Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Sleepy time boyfriend & how to become a #1 host

Hello everyone and thank you for all the people reading this blog first of all!
I am glad if it manages to keep boredom away from you or is some kind of informing about anything.

I have been wanting to make a post about games & apps since a while so here I present you Sleepy time boyfriend, a quite amusing iPhone app for those who often stay up at night wondering about several things and not being able to sleep haha. A virtual boyfriend to say some nice things to you right before bed-time. And during bed-time. And after bed-time, when you wake up!

Awkwardly my nose just started bleeding... So, here. Left is the 'main screen'. You can slide through the characters and choose which guy you want. There's a total of 12 guys.
Why I like this guy? Cause he has the voice of Kazuma Kiryu from Yakuza!! (〃^▽^〃)
Obviously the others also have voices from different famous anime characters but I don't know any of those (that's because I am the girl who only likes one or two animes at most lol).

Unfortunately there is only a few phrases and then some you can additionally purchase but what I particularly like is the fact that you can set an alarm and the guy of your choice will gently wake you up. That's just super sweet, isn't it? Somehow the soft voice always made me wake up in a very calm mood. But I also fell asleep again a few times... so together with an additional alarm, this might be a good choice for people who need a 'motivation' to get up in the morning! (and don't have a boyfriend to wake them up lol). Let me spam you with a few more pictures~

The kind of words every girl wants to hear before sleeping, no? (TT) Ah, so charming. Why can't real guys be like that? Though there's a few guys who just weren't my type at all, I hope you'll give this a try and find the one you like. After a while it might easily get boring but the alarm function is still sweet.

The next one that you all should know about is one of the most amusing aspects in Yakuza 2, not only that you have the chance to manage a hostess club in a side mission (which is also really fun, you can change the interior design and the menu/prices, motivate the staff etc) but you can enter another side mission where you get to be a host! And you need to become the #1 host to beat the current one and trigger a certain event where the top host is decided by a host competition.

Basically through the whole side mission you will have to charm girls and make them spend money on alcohol. A lot of money. If they spend enough money or if you even make them get the most expensive champagne bottle (they'll get a special champagne call!), you will win the part of the side mission, get paid and your boss will call you again later for the next customer (who you will have to make spend more and more and more and more)... as boring as the system is, it was very interesting to find out what girls want to hear haha. And the way you have to present yourself, for every girl a different character, it's fun. In the beginning you get to work together with another host before you get your own customers (who will come back to see you again if you fail to make them spend enough money).

You can see the amount they have spent and the amount they should spend before they leave at right upper corner. And the hearts show how much the girl is fond of you... so if she's really fond of you, she will spend more! That is the rule but unlike the champagne call, it is probably not just as in reality haha.

There's one more club called Stardust you can go to as a customer, but you never really get to sit with the guys of course. A pity, but two hosts there (Yuya and Kazuki, of whose the latter is adorable) participate in the main story so you will get to visit the club and them more or less often.


Even though I don't like the main romance story in this game (and how it ends), I can only recommend this game for everyone who ever wanted to be a host haha. Or go to a host or hostess club. You will also go to OSAKA (!!) in Yakuza 2 so it's definitely worth it to try this game.

On a side note, a remake of Yakuza and Yakuza 2 came out, so maybe you should try those out if you can't think of a good game to play and you like one with a good story that is not a typical Japanese RPG.

Hope you enjoyed my game recommendations! Let me know if you have played/liked any of these~
I will forever be looking for anoter great game like Yakuza


  1. That app is so interestingxD
    I have tried Yakuza a tiny bit, and it seems like a really nice game and I am sure I would love that host stuffx3

    btw, the restaurants name is Grazie Gardens^^


    1. I am glad you had a goode impression of it. You should play it if you get the chance too.

      And thanks! I'll try that one out sometime hopefully~

  2. haha mit der ersten app könnte ich nichts anfangen, hatte mal so eine weil ich dachte is so ne love story app ( wollte wissen wie die sind XD) naja und als die kerle anfingen zu reden, musste ich eher lachen XD, würd mein macker sowas sagen zu mir, würd ich ihn auslachen haha :D solche sätze benutzt man doch nur um weiber rum zubekommen XD

    und yakuza muss ich mal testen kostet sicher geld voll version oder? >o<;

    1. Die Love Story Apps sind ja nach ner Weile auch so langweilig haha. Aber ich finde das was sie sagen gut! Okay, nicht alle und man merkt fast wer es halbwegs ehrlich meint und wer nicht XD Also mich hat noch keiner mit so Worten rumbekommen, im Gegenteil... wenn die sie was wirklich Schönes ausdenken, zeigt mir das, dass sie sich Mühe geben und wirklich interessiert sind (die echten Kerle jetzt haha). Aber keine Ahnung wie das bei deutschen Kerlen ist... !

      Ja eigentlich kostet das Geld aber für die alten Versionen gibts ja nen Emulator zum Glück. Deswegen spiele ich gerade auch die ganzen PS2 Spiele.
      Hast du Ni no kuni schon durch?

  3. Hach will auch so gerne Yakuza spielen können *_* sieht toll aus!

    Und ja die lasagne war richtig einfach zu machen ^^ halt einfach die Nudelplatten, dann Buttergemüse bzw TK-Gemüse, Spinat und Schmelzkäse. Macht man halt vorher warm und dann in normale Schichten auf die Platten machen und am Ende Käse drüber :3

    1. Der erste und der zweite Teil sind ja nicht so schwer zu bekommen haha.

      Ah, das hört sich echt nicht so schwer an. Vielleicht versuch ich so was mal (^^) ich glaube am richtigen Würzen könnte es aber scheitern haha.

  4. Haha, sleepy time boyfriend sounds sooo good :P

    1. I hope you get the chance to try it. Gets so boring after a while though haha. Thanks for the comment!