Wednesday, 2 October 2013

highlights in august/september (tokyo part 3: last day in Shinjuku, flight, date-night out)

Oh no, October has already started. How time flies when you are enjoying not doing anything for a while! (still have lots of studying to do that I wanted to start before the semester begins ; ;) There is something that I really like about October, which is the start of a new season/the start of a new semester/the start of a new blog name (haha) or new work that I mostly think of about this month but - I don't like that it is cold! The worst about this is, even my teeth are really sensitive to this cold (><)

But enough of that, here is the last part of my Tokyo adventure time trip

On the last day of August I had a good time with the guy I met in the club (who is hanging in my room in Germany haha.) He was really sweet and I did not even expect that he would really meet me but to my surprise he did show up which really made me happy. The last days of your travel always turn out the best, after all... Anyway, I will talk about this under the cut. If you are interested in the story, continue reading until the end~
Actually once September started, my departure was approaching very quickly. It was on September 3rd but in the morning and I had to leave my guesthouse in the evening before so that I had to pack everything on the 2nd already. I also tried to call JAL to reschedule my flight to another date but ugh, this took ages and they had to call me back after checking whether there was still available flights in the same economy class as mine and of course, after checking for about 10 days, they called me back, said there was nothing in the same price class, then checked another 10 days and said the same. The cheapest option - that should have been 15,000yen - turned into 45,000yen which was too pricey for me. 
Ah, so I packed things up quickly, went to Shibuya for some very little omiyage shopping quickly and also bought something from d.i.a. because how could I leave Tokyo without buying something from d.i.a.!

After I came back home I got my essential things, 'checked out' and met my bf at the station, got mad at him for being an ass and not helping me with my luggage up the hill (he was eating at the station because he had not eaten all day... can you imagine he was eating AT THE STATION right before we met to go out to EAT. who the hell sh** ** **** ****) 
Anyway, after my little and very subtle anger fit we went to Shinjuku because I wanted to spend a bit of time there. We put my luggage in a locker and since he already ate, went to Alta first. I wanted to buy tons of stuff but I remembered that I won't really be using sun glasses and some clothing here anyway so I refused to everything and spend my money on food. First sushi, then we walked around (and I had to wait for my bf to finish playing his games at the game center where we took purikura before ugh) and then we ate some more at an izakaya and had one last drink.

We caught the last train to Chiba were he lives and where I spend the night. As we were waiting for the train I took a last picture of Alta that we could see from the platform. It took a while to Chiba and it was funny how the more you got out of Tokyo the darker it looked outside of the stations. There was almost nobody outside at this hour either. We walked at least 20 minutes to his place and it was really quiet and everything was closed, I started to feel so lonely (TT)

This building and scenerey reminded me of Hokkaido somehow... even though I have never been to Hokkaido, it had that calming melancholy feeling that I get when I think of Hokkaido. But, we went to a 7eleven on the way and I have to admit that it became a bit less lonely because there were some night-active people. Again, that helped with the Hokkaido feeling haha.

I caught about 3 hours of sleep and then I already went to the airport and home. I got off on the wrong terminal first... but managed to get to the right one by a free highway bus, luckily. This is the first time that this happened to me in at least 3 years haha.
Once I was on the plane, everything felt good. Personally I just love flying, being surrounded by strangers and this feeling of not being on earth. I do not like the air pressure and how it dries my skin but the atmosphere and feelings this gives me are exotic (just until I get home ugh). Some more or less boring pictures from the flight now. Also we had the Yoshinoya food special there, not bad~ But sort of did not fill me up as much as the usual meals haha.


That was it. Needless to say, my trip was awesome even though, as always, great and not very great things happened. I am thankful for all experiences.

