Saturday, 21 January 2012

new bed & magazine picks

Quick update before I fall asleep~ This was Yumachi's choice of clothes I was talking about in the past entry. Yes yes, I was too lazy to take a pic. But I think what she chose is amazing. Even though the pieces she chose are rather simple, together they make a great outfit. I think this makes it look mature/大人っぽい, doesn't it?
Talking about 大人 here, I was taking a look into my closet to decide if there was other stuff I wanted to sort out and sell (I couldn't let go of many items, again) and saw my red Lip Service dress. Up till now this is still my favourite dress. The first time I saw it, I fell in love with it. Perfection. I had to buy it even though it fitted very tightly! Haha. By now it sits more or less normal on me, just that it's very short.
I think I will not have the chance to wear this again, besides, I wore this on one of the happiest days of my life so it sort of has a special meaning for me... I put it on though, anyway, even though I had no plans to go anywhere nor to put on make-up or anything.

Left I simply love the design and colour. Though the shape makes me body look strange a little...
Oh, please ignore my hello kitty slippers, I don't wear shoes inside of the house hence why my legs look huge too -cough-

Right About that! This is my new bed, so to say which came in on Wednesday, when I wasn't home and I saw it when I returned to my parents home for the weekend. It's pink, soft, and antiallergic ♥ What could I desire more.
I can't wait to bring my futon to my room tomorrow. I have actually been sleeping on the plain floor the past weeks because I have had a soft mattress before and I get terrible backaches from them (and I know it's surprising, but I don't get them from sleeping on the floor). I really hope it's going to be better with this. The beds in Japan have much harder mattresses anyway, it seems...

So, my room is going to look different from what I expected but I already thought so when I moved in because my room is small and possibilities just as money are limited. I saw some more room pictures in the newest Ageha, of course I love Shizuka Muto's room again. From the way she dresses, even though that's her style and her own design and all, it seems all she does is stay at home so it's understandable she wants her home to be very nice and comfortable, right?~

Normal girls like us can only dream about this, right? Look at the chandelier! Which only looks good with suiting furnishing, for about, I don't know 1 Million Yen?
So anyway, I think when I clean up a little tomorrow and hang up some posters or so, I will be closer to this kind of room. Though... not as pretty. And I always get my room messy because I leave things on the floor...

Simple and clean, with a pink couch and futon, too. I unfortunately have light green walls, eh...
Hopefully I will have enough energy to study Kanji with some of my classmates & clean up a little. This weekend just doesn't feel like a weekend at all ( ; ; )


  1. Your new bed looks soooo soft *___*
    I really love that dress on you, the shape looks nice on you and the pattern is lovely ~ <33

  2. Huhuuu...
    Wow das Kleid sieht echt schick aus!
    Ich mag kleidung mit so weiten Ärmeln total gerne. ♥
    Die Zimmer sehen echt cool aus, nette Einrichtung, aber bei den Preisen wird mir schwindelig. XD
    Die Magazine sehe ich mir aber trotzdem gerne an. :P