Tuesday, 9 August 2011

getting closer to the goal.

Just a very random entry because when I went to D.I.A last time, one of the shop staffs suggested me to try on one of their hot pants. I said they are too small for me ; ; She said I should simply try one on and see. They gave me one and it - surprisingly - went over my hips even though with a bit of force used, and one of the staff girls closed the button with a trick: she tied a thread around it and pulled it easily through the hole. AMAZING! :D
At least I was amazed to see zipped D.I.A pants on myself. So amazed that I had to take a picture hahaha.

As you can see though, it did look very tight and there's still some weight to lose. I hope that it will maybe fit better in a week or two? ; ; It would be great to buy them.
I also fitted into some more stretchy MA*RS pants, but their sizes are getting a little bigger, I think.

Apart from that! I went to a hair salon and got rid of more than 13,000yen for getting my colour more even.
I was told that they have hair salons for foreigners in Harajuku and Watanabe (with english speaking staff) wanted 10,500 to colour them darker. I refused and went to VIRGO (with only japanese speaking staff). I instantly liked it much better there because at Watanabe they didn't even say 'Hello' or 'Irashaimase' to me... they just stared at me until I came to the counter and didn't say anything at all until I explained my situation. I was kind of shocked x_x I'm shocked by people in Harajuku anyway, but... that was a special treatment.
The bleaching in Virgo cost 6000 extra, so I ended up spending a lot of money. My hair was really nice for that day at least and very straight. Now I just have to care about it a lot because it's damaged from bleaching ;<


  1. Are pants from DIA come in small sizes only?.. I came across a co&lu shorts on a thriftshop before and I bought it regardless of the size and I discovered it wayy to small for me O.o Im still keeping the shorts lol it serves as motivation to lose more. =.=;

    and boo for unfriendly salons! WTF. I hate salons that doesn't give you the welcoming vibe. I go to salons often like once every 2months and staffs there never forget my name. that's the reason I come back there..

    Im glad you picked another salon~ and goodluck with taking care of your bleached hair! Some coconut hot oil should lessen the dryness and stiffness! it works best for me :)

  2. No, I'm quite sure they have S and M size like most stores but M size is usually kind of too small for me. Like, in Germany it's almost (or maybe not almost, but it is) considered a kids size for most people, haha. S size is deadly small though!!

    I know D: I felt the same, so I didn't want to get my hair done their.
    And thanks for the coconut oil tip, I will look for that~