Wednesday, 27 July 2011

the monster nail.

So I said I was going to get one nail fixed professionally... I am serious, I'd rather open my own salon than go there again. Most German nail artists aren't really 'professionals' at all...

Now, that's a crappy pic because no one is home to help me take a picture. Anyway, these are my two index fingers. Right one self-made, left one done at the salon.
The shadow is a bit dark so it doesn't show well, but the left one is about 4mm longer than the right one. It's clearly visible.
Apart from that, the salon one isn't really black. More like a dark blue with a black hint. Her colours were really weird. And not only that, she screwed up my rhinestones! They don't really shine like before after those thick layers of clear gels and finishers and I TOLD her they wouldn't but she insisted they would and she would know. I'm so angry I even let her do it but she told me she can :< (I mean, you'd think someone who is a professional can do that?)

salon one

There's bubbles in the outer layer too. My finger hurts and the nail is really heavy and thick, as you can see (white nails are done by me, black one isn't). So I just told her to stop at that point because she wanted to put more layers on top... it's already almost as big as my thumb nail.

Take a tip from me. Never go to German hair or nail salons if you have specific ideas of what you want.
I'm never going to get them done here again. And now I won't get my rest because I just want to modify it :<

Oh, onto the good news though, my poupee is back~

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