Wednesday, 4 December 2013

as promised, you never came back again [cry while you can]

Long absence again. Being busy with three presentations that I all had to prepare for last week, I had already pretty much forgotten what blogs are. I had also forgotten what it is like to feel bored. But on the other hand, once you start 'working' on something, it is not as hard to get motivated to do more for it as you keep going. Once you stop, you fall into that hole of 'I have no motivation to do anything'...

Winter has been rough and it seems the mornings are the only bright things these days (that get ruined by class ugh). I hope you all live in a brighter and warmer area! - Speaking of that, it already got terribly cold and as I went to the local christmas market here in Bonn with a Japanese exchange student after all of my exams, I realize that I am really needing another coat for winter.


I have been hunting down a warm yet stylish coat for at least one year already though. There was one coat in NewYorker that I saw and got because I had a coupon to get 30% off. I had been eyeing it for one or two weeks and there were only 2 left in the military green colour. Of course it's not very warm so I am still not sure whether I want to wear it or not :< It reminds me totally of SLY coats that I often spot in Japan. It has the same kind of fur-ish lining but you can't take it off on my coat. I have to admit though - it is a bit cheap-looking on the inside and I had to remove several loose threads but for 50€ (!) I think I will keep it.

left: SLY (25,200yen) right: NewYorker (~49€ discount price - regular price 69,99€)

Strangely on the website the inner lining of my coat is beige instead of green as it is on the one I have (actually it looks like in this one from VENCE) and also - it looks quite ugly on the picture. Must be the models fault because it looks better on me haha. No, well, when coats are buttoned up they just don't look as cool as when they are open.
I am still debating though... ! The arms have no warm inner lining, so that my arms actually look slim because I took a smaller size rather than a bigger one... but... I get cold on my arms!!。(´д`lll)
I can still wear my thinner coat from Ghost of Harlem beneath but that will make me look like... a fat military penguin... 。(´д`lll)  But, I am freezing no matter what coat I buy (unless it is a ski jacket but hell no) so maybe this debating all makes no sense.

What about you guys though? Would you rather freeze and cry through winter and look stylish or is your priority to stay warm 24/7?
Of course there is peole who always feel cold (like me) and people who do not really get cold... also depends on the area you live in. And - on how much outgoing you are haha. For example I get the feeling that in Japan all the buildings and trains are heated really well so it is way easier to get through winter with a not super-extremely warm coat. One more thing that Japan does terribly right.

I think that is all for now. Overall, as negative as I might (?) sound, the good experiences are still overwhelming the bad ones. I want to rant a lot about things but I am quite happy with myself and once I get through the next few months, I can prepare my future life after graduation~ (Still dreaming though because I can't believe it will come true! haha)
For now I am praying to get through winter~ And also I am praying that my iPod that I need for several things will not break because I really can't afford to buy anything new like an electronic Japanese dictionary that I need for my Japanese exam(x_x;)

With that I am wishing you all a good start into this winter~ ☆

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