Saturday, 24 September 2011

angels & demons game.

Ahh, my package is stuck in customs T_T; Why is it always such a pain to order from overseas?
Is there actually a way to order something from Japan without spending, excuse me, 30€+ extra because of fees, shipping and customs? I don't mind the fees and the additional shipping but why customs? Why go through all the trouble of going there and explaining them it's not drugs or whatever else they want to know?
To top it all off, I asked the guy who shipped it what price he declared because it got into customs and he just tells me my package could not be delivered because I was absent (that is what EMS says, which is not true obviously).
Now this is the best opportunity to say: I get enraged by Japanese people so easily ^^; Not exactly all Japanese people, mostly just people from around Tokyo. Why believe something a website says but not a person who called the customs and post office? Of course he didn't know I called, but since I said it is there... what reason do you have to not believe me?

Anyway. The shirt I won at mbok auction (TT_TT)
Probably going to pick it up Wednesday or so because I'm going to have a look at an apartment (yes, maybe moving out soon!) which is kind of on the way~

I hope I can bring it home safely!
I wanted to try on the grey version in Tokyo last month, first a shop staff girl said 'sure, okay!', then another girl came up and said no. By now of course I got it's generally not allowed to try on shirts in their store. But it's always worth a try, haha. Especially since Tokyo people keep bullying me too! (It might be a love hate thing, haha.)


  1. ugh I hate customs here too. It's like they always take advantage of the situations =.= and we can never be sure if they charge fairly. I had only 1time experience w/ EMS and it did not go well.. Not that I'm expecting it anyway! But still =.=

    May I ask why they don't allow fitting shirts there? that's kinda weird, howd you know its the perfect fit or it looks good on you :O

  2. It seems like EMS is very evil when it comes to customs... people who choose cheaper services get more lucky I think.

    Oh, I heard it was not allowed because make-up might stick to the clothes. In other stores sometimes it's only allow to try on a certain colour because other colours stain more easily. But d.i.a. is like one of the only stores where all types of tops are not allowed, unless it's a cardigan or a jacket. And even then you have to try it on in front of them XD;
    And I think that is the trick! I bought one top from them and it had a very awkward fit. I probably wouldn't have bought it right away if I knew that, haha.