Monday, 29 August 2011

3, 2, 1 and back in germany.

Well well, and here I am back, telling you about my last days in Japan and how much I miss it and want to go back soon. Saving money from now on. - Honestly? I am not even using foundation or anything most of the time, saving make-up money.

Thursday night my friend and I went out in Shinjuku, walked around 2-chome and Kabukicho, seeing my favourite guy and a friend of her and well well ( ; _ ; ) Saying good-bye to everyone, only not really because I am not really good at saying that so I left it out. It upsets people to say good-bye, right? And no one really even wants to say it, unless you're coming back really soon. I'm not sure but maybe Japanese people are a lot like that too.
However, here is what i wore that night. Sorry, I'm too lazy to photoshop the pics in this entry ;<

Shirt: Ma*rs
Hotpants (with skirt part in the front): Gilfy
Belt: Skinny Lip
(Shoes: German brand)

We went to Club Axxcis but only stayed for a few hours. The music was nice but it was really empty. So we decided to walk around Kabukicho, talk to random people, go to an Izakaya, and in the morning Karaoke ♫
I had so much fun walking around and looking at everyone, even though I fell in the afternoon because of slippy floor in the Izakaya and my leg hurted after that in the morning. But it was nice and warm and not raining, luckily. Also a kind of cute host named Kouki came up to and asked for my number, telling me that I promised to give him my number the next time I see him... whenever that was. We wrote each other mails and I gave him my hotmail address when I was about to go back but he didn't mail me again, haha. Guys!

Now I really miss all of Japan, even though I complain about Tokyo people a lot. I had no problems with cockroaches or any other bugs in my house and my budget was alright too. I miss my friends, even though I basically was only hanging out with two people.
Apart from that, I lost about 2,5kg during my trip (4 weeks)! I was really happy to see then when I came back and weighed myself. Now I'm really scared to gain it all back again. I'll just try to take a nice long walk every now and then and hope it doesn't come back~

Here's the nail tips I bought in Donki haha. Since I can't wear gel nails for a while, I'll be sticking with these.
And if you want to get gel nails for yourself, please let me know! I want to practise right now (and only take material expenses) :>

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