Sunday, 15 June 2014

maybe they'll ride it here on a unicorn.

Oh hey, it has been a month again!
I wanted to write about a lot of things actually but either I was busy with something or I did not have my laptop with me or I was in pain... well, lately, it's allergy season for me and on top of that there's always something annoying me, I have no idea why I am sick that often. It's just a thing that comes when I have a stressful time I guess. And you know, I am one of those people who set high goals for themselves and want to have everything (minus the not so important things) finshed not one day in advance but like 5 weeks in advance? Yes, honestly, that's me.
What's been helping me through this phase has been my favourite doctor haha. I've been watching House M.D. in 2008 already but since it was on tv I didn't watch it regularly and did not see every episode. I can say the first 3 seasons are definitely proving this was at least one of the most promising shows I have ever seen.

Honestly how can you not like this guy? Unless he was your actual doctor... that would be a bit of a pain maybe. But uh, there is some kind of wicked philosophy in him that I cannot resist.

Besides this, when I had a bit of free time I decided to do my nails. Since they grew a bit longer I first just wanted to put a gel coat but when I finally figured out what I was doing wrong all those years (and why my gel nails fell off so quickly when I did them myself) I decided to have them a bit more fancy. The result was that they lasted longer than 2 weeks.

Did I ever mention that I made this blog with the intention to only show my nails? 
But then I stopped doing my nails... and now I am not having them so fancy. Even though I want my nails fancy, filing them off takes so damn much time and during class I don't want people staring at them too much... for some reason. I'd want to do them more fancy again when in Japan though! My current nails just have a different glitter and are a bit longer. My natural nails are this long.

I was lazy with filing. And I wanted to do different nails but I need to order coloured gel because all my colours have gone bad (rather you can't see the colour anymore) ... but oh the money. Currently trying to save up on so many things (TT)

And before I forget it, there was the Japanday event which I usually don't go to but there was a band playing this time and also I got the chance to meet a friend I didn't see for a long time. So here are some pictures! My allergy wasn't that bad back then and the weather was really nice until the sun set. It was a nice day overall though and I could finally relax and just stop thinking for some time.

I am a babe, I know (^_−)−☆

 Also met Jasmin that day for a bit!

 The free gig (band: crow x class) wasn't too bad besides. Well, it was VK after all haha!

And here you have one more selfie I took when I still had exte and then I am off before this post gets even longer. I feel like all my posts are messy? But that's probably because I have to keep my tidyness for all the other tidy things I do for university (read: thesis) haha.

Oh my god in this picture I can see I am aging though! 
Or maybe I just had a long day? I hope that's it!

I hope I can post again soon because I am planning a game review of some Japanese mini games I found lately. Hope you are all looking forward to it!

PS. I have a fernopaa/gravil dress for sale here. Take a look if you're interested?


  1. You are such a pretty girl~! I hope you feel better soon, ne ;___; I also catch colds during hot weather (was sick for two weeks now..) and yeah, it is annoying.
    And good luck with your thesis!

    1. Thank you! And I hope you don't catch any colds or anything anymore D:

  2. Aww ja, ich fühle mit dir. Bei mir ist es mit meiner Allergie momentan auch wieder am schlimmsten. +_+ Aber so langsam wird's besser, anscheinend haben die meisten Gräser jetzt geblüht. Hoffe dir geht's auch nicht mehr ganz so schlecht.

    Beim Japantag war ich auch und ich glaube, ich habe dich eventuell sogar von weitem gesehen. Oo

    Und um noch auf deine Frage zu Taipei zurück zu kommen: Also die Einheimischen waren ... normal. Ich kann's irgendwie nicht anders beschreiben. Sie waren weder überfreundlich zu mir, noch haben sie mich angestarrt (so wie ich das aus Japan kannte) oder ähnliches. Was das angeht, habe ich mich gar nicht gefühlt als wäre ich im Ausland. Kann aber auch daran gelegen haben, dass ich permanent mit einer Einheimischen und einem Kerl unterwegs war, der zumindest so aussieht als käme er von dort. xD Und kennen gelernt habe ich auch eine kleine Hand voll Leute, die auch alle total aufgeschlossen waren. Ab und an war mal eine Sprachbarriere vorhanden, wenn jemand nicht so gut Englisch gesprochen hat und deswegen etwas reservierter war, aber das ist ja normal, denke ich. Also ich hab's nur positiv in Erinnerung. :)

    Ach ja, und deine Nägel gefallen mir sehr gut. :3

  3. Oh ja, komischerweise ist es bei mir auch besser...
    Du hast mich gesehen? (Bin ich so auffällig? XD) Na das ist mal ein Zufall haha. Wo denn genau?

    Na das klingt nett, aber so in der Art stelle ich mir Taiwan auch vor... so ein bisschen wie Korea XD;

    Obwohl sie sehr schlicht sind... dankeschön!~