Tuesday, 17 September 2013

highlights in august (tokyo part 2: more about crazy★shampoo, cat cafe, lots of sushi & epic men's egg night!)

Another has already week passed. And guess what? That one beautiful person that I talked about in my last post (that I met while clubbing with Kitai, Jasmin and Eriko) messaged me two days ago on line and asked whether I was free or not. Of course I did not yet get the change to say I am not in Japan anymore... Ahhh how cruel is life (ノДT)

Anyway, I am going to tell you more about what actually happened all after that. The live I was at (Crazy★Shampoo) was sort of fun because they had this contest for the two members whose birthday it was. I was surprised that I understood a lot of the talking there!
Basically the game was about the two members being blindfolded and having to guess what food they were given. They were really bad at that actually! And almost nobody there knew what avocado tastes like?! When the guitarist said: 'Oh, it kind of tastes like maguro.'
... And the audience was like: Ehhh?! But then some where like: Right, right. - If you ask me though, not everything that tastes fatty tastes like maguro but hey! Whatever.
Actually the bassist whose birthday it was lost and so he had to be the one who sings instead of the vocalist. The singer was sort of small so the bass looked a bit heavy on him, I thought?! And then before they actually started playing like that, the vocalist asked the bassist if he knew the lyrics to that one song they were going to play. And the bassist was all like: 'It's like.... kono mama~~ somethingsomething'
So everyone bursted out laughing until the vocalist asked him about how it continued. So he asked him all like: 'What about the way it goes on? Or, do you know some of the English parts of our songs?'
And the bassist was all like: '... yesterday~' Everyone was laughing again because the bassist kept thinking what else there was but he could not remember anything and so the vocalist sang the lyrics a bit but in the end the bassist could not remember them when they were performing. But ah, this is just a bit of an impression from the live... I thought this song was very catchy~

But I don't think I will go to any live (after Gazette) anymore this year. I just felt like such a child among everyone! And the way everyone was clapping in their hands so the band would come out, aww... no haha. Plus I rather like the kind of entertainment where I am talked to directly and do not watch some sort of live show.

Okay so days after all of this, we went to party on a Thursday night again with some of my friends and Kitai's and Jasmin's friend and the music was sort of good but I did not think it was very intersting or anything. I imagined it to be a really epic night somehow (do not even ask me why) and it was great but somehow different from what I imagined it haha. But! I finally fit in my d.i.a. hot pants as you can see here. For what price though (TT;)

I think on the same day I went to the cat cafe in Ikebukuro with my bf... which means, after sleeping and all that. I imagined it to be way cheaper but sitting there for 1 and a half hours was about 1500yen + 300yen drink fee, which was voluntarily. Since it is a CAFE I thought I would not be allowed to bring my own drink but now I know better. However you could also charge your phone there and all.

Overall, it was relaxing but rather boring. The cats were not moving a lot and mostly sleeping and people were taking pictures all the time of course. Just like me that time haha.

They were feeding the cats right when we came and they were all crazy about it apart from that one little cat sitting in its place. It was just staring at them, and the funny part was, it had such a flat face and sometimes it was just looking around and waiting for someone to come up and feed it like: (´△`。)?

And I am quite sure that we ate sushi before this. Because we ate sushi a lot. I cannot count how many times I ate sushi because it was cheap and really great and I cannot get the same quality in Germany. At least not around where I live. So here are just a few pictures of sushi~

The first sashimi picture was when I was invited by a friend in some chain restaurant... I don't remember where that was but it was not kaiten sushi haha. Then I also went to this place where they serve sushi on those moving plates that stop right in front of you. That was in Shibuya. Here you can see how I ordered some grilled salmon, ebi and maguro and later we also ordered some cakes haha.

And theeeeeennnnn it was soon Sunday and I wanted to go clubbing. Apart from one of my male friends nobody wanted to come and I was pretty unpleased by that because hell it was men's egg night!!!! That does not happen all the time you know.

