Friday, 19 August 2011

life is like a box of chocolates.

Last days were busy, but so much fun. At least tuesday was, hell yes.
Anyway, starting with yesterday - thursday. A friend and I got hairset for 1,000yen each at a salon we found by chance while looking for another one. The purikura shown was taken that day :>
Walking through Kabukicho we got talked to a lot, it's kind of funny what a hairdo can do to you. Obviously I look better with my hair up(?) Then we went to an izakaya in Shibuya since I was kind of hungry.

There's me eating, like always~ Seeing that pic makes me wish they had put in more hairspray because the curls weren't really in my hair anymore the morning after. Even though all my other hairsets lasted two days most of the time. Here's a pic of today, for comparison.

But, anyways, we headed towards Atom, my (now ex-?)favourite club in Tokyo. As it seems though, they have only one floor open for quite a while now. When I asked why, they said because of the earthquake situation. Maybe it's reparations but by now I think it might be saving energy. Doesn't matter, I had no fun at all!! About the music, the DJ's were changing really fast and I mostly just liked one. I came for psychedelic music and for nothing else so it was a bit disappointing ; _ ; Also there was a lot of foreign girls... I don't remember Atom like that at all and I don't want to go there if it's like this. Don't get me wrong but Atom is not a club that should have crowds of foreigner. It feels so awkward. Last summer there was almost no one. But maybe I just came in the wrong month.
I was really kind of sad and annoyed, so my friend and I decided to go to New Lex we're we got VIP at least. Maybe I'm just not the club type of person anymore :< At least not at this season! But thanks to my friend I had fun by just walking around.

And here actually something I've seen for the first time that my friend pointed out. Someone who passed out INSIDE of the Roppongi Donki. I wonder how that even works? Haha.

Let's come to the good day though! Tuesday this week.
Whenever you feel awkward and unsure about something new, it often seems to turn out well, doesn't it? So my friend (same as above) invited me to hang out with her korean guy and some of his friends in Shin-Okubo.
My friend immediately asked me if her guy's friend was my type and I said 'no' and everybody was laughing. I guess the whole first impression just didn't fit in my 'type'-system but the more I got to know the people, the more I liked them. I feel really weird now because after hanging out with that guy that I said was not my type, I don't even feel attracted to Japanese guys anymore. Isn't that strange? ;<
And I never realized that Korean and Japanese guys are so different. Somebody should have told me.

So, as you can see we went to karaoke after food/drinks~ And it was just great and so much fun. I had a wonderful night!
Now considering to go to Korea even though I always literally HATED the hype about it and I still don't like all that K-Pop stuff. But they're so much more natural than Japanese people!

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