Friday, 15 July 2011

all day i plug your petals.

hello~ so my very first post on here!
i rebelled long time. but no one on livejournal is active anymore and i feel like sharing thoughts with people (even though i still feel hypocrite but there IS some really nice people on here actually). i am interested in gyaru related things, make-up and fashion, but i'm not sure if i will blog about anything of that... maybe i am not that girly, haha. anyways.

onto the first one.
seen the gazette pv yet?

i'm excited.
i didn't get Vortex... and wasn't amazed by it either. but this one seems so much better~
opinions? :D


  1. So glad you have a blogspot now! I'm fixing you on my sidebar for proper stalking. <3

    AND I AM SO PSYCHED FOR THE UPCOMING ALBUM!! And REMEMBER THE URGE sounds sooo much better and harder than the VORTEX and PLEDGE releases, imho. EXCITEMENT.

  2. yay, at least that's an easier way to talk then through twitter~

    i think so too!! maybe they needed to have a down-phase to get back to something better again :D

  3. I'm totally gonna' hop on that theory. :D