As for the date-night out I had with the guy I met, read below if you like~

So, the last day in August, which was a Satuday and this pretty guy's day off and we decided to meet in Kabukicho. I was actually hoping for him to be late because I was being really slow for some reason too. He even called me to say he was late while I was sticking on my lashes which I thought was incredibly cute! I missed the call unintentionally but aww, it was so sweet he was always making sure I was okay. When I arrived I waited at the Shinjuku East exit. I was totally excited but not very pleased with my outfit somehow (plain Ma*rs dress I bought for 1,050yen! + fernopaa necklace). Besides everyone kept staring at me... I have the feeling all people always stare at me when I wait for someone in Shinjuku. Anyway, he came about 20 or 30 minutes later which gave me enough time to cool down from hurrying to the meeting place, so everything was fine. He called to find me when he arrived and apologized for being late.

He did some really experienced small talk and he had a really gentle and soft voice, almost girly though! Haha, he told me he had cleaned his appartment because he had some big kind of fish that had died so he came late. Then we talked about all the small things while we went to a place to take purikura. He pointed out the recommended purikura machine and indeed the pictures turned out great. I got the feeling he was a bit smart from his way of acting and his behaviour around other people.
Anyway, I will censor his beauty, sorry, haha. Also we were about the same height when I wore heels but why do Japanese people always crouch down like that when taking purikura?

When we got out of the game center, I told him we can just go wherever he likes and first we went to Saizeriya but it was crowded and we had to wait long, so that we looked for something else. He called his friend's bar but it was closed that day. As we walked around I asked him where he was originally from and he said Nagano, which was of course no surprise for me because I usually naturally prefer to be around people who were born outside of Tokyo. We walked a bit more around Kabukicho and then, suddenly he was reminded of a shop that he liked and he asked me if I wanted to see it as they supposedly had really stylish clothing that a lot of hosts wear. I agreed and we went somewhere almost close to Shinjuku Sanchome where that cool store was. He looked at a few things and we talked about how they looked. They really suited his style and he tried on one blazer that was like 60,000yen, hell. There was a section for girls too but the clothes were so h&m-like. When I told him that in Germany we mostly had boring clothes like those from h&m he was shocked and said that was terrible (the only thing that was missing was him saying: I feel really so sorry for you! haha).
While in the store I made a joke that because he looked so girly, these kind of manly clothes don't suit him because he is probably only wearing girls' clothes. He stared at me suddenly and asked me how I could guess that he wore a shirt that was meant to be for girls! Ahh, my joke was completely misunderstood but what a nice surprise that was haha.

We then went to some restaurant/izakaya-ish place that looked very western. We drank some beer and shared a bit of food and talked a lot. AND my god, he had such great manners. Literally manners I could die for. He asked the staff to get something where I could put my bag. And then he thoughtfully put his cardigan across my bare legs so my skin would not be too exposed. There was people next to us and after a while he said someone next was rude and loud and kept pushing him from behind so he asked the staff if we could switch to a more quiet place that became vacant. He carried most of the things (and the staff helped I think) and told me to get only his cardigan and my bag, aww. Later, once we went out of the place, he also told me to carry his cardigan which I sort of even wanted, haha. But while we were still in the izakaya he suddenly asked me strange questions as we got drunk, like if I wore pants beneath my dress, and I was confused and said no... then he was shocked and asked me again if I really wore nothing beneath. It turned out that he wanted to know whether I wore underwear or not! I thought it was a weird question but it became very amusing.

He also randomly asked me to take a picture of him which I did of course! And then remembered why he had those great manners. He showed me his old host meishi why are all hosts so extremely pretty on their meishi and said now he works in a bar where he said he does not usually wear make-up nor does he do his hair for it haha. Then, somehow I asked him what his type was and he answered 'Lately... gyaru'. I got silent and looked at him, then asked if he said that because he thought that I am gyaru because I wore that kind of clothing and all but he said of course that was not the reason haha.
Referring to that, he told me that he was rather a quiet kind of person and not very self-confident (I think that is what he said... not 100% sure but in that kind of topic). I told him that a lot of girls would probably like to date him (he said mostly only girls that are into band-guys talk to him), even I would. Then he got silent for a second, laughed and asked: 'Eh, did you just confess to me?' I think I just laughed with him and we spend more time talking about a lot of other things.

