Saturday, 6 August 2011

the 13 devils.

So I finally bought the tutuHA camisole I've been longing for since I first saw it ; ; I think I still want to buy 50% of what they have in their shop but I'm gonna just wait a little until some prices go down, hopefully.
Could it be that this top is meant to be worn without a bra though? I'm trying to figure this out.
Anyway, Isn't clothes shopping like one of the best brainless activities in the world? Especially in Gyaru-like shops. Even my friend who is not into Gyaru likes a lot of stuff from there because it's more 'interesting', haha.

I still didn't get my extensions! But, so far pretty much everything is really good. I am not too poor, the guesthouse is in perfect condition and  has no cockroaches or other insects and I can sleep at night without having to worry :D Only the way to the station is a little far and you have to walk up a little hill... but it's only 3 stations from Shinjuku, so really convenient apart from that.
That's it for now. I only wonder if I will still make it to Shibuya today. It seems like it will rain soon...


  1. Oh yes, this top is meant to be worn without a bra. although I see some gals wearing this higher than their chest so it sticks out of shirts/dresses. In that case I guess they must wear a unpadded bra or something :/

    Silver is such a great color of this!

  2. Aw, you're in Japan now! You lucky girl!

    I wish I could be there shopping with you. That is a super hot top, btw!

  3. @Sara Mari thanks for telling me :D it's kind of more comfortable without a bra, too haha.

    @dish aww that would be great! i hope you're coming soon~

  4. You can wear it without a bra ! Es hat diese Bügel und gilt sowieso als ne Art Unterwäsche weswegen dus auch nicht anprobieren darfst, sondern nur das Babydoll was dazu kommt im Set ^_^