Friday, 30 September 2011

latest buy & small room ideas

Hello everyone~
I'm greeting you with a sweet treat that is my latest favourite. Really reminds me of strawberry cake!

First of all, I brought my d.i.a. top home safely.
I was really happy about it, it's just as lovely in person as on the pictures. I wanted to buy some fitting pants and since my friend has some ripped pants with lace showing (take a look at the purikura from the last post), I wanted some like that too! They're pants from d.i.a. that are the same design.

I got a pair in black that was said to run small, so I bought a size bigger. But they are a little bit loose now ; ;

I'm thinking of giving them back now/selling them. Of course they can never achieve that fierce d.i.a. look, but they were way cheaper and I could still modify them. The endless question: Should I keep them or not?
On the other hand, apart from one pair, I don't have any fitting long pants anymore! Which is bad because I can feel winter approaching next month. This is not Japan, haha.

In the meantime I've been looking for apartments/places to live some days ago because -in case anyone missed it- I'm a university student from now! And my place is about 3 hours by train from the university ( ; ; )
I know I know, the semester is about to start, I am always late like that and never really care, haha. I have one more visiting coming up, and then an agency that promised me a visiting next week, but those agencies don't seem trustworthy to me!
Anyway, I hope I'm going to get something very soon and then I have big plans for the interior design (unless the uni stress will kill me). I looked through my collections of ageha issue scans and found quite nice examples of what I want. Those ideas are all for small rooms and I actually like the cozy idea more than big wide rooms.

One exception from happie nuts. I like how clear & white it is, even though very small, the white seems to make it appear at least a little more 'wide' and not too packed.

A possible reference for mature gals/gal mamas: Momoeri's room~ 
Not very stuffed, a bigger room with a clean design. Looks more 'useful', right? I'm not fond of it.

Sayo Hayakawa's room. She was my idol three years ago and even now I like the design she chose.
I'm not sure why she needs two beds, but the idea of having your couch next to the bed somehow pleases me.

Now my two top favourites

Bed next to the couch again, all in stylish black with sublte highlights. Looks like a guy's room almost, doesn't it?
I love the 'cool' feeling of it (though the audio equipment feels misplaced), I definitely want a room like this!

My favourite ever since I saw this in 2008.
Black and white/cream designed, combined beautifully and in a very clean composition. Even the bathroom, the fridge and the vacuum cleaner fit in the design!
I am dreaming of an apartment like this, but in Japan, not here. One day, one day, haha.

& at last, a bonus room picture

Ryoma Saegami's room.
Looks like 1K since you can't see much of it. Hosts have to save up, huh? Maybe he has a different room now.


  1. You're a Uni student now? Congratulations!! :D Good luck!

    Nice scans. I freaking love looking at people's rooms like this. Sayo's room is super fancy and cute. Especially with that cool canopy thing. <3

  2. Thank you!! I will need that luck haha.

    I love doing that too! I always collect them, kind of~
    Yeah! Looks like that's a pain to clean though, too, haha.