Sunday, 20 January 2013

longing for girly things & memories from japan

I thought about updating more here lately. Due to some failed relationship-thing I am having more free time anyway Well, even though I can't say I am doing much lately... I am stuck between trying to keep the 'I need to study' attitude down but I am torn between actually studying a tiny bit and not studying at all. Not doing anything for the exams feels weird for me!

What it actually looks like when I try to study and attend the lecture to check if my homework was okay /cough. If you think this is terrible, then you should see my notes for other lectures... But, the only important thing is that you do something every once in a while, right?!

The past few weeks I've been again dreaming of changing things for my room and going back to Tokyo as soon as possible. It's all because I saw a wonderful closet inspiration on tumblr.

The warm and fragile female and the cool male version (though who puts books right next to boots, nooo ; ;)
I have been looking for a clothes rack like this but you can't beelieve how hard it is to find an elegant one with a place for boots etc. Most looks super cheap and the ones that don't, are super expensive. I like this 'open closet' concept - though I am not a fan of walk-in closets because I like small rooms - so I will continue to look for something like that.
Looking at those pictures I was reminded of my old room in Shinjuku where I lived from September 2010 till 2011. In Japan, it was pretty much the place where I felt most at home and really myself at (even though I saw some evil cockroaches a few times.... yuk). I still miss it a lot! Here are some impressions from when I came back in January 2011.


Looks at all the brands! haha. I almost didn't wear anything but 109 back then: the outer wear is from Spiral Girl (black) and Ma*rs (green). It looks a bit messy because I never knew where to put my coats! I probably would have bought some sort of clothing rack if I had stayed longer. The mirror was a present from my lovely friend whose room I mostly adored because of her big and colourful wardrobe!

She had the clothes rack I want haha. That day my friend cooked nabe for us! And then we made Origami paper cranes and other stuff... It was really amusing actually and later we planned our trip together to Osaka. Ah, I could cry thinking about it now because the way I spend my time there was very different to how I/most people spend their time in Germany. I think we lack a lot of social activities in most of Europe. Everything is either dining out or going drinking or watching a movie. It's kind of mind-numbing.
I am still torn between things and want to go back to Tokyo/Japan soon, yet I am not sure if I want to go through a university program because I like being more free and I'd rather like to work soon. I like studying and learning new things but I don't feel like I want to continue to sit in university for 2 more years.

Sooooo much for that. While I have to struggle through exams and decisions, I am slightly intrigued by this simple game for the iPod & iPhone. The little bitter-sweet distraction that you need in life. It's both, romantic and stupid at once haha.

/wraps self in covers and cries
You can choose between 6 princes.
If you are a hopeless romantic at times, please give 'Be my princess' a chance~

And from here, have a good start into the week everyone! Also, let me know if you want to hear more of my happenings in Japan during my one-year stay ☆


  1. I think you can get many cloathings rack like that on RyuRyu on Rakuten^^


    1. Oh those hime-styled ones? They have some quite cute ones, indeed. Thank you for the hint but since I don't live in Japan right now and shipping might be expensive, I might rather save that for later haha.

      Thank you for your comment, too!

    2. I think there are some normal onesxD But yeah the shipping can be quite expensive:s
      Have you tried IKEA?


    3. Not yet, but will do soon! :D Thanks!

  2. Aw your room looks great! My room is slowly coming together >< Haha and I downloaded that game! let's see how it goes XD

    1. Thank you, though my current room is far from that haha.
      I hope you enjoy the game! It's kind of time consuming because you need to wait to get love passes etc. Hopefully you'll like it anyway and thank you for the comment!

  3. Thank you for your comment~
    We are playing Gree too, so if you want you can add us as a friend: emixlea ^^
    About what you said about our feed not working properly, could you tell us what you mean? We don't quite know what you mean>.<

    1. I'll try to add you!
      Ah, if you look at my sidebar below my poupee there is a place where all the blogs I follow appear. The top one is the most recently updated but yours somehow doesn't work because it's always at the bottom. Either way, it might just be my blog but this is the first time that happened for a blogspot blog I follow. Just wanted to let you know~

    2. Thank you!<3
      Ah... that is strange, sadly we don't know what we can do to fix that:(
      But thank you for letting us know!