Monday, 22 August 2011

4 days left...

Hm. Kind of feeling strange now that I am actually leaving soon. Even though I thought I wouldn't meet many people, there is actually some I met. More than I thought. And I'm happy about it.
Even though I sometimes just want to restrain my life to 109 clothing and all that stuff, haha.

A tutuHA hoodie I bought and hotpants are from Sneep Dip (decided against the d.i.a hotpants).
There's still some thing I want to do before I leave. Or rather I have to.


  1. omg ein tutuha hoodie ??? wo zur hölle hast du den her ? Ausm 109 ? Oh neinn die verkaufen jetzt sicher Herbstmode oder ? AWW Ich bin stinkneidisch. Ich hätte auch gerne so nen Hoodie ! Wie teuer war der denn wenn ich fragen darf ?

  2. Eh? Den Hoodie gibts schon recht lange... Anfang August war der auch schon da. Gibts noch in Rot und Schwarz.

  3. tutuha clothing is always good~~~ I wish I could go and have a spree there.. ^_^

    Will you be coming back there?

  4. i hope i will come back to tokyo~ at least there is some kind of plan in the back of my mind.
    and i'm not sure about the sweater haha. maybe i might sell it again.