT item I think. I was fearing that it's too small even when I just held it in my hands but it actually fits way better than most of my other bras (even my Ma*rs mise bra is simply too big, I need to always pull the straps tight around my neck and it won't really hold). I guess I was wrong about my underbust measurement...
For my birthday two weeks ago I also got a lot of other d.i.a. things from mbok which I am still waiting for. Almost regret spending so much money but once a year you need to spoil yourself, right?

Take care everyone, hopefully spring will get around soon~

Sunday, 1 April 2012

hair & fashion predictions

It's been a while again...
and I didn't make outfit shots or anything. Even though it was warm for a few days (; ;)
But, university starts again from tomorrow & I am moving into my new apartment from today. I still want to buy so much stuff for it, like curtains that are not red haha. Red curtains seem terrifying to me (I have them now, as standard equipment for the apartment). I will see when I can make it... maybe designing my room will be a birthday present to myself haha.

Onto the topic! I recently noticed a lot of fashionable girls have blue streaks or blue hair~
Which is my fashion prediction number 1 for summer! While I was in Tokyo, I didn't see anyone with blue hair but somehow it got to me that I just HAD to have blue streaks. I wanted to have more than just two but one was 430yen which is... expensive x_x My last exte place did not charge extra for differently coloured strands.

Anyway, this was before I did the model job, my hair wasn't that long and I had 'only' 50 exte in (つけほうだい). (Excuse the facemask in the pics... I was, as always, lacking a mirror in my room).

The blue strands were still standing out a bit. But after they put in about 15 or 20 more exte for the shooting, you basically could not see the blue anymore. I am thinking of cutting some of the exte out myself, even though it looks nice and full now (volume~), they are just a bother and the ends became frizzy already.

So, I am also thinking of buying blue clip-in exte. But not sure yet since I know I don't usually put in clip-in extensions, they are a bother to me and it wouldn't look good if I don't have long hair, I think. After all I think I should have just gotten more of those blue strands but 430yen for one is just way too much ; ;

Still I think blue hair is going to be a big trend for summer. Blue eyeliner (the glittery one especially) was already really popular last year, some might remember?

I do believe this summer it will be coming, too! As well as blue lenses, blue nails and blue fashion items, like Cocona/Serina combines them. It looks so bright and cheerful, doesn't it?
 PLUS, it gives a nice variety to the common pink colours shown mostly by Ageha/Egg or adult-like (大人っぽく) all black/white coordinates featured mostly in Jelly or Happie Nuts.

The last week that I was in Tokyo I saw a lot of shop staff from Shinjuku Alta who wore exactly the same lenses as me (shown here)! I was totally surprised, but they are pretty and comfortable lenses after all. And I got mine for only 13$ on sale (*☻-☻*)
It definitely showed me: Blue is coming to rock this year!

 About the DON'Ts:

- don't choose dark blue
instead of brighthing your style up, it will give you a goth kind of look

- don't combine blue with too much pink 
pink lips are fine but besides, choose either or (unless you are airming for the Harajuku decora look?)

- don't overdo the blue
personally I think two-toned hair, blue & blonde for example, is too much. same goes for all-blue coordinates
the easiest way to not overdo it might be to choose accessories that are blue~

- be careful with blue jeans & blue
might look awkward sometimes if you combine too much blue with blue jeans

Other than that, please enjoy a colourful summer this year~