Monday, 15 August 2011


Finally, finally got extensions. I was thinking about a wig/clip in extensions, but no wig ever can replace the feeling of extensions. They don't fall out and they don't look fake, unless you can see them. But even that is kind of pretty when they are braided in~ The only thing is, they are a pain in the ass to wash and maintain healthy ;<

I also made an appointment at the nail salon the same day to take my nails off and now I'm just going with simple ones, I put some glitter on top and that's all, haha. They really break easily now though ; ;' The nail artist also told me it would be better to leave them alone for a while. Also bought some stuff and still dieting to fit into the D.I.A hot pants!
How do Japanese girls just manage to be so skinny with all the yummy food here? I'm jealous!


  1. hi★
    i found you on Kitais blog!
    and your blog seems to be interesting!
    you live in tokyo now ;o?
    i like your look and clothes!
    also your extensions!
    i want long hair tooo ;_;
    your blog is cute&you deserve more followers!
    please post a new blog enrty soon :3
    ill check it then (´3`)


    ps: you are cute!!

  2. i also found your blog via kitai´s blog hehe :D
    i really like your posts, it´s so interesting :)
    your extensions look really good!! i just have clip-ins but i don´t like them that much...~
    you´re in japan now ne :D
    i also go to Japan in September :) can´t wait haha
    please take care :)
    waiting for a new post from you :D
    bai bai <3

  3. @みえーちゃん thanks for dropping by :D
    i don't live in tokyo right now, i am just on a holiday, but i used to live here last year, kind of, until the earthquake...
    thanks for liking my extensions and clothes haha.
    you seem cute too, following you now^^v

    @~*NeNe*~ also thanks to you for dropping by :3
    yeah, clip-in extensions are like... you always get the feeling they slip off or you can see them easily and it looks shitty. also the colour-match is not always easy. though, they are cheaper and last for longer than just a few months, right?
    oh, i hope you have fun in september here! i think it will be less warm and maybe more lively because now are holidays, kind of.

  4. yeees I know where the good bloggers are :D :D

    and I would really like to know the answer of you last question, too !! Fuck it. I gained 2 Kg in 12 days I spend there so.. I would transform into super fatty when I would LIVE there. Or they really really love to fit in tha clothes... I think clothes goes over food and since the clothes there are super worth to fit in.. you got the answer :D