Wednesday, 29 February 2012

UFO catchers & past coordinates

Hello everyone!
Just a short update, sharing some pictures and some rambling.

For the first time in my life I took pictures of something like UFO catchers. I always thought that they were pretty amazing but I never take many pictures of that kind of stuff, I guess.
Also, look at that dessert I spotted at my local konbini. It was good but I regret buying it. I should have invested in something healthy but it's really cold and snowy/icy and I wanted something to cheer up since no one wants to go out today, me neither. I regret buying it anyway, haha.

Coordinates. (1 & 2) d.i.a. top & choker, Spiga cardigan, Sneep Dip hot pants, worn a lot. (3) d.i.a. top, offbrand bolero, skinny lip belt, d.i.a. jeans. Didn't wear this out, it is so cold lately (>д<;)

Also bought a ticket for my favourite band's live. I am poor & now off to spend money on healthy konbini food (does it exist?) so at least I won't get sick again since I just recoveredヽ(≧Д≦)ノ 
Japanese smiley face failing at expressing my hatred for getting sick ww Have a good week everyone!!

Friday, 24 February 2012


Hello everyone~ 

Yes, yes, I am still here on my holiday in Tokyo and wondering if I will need a holiday after this holiday. Because this doesn't feel like a holiday at all and I just feel rushed because people want to meet me lately (T_T) I want to meet everyone too, but at the same time, due to stressing myself out about being here and there on time, I got high fever the other day. First I didn't get at all why I was so terribly dizzy. Only the next day I understood I had fever and it was still continuing until today. I should be trying to sleep but I can't really get myself to rest...

I feel like I should stress myself out less and make less appointments but it's just not my style. I feel like I am going to miss so much (especially money, if I don't get to go to all my lessons haha).

no idea if i should trust these medications lmao
So I was at the hospial today though and got some medicine. Obviously what I got is a viral gastroenteritis. I was told it means that symptoms are going to stay for a while and the medication might take them away for a bit but I will still be sick :< It bothers me to no end. I'm torn between taking a rest and doing things right now though. The doctor said the symptoms will last for 3-5 more days but knowing me, it will last longer. I hope at least the fever will go down quickly. I will sleep for very long time today and hope for the best.

Other than that! I've tried to colour my roots. Just my roots, really. But the bleach I got at the drug store was so uber strong that it bleached my hair to white-blond within about 5-8 minutes!!! I went to Nakano Donki to get another dye and burned half of my scalp (wait, maybe all of it? it's really burnt) to get the colour evened out. It sort of looks like on Tsubasa now but at this point I should say I do not recommend blonde Japanese hair dye!

Besides, I've been eating a lot, I think I gained weight haha.
But that is okay! Why? Because I still fit into the awesome d.i.a. jeans I got!  

 ドキドキワクワク lovelovelove (///∇//)
 They are slightly tight at the hole parts but hell I don't care & I want one more pair (;;)

 Oh, as a side note, I passed my Japanese exam with an A (1,0).
If I now also passed my other exam, I will be happy with not doubt even once I return to Germany

Thursday, 16 February 2012

valentine's, diet & sickness

Happy belated Valentine's Day everyone!

I happened to get invited for that day actually & thought: Well, why not go if I don't have any plans.
I've really looked tired for the past days since I arrived in Japan though and I start thinking I should eat more. But strangely I'm not particularly hungry for anything since I arrived in here ( ; ; )
Even though I looked tired, I had a good evening and the food was great, especially the dessert.

me & my friend, the dessert <3

still looking tired, haha ; ;
On the 15th, I've been meeting up with a friend that I got to know online and we spend our time around Shibuya and Shinjuku. While in Shibuya, I decided to finally brace up and try a pair of long d.i.a. pants - what happened? They fitted. I was so unsure and told the stuff that they look so small but she said that they are really stretchy and that if I take of my stockings, I would surely fit into them. Ah, I really didn't expect that. Even length-wise, they were perfect and really comfortable! I was so surprised. I still decided to wait before I buy them... Since I already have many dark-coloured jeans, maybe I will go for a light coloured pair. Besides, they are still about 13,000yen which is an awful lot of money.
Besides, I also tried on this pair of Ma*rs pants but I think I'll rather go for d.i.a.~

So after 'window shopping', my friend and I headed to Shinjuku and I felt a weird kind of hunger mixed with nausea (I often get nauseous though, especially when I am really hungry and don't eat in the morning. I know, not exactly healthy...). I decided to eat something at Café Aya in Shinjuku since the mentaiko spaghetti was below 400yen! I was okay for a bit but still got hungry later on, so I ate an onigiri. Later I drank some wine, too and this is when it started. I felt really nauseous. I've been living with nausea since I take the birth control and can handle it by now but how I felt then was just horrible. I decided to eat a bit more, I still didn't feel full, but after a while I couldn't take it anymore and started throwing up. Even when I just drank water, I threw it all up. I felt terrible until I think 8 am in the morning, when I could finally sleep without throwing all up.

For now I'll be trying to eat healthy and I will also be cutting meat I think. I am not sure if this sickness was caused by my badly organized diet or by the steak I ate on the 14th. It was medium and slightly raw in the middle, and a friend recently had problems too, after eating meat. I've heard that last year there was quite some problems with high caesium levels in meat, but I am still not sure if that could be the reason. It annoys me that you can never find out the real reason after all!

Did anyone else have similar problems while being in Japan? Even just slight nausea or anything?

Saturday, 11 February 2012

let everything fall back in place.


I was out with my friend yesterday in Shinjuku and Takadanobaba for it bit. It was damn cold at night though, I went home early and also my eyes hurt from lenses that are dried out from the air cons ;<
I think I really need a warmer coat and will go to buy one today! Whatever is left, i will take it haha.
Still hoping it will get a bit warmer around the end of February (; ;) I want to go out more~

Here is some of the purikura we took. We didn't get to decorate all of them! Time ran out quickly...

Friday, 10 February 2012

end of exam phase, flight & new coat

I am back finally!
Back to blogging and back to Japan, after that terrible exam phase.

Long flights are always terrible but actually I more or less enjoyed my flight with Aeroflot this time.
Even though I am half Russian myself (I was born close to Novosibirsk), I was always unsure about flying with this airline, partly because of bad rumors and also because I had unpleasant childhood experiences when I travelled to Russia with my family to visit relatives from my mother's side.
But the last trip was more than 6 years ago, and many things have changed since then. Russia became more of a developing country, also socially I think. The food & service was very good, too.

Let me just brag about the dinner menu a little, it had a salad with smoked salmon (not too salty) and grilled salmon, both was unbelievable soft and came with a piece of lemon, so you could squeeze out the juice on it. I was surprised how incredibly good it tasted!

Besides there was a usb port in front of my seat and I could charge my iPod. Great airline overall!

As for the next days, at least till Sunday, I am planning to just laze around and wear a face mask in case I have to go out since I didn't have a real break after the exams (last exam was February 6th, flight was 8th in the morning). Can't be bothered, really.
I went to Shibuya today to look for a new jacket because I feel too warm in my coat from Germany (where it's -10°C mostly, while here it is 5°C).

I found something at Ghost of Harlem again. Since I didn't want to think too long, I just bought it... it was around 4,095yen so if it surprisingly gets colder, I will just get a warmer coat, too.