Sunday, 15 January 2012


Happy New Year everyone! 
Did you have a good last year? Remember we can only learn from our mistakes and from what we found out about what we want and what we don't want. I am sure this one is going to be a good year if we work hard for it!

My updates are sort of irregular again... that is because I made an effort for university, for once haha.
I finished a paper for my IT & presentation class last week which was actually about Japanese women's mass magazines and their influences on the self-awareness of Japanese women (mostly of the 20th century, but in contrast to today's women, too). It was sort of intersting, and to be honest, I have a whole new image of Japanese women and Japanese magazines for women now.

Anyway, so I bought this mag on the way to university two weeks ago, and I do not even regret it!

I always needed a pouch like that because in my old cosmetic bag is not enough space for everything I have now (I now use the old bag for items like shampoo, creams and stuff you need for travels).
I loved the picks in this issue, especially Yumachi's Garula picks are awesome, I can't wait to check that brand out! I hope they have slightly bigger pants than d.i.a. ( ; ; )
They also featured my Gilfy short pants I bought last summer in Japan and this time there wasn't the awkward エッチ-section, I am relieved because it sort of bothers me. Might be a special yearly issue?

Speaking of new brands and picks though, I will probably be in Japan again in February. First I wasn't sure about going because I can't stay long again but now that I know there is people waiting for me, I think I will just go! In case anyone of my readers would like to meet up over there, I would be glad if you let me know ♪

Apart from that, I have some new lenses I wore out for Christmas & New Year's a lot. I like how opaque lenses give dark-eyed persons a totally different look~
Now I only need new clothes so bad. Still saving up though, haha.


  1. I bought the same isshue! I really like it!
    but can you tell me for what is this bag? (><) I cant read it but I guess its for make up..?><

    anyways, you look very cute and your make up skills are so well (T T) i envy you...

  2. Aahh, I've got that issue as well and must say if I hadn't gotten another bag at the same time I'd definitely use it. It's so huge and stylish ♥
    And have lots of fun in Japan. I cannot wait to go as well but Summer will be the earliest oppertunity for me to go (._.") So well, have fun and take lots of pictures! :D

  3. Die Tasche ist echt toll.
    Mir geht das auch immer so, egal wie groß die Tasche ist, es passt nie alles rein was man so braucht. XD

    Die Preise bei Liz Lisa waren tatsächlich ziemlich hoch, daher habe ich auch nichts weiter gekauft, alleine der Pullover und die Schuhe waren schon über 200€.... Bei Ank Rouge fand ich die Preis aber noch erträglich, für einen richtigen Großeinkauf sind aber beide nix, wenn man nicht grad im Geld schwimmt. XD

  4. @みえーちゃん I think the bag is really for make up~ It actually says "panty pouch" though, haha. Thanks for liking my make-up, it's actually rather simple I think~

    @Anna funny how everyone has this, probably because of the useful bag and nice cover~ thanks, i hope you get the chance to go to japan again as soon as possible!

    @RomaPuri mädchenkram eben, das ist immer zu viel um in eine tasche zu passen, ne ;D
    eine sehr gute wahl hast du bei Liz Lisa und Ank Rouge getroffen. wobei das mit Liz Lisa ja schon verständlich ist, sind ja ne relativ große und beliebte marke. ich hoffe die qualität ist dementsprechend!