So but I still had time before that and so Sarah and I met in the late afternoon to go to an izakaya. We were basically just sillying around but that izakaya she showed me had really nice meat dishes and there was no table charge or anything so I thought it was a nice spot to keep in mind. Finally, even though she was super sleepy, I could convince her to go clubbing with me! And my friend. We spent time getting ready at my place and I was wearing my new Gold's Infinity dress that I bought that seemed just perfect for partying. Then we headed out and took purikura before meeting my friend.

I don't know what was up with my face haha. It must be because we were drinking before!
So we had some drinks close to Donki in Shibuya and then we headed for the club where my male friend somehow insisted to pay everything (><) We felt so extremely guilty, especially me! I kept trying to say it is okay for me to pay my own entry and drinks but he would not let me. I was getting just the right amount of drunk and I enjoyed myself totally. 
Since I was not really drunk for a while (due to my sickness), I was somehow brave enough to talk to a vk-ish looking guy too. I was first just like: Oh, your hat is cool! (that's what Sarah said I should say lol!) And then he was like: Oh really? You like fashion? And then we talked somewhere where it was more quiet and he told me that he was looking at me the whole time but he was not sure whether he should approach me or not (because I was with a guy). I was totally surprised by that! We ended up exchanging contacts and then I saw the background picture of his cellphone was some guy that I have hanging on my door (here in Germany) and so I asked him who it was and he said: 'Me' and I was just like: ............
We parted then and he went home early. Also my friend who paid all the drinks for us somehow kept passing out but he did not tell us because he wanted us to enjoy the party. I felt so bad for him trying. We wanted to go with him towards the exit to get him home but he said we should just go and enjoy ourselves so well, we did... I talked to some other guys, saw someone I know and also talked to Yukihide once more when he passed by (smalltalk) and that was basically where I called it a night.
I do think it has been ages since I enjoyed myself that much!

I met the guy that I talked to then once more on a different day and it was a lot of fun, I am not sure if I am going to post about that though (is that intersting even? haha) but let us see.

And after all of this was (including all the sushi dining sessions) over, I caught some sort of cold but my vacation was already coming to its end and it was only a small cold so I did not bother.

That's all for part 2! Last part is going to follow soon~~


  1. omg du hast nich ernsthaft den kerl getroffen den du in deinem zimmer hast ahahaha wie gut!

    1. Ahhhh ja, ich hab auch kaum geglaubt, dass der sich danach die Woche nochmal mit mir trifft, aber er kam tatsächlich. Aber für ein drittes Treffen hat es nicht gereicht, my life (TT)

  2. Oh really ncie pics!


  3. Mhhh so ein Cat-Cafe wäre auch etwas für mich. XD
    Ich hoffe das bei dem Konzert alles gut läuft. Wir werden uns zurückhalten und jeglichem Ärger aus dem Weg gehen. ;)
    Das wird schon gut gehen.
    Ein bisschen aufgeregt bin ich dewegen aber schon. Man liest so oft negative Sachen von nichtjapanischen Konzertgängern...
    Naja die werden uns schon nicht gleich die Köpfe einschlagen. :D

    1. Aber im Grunde ist es echt langweilig haha.
      Oh ja, ich hätte an deiner Stelle weniger Sorge wegen japanischen Konzerten als wegen deutschen... mir sind die deutschen einfach nur mega unangenehm XD

    2. Schlimmer als die deutschen Konzerte kanns ja kaum noch werden. :P
      Echt ist das langweilig? Naja ich renne ja mit begeisterung jeder Mietz hinterher. XD Ich liebe die Viechter einfach. :D

  4. oh my goodness how i love to be in that famous cat cafe, eat all ur sushi and photo boom hehehe just kiddin' JAPAN SAIKO \m/

    1. Cat cafe is not that awesome but ohhh sushi is haha. Thanks for the comment!