When we finally got out, we decided to walk around again and he somehow started touching my butt! And he commented on it, saying that it was nice even haha. I was drunk so it was all just funny and not against my will. I also touched his butt out of curiousity and was surprised because it was so flat. I was like: 'Ah, you don't have anything there!' And he said 'Yeah, but I have muscles!' Then he guessed my bra size too, and he guessed right!
We continued silly talking and walking around like that until we arrived at Donki were he bought eye lashes and a pair of sun glasses randomly, and two (!) of those face rollers haha. Then, he asked if we should go to karaoke. I was worried about my last train but went anyway, I was stiill drunk and had such a good time that I thought I could take a cab if I missed my train. So we went for an hour. We spend a really good time and he always forced me to sing but because of my approaching cold and 'damaged' voice I felt twice as embarrassed but he helped me out in a very sweet way with some songs. When he was not singing, he was taking pictures of the both of us in which I kind of looked terrible haha, or at least I thought so. He had some drinks and I had orange juice, but he ordered water for me and for himself later and always asked me whether I was okay. Sometime during the karaoke I started looking at him and told him that I would not be able to come to the fashion show that he invited me to because I would leave in few days which I did not tell him before. His reaction was very confusing to me. He looked at the screen and avoided looking at me and just said 'Oh, you're leaving? Oh, that's okay, yeah. That's okay.
I could not help but feel terrible because that fashion show and me coming to see him seemed to be kind of really important to him and he said he wanted his friends to come. Then he tapped my thigh after the last song and we went out to pay and after that headed towards the station. Before we parted he said stupid things like that he could come to Germany sometime and asked whether I would really pick him up from the airport and of course I said I would but I know it was all just talking. We parted and I mailed him (to his phone) when I got home but he somehow just wrote things back like 'let's go out again' but it did not really sound like, you know... it was rather like he was being polite. Ah, well. I was a bit sad but every mail that I got from him made me a bit happy after all.

That was all for that night (TT) I spent around 5,000 or 6,000yen for food, drinks and karaoke which was a damn lot but the great time I had is of course priceless so I have no regrets. Great men exist after all.

Now, I have to admit that after all what is most exciting about Japanese men is that you cannot read and understand them very easily. So, from here stay tuned for a 'relationship guide for dating a Japanese guy' coming up on my blog soon hahaha. No, probably not. Or maybe yes? Not sure yet!

Anyway, have a great October everyone and thank you for reading!


  1. Was super interesting read all your post about your date, Many thanks for share, Lovely pics

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    1. Thank you for reading and being interested in it! ^^ I am glad you enjoyed.
      And of course I will check out the giveaway, thank you for inviting, dear~

  2. It sure is a interesting part of japanese men that they are hard to understand but after a while it sure does gets annoying, lol. But im happy you had a nice date.

    1. Yeah, when you are in a relationship it also becomes something entirely else I think. It's not that 'fun' anymore to not understand your guy and what he really thinks and does haha.
      Thanks for the comment!

  3. hey heyyyy ~~ i tagged you on my blog^^ its in german, but i hope you can read it with my translator on the right side :333
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  4. Huhuuu...

    der Tokyo Urlaub ist leider fast schon wieder vorbei, aber wird ja nicht der Lezte sein. :D
    Das Gras mähen die Bauern selber, aber eigentlich haben alle Mähgeräte, selbst wenn sie nur ein kleines Stück Land besitzen. XD Wer viel Land hat ist aber auch dementsprechen damit beschäftigt. XD
    Ich bin ca. 8 Monate im Jahr in Österreich und das reicht mir auch völlig. Nach einer Saison bin ich immer froh, wenn ich erstmal nach Hause kann. XD Mir gefällt es zwar dort, aber Österreicher können wirklich anstrengend sein. :P

  5. Bin gerade zufällig über deinen blog gestolpert!
    total interessant was du da so alles zu erzählen hast! xD haha
    macht echt spaß deinen blog zu lesen! :3

    1. ahh tut mir leid, ich wollte diesen kommentar schon lange beantwortet haben und dich zu meiner leseliste hinzugefügt haben. das mach ich jetzt mal. danke für deine worte jedenfalls :D