Saturday, 1 September 2012

angel heart summer crush

久しぶり 笑
I returned to Tokyo! Since three weeks already.

Just to be honest, (mindless) blogging is not always interesting and there is more things to enjoy than this but I hope someone is going to come and change my opinion about this! Please always feel free to step into my life.
Lately I am doing a good job spending money, especially on clothes, or well, hair.
(Also thinking of buying a prisila wig/wig set soon. Any experiences? Which one is best?)

Skirt (left): Ghost of Harlem (right): d.i.a.
Diet's not going too well! Lately I have too much appetite, also mixed with the appetite for life (rare case ). I can truly say I am going through one of the happiest phases in my life. Even just finding people to talk to and hang out with and it actually 'clicks' when you talk, it is amazing for me.
Also wearing my glasses a lot lately which makes people stare at me. But I am beautiful with glasses too, hokay!

Besides, I have bought the Gazette album that came out 8/29, was first too lazy to go to Like an Edison but am so happy I got it. Didn't listen to it yet. After going to a live yesterday (8/31), roommate I made friends with and I went to Shibuya tower records and 'by chance' I spotted my favourite five man line up ♥

Face was unbearable after long day starting at 10:30 and the live around noon, then this at night (fell asleep at my friend's university lounge later lmao) but look at this WALL.
And hell I know I am wearing this shirt out but it's so perfect!

About the live now! Went to Ikebukuro Cyber that day (8/31) because there was a live from 12pm. Friend and I came in late cause I had overslept kind of. 

First band was 'oh my god this sounds like plain western indie' impression. There was a bit of 'wtf are you' feeling to some bands (one vocalist had real long devil horns, that is when we left haha) but overall there was two awesome bands: Quench and riot labyrhinth!
Quench had really good music I thought! They gave out sample CDs, rather, the vocalist himself did and then he thanked us in English~ Plus, the name written on the CD, all hand writing!

Riot labyrinth had some really cool music/synthesizer sound, shown here!
Was kind of good and 'new style', and they looked good (younger than me also lol) but a bit too oshare for me. Vocalist was super fun. A lot of people talked to them but then vocalist suddenly talked to me (just very short), thanking me in Japanese for raising my hands during the live which I really didn't do haha. I somehow was just surprised and couldn't say anything. Later he came along through a narrow path and just turned his face towards me and smiled charmingly all of a sudden. There was something about it that made me want to grab this ass but I didn't, hell. (Hell this is why I have to drink before lives!!)

I have a small video of an awesome Quench song, might upload that in the next post~ Their music was super addictive but unfortunately I can't find their CDs anywhere (TT)

Some high school girls also came up to us after we had seen Quench and told us we were sooo beautiful and cute! Some Japanese girls are so cute omg ; ; I was never really liked by girls but slowly I can understand their life here and maybe there mindset also. I hope I can sometime make good friends with them.
Also almost everyone at the live was really supportive and nice to foreigners, I was so glad

I wrote the vocalist of Riot labyrinth when adding him on mixi and he even replied me, thanking me I came to the live and that he was 'particularly happy if I could enjoy it'!
Now I do want to spend my life like this day! ♥ Life is awesome if you keep going forward! ♥
Besides, I bought one of the new tutuHA skirts in black today... actually wanted the white one though. Now sure if I should try to exchange it, has anyone tried yet?
Also, anyone interested in that skirt笑  Then I might just try to sell it!
I managed to exchange my damaged d.i.a. skirt! Shop staff was super nice after all, I could explain myself fortunately but I couldn't understand all of what they said apart from 'it might break again so it would be better to be careful' haha. Man, Japanese brands and their cheap quality stuff!

So for now, I am happy enough! Going to continue shopping as much as money allows it & then you are going to have me back in Germany around 9/9. Now off to dance randomly happy in a circle